61st Annual Bach Festival.  Dr. Thomas Somerville conducting


The Northridge Earthquake occurred.  Those of us in the North end of the San Fernando Valley were on the line for two separate faults, both of which were effected by the initial shock.  Our house literally felt like it had been picked up and dropped two times in a row.  this action continued for several aftershocks.  Unaware of the severity of the damages, I drove over to Reseda and was stunned by the amount of damages I witnessed, especially in the Meadow Oaks apartments, which just the day before had been a lovely complex housing young couples and college students.  This building and others were completely flattened, trapping their residents inside. My daughter and a friend had just looked at an apartment in this building and would have moved in had they been accepted at Northridge University.  There, but for God's grace, I would have lost my beautiful daughter for she decided to continue living at home because it was cheaper.. 

As I drove down the Balboa Blvd. area, I saw huge holes in the streets and entire freeway ramps down on the ground.  Parking structures were twisted like mere pretzels and there was damage everywhere.  Like a wandering tornado, the damage was hit or miss.  We were so fortunate that our home had only minimal damage.  Some of our neighbors were less fortunate. My church suffered major damage to its spires.  More on that later.

Rwanda President's plane is shot down.  Civil war ensues
Mandela becomes South Africa's first black President.
Israel's British Embassy is bombed
Israel and Jordan make peace
Norway rejects membership in the European Union.
Russia invades Chechnya


A huge fire in a Norwich, England, library destroys records dating back to 1090