56th Annual Bach Festival.  Dr. Thomas Somerville conducting
Beloved American Composer, Irving Berlin, dies


Tiananmen Square Massacre.  Hundreds of young people and political activists gathered to protest government policies.  They were fired upon by government tanks and soldiers.  The demonstrators, mainly students, refused to move until their demands for reform were met.  The Square remained occupied for seven weeks.
Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act intended to reform the savings and loan industry crisis and to bail out failed institutions is passed.  Resolution Trust Corporation is created.  Regulatory authority is transferred from the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to the Office of Thrift Supervision within the Department of Treasury.  The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation is abolished and the Savings Association Insurance Fund is created.  Also created is the Bank Insurance Fund.  Both funds are to be administered through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Tajikistan suffers major earthquake
Soviet troops pull out of Afghanistan
Soviet Russians flock to the polls for a monumental first-time election
Paris celebrates the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution
East Germany outs its leaders
Germans celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall
Malta summit ends the Cold War
American forces oust Panamanian Dictator Noriega
Hungary becomes a Democratic country
Romania overthrows Communist rule
F. W. DeKlerk becomes President of South Africa


Exxon Valdez oil leak causes ecological disaster 
Spacecraft Voyager reaches Neptune
San Francisco is rocked by a huge earthquake causing collapse of freeways and bridges.  Earthquake is classified as the second largest earthquake ever to hit the United States. 
The German Brandenburg Gate, one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin, opens after being closed for three decades.
Hollywood Actress, Bette Davis dies
Famed artist, Salvador Dali dies
Hollywood comic actress, Lucille Ball dies
Japanese Leader Hirohito dies
Ferdinand Marcos, former leader of the Philippines dies