43rd Annual Los Angeles Bach Festival.  Dr. Lauris Jones conducting
British composer Benjamin Britten dies
Philip Glass's first opera, "Einstein on the Beach" premières at the Avignon Festival


North and South Vietnam join to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Montreal, Canada is named as the cite of the 1976 Olympics.
The area of Tangshan, China is rocked with a major earthquake that kills over 240,000 people.  This earthquake is measured at 8.2 on the Richter Scale, making it the deadliest earthquake of the twentieth century.
Maria Peron is deposed by military coup in Argentina
James Callaghan becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain
Race riots in Soweto, South Africa, mark the end of Apartheid
Palestine extremists hijack an Air France plane in Greece.  The plane is forced to re-land in Uganda.  Israeli commandos come to their rescue
The USA celebrates its bicentennial
Mao Tse-tung, founder of the Chinese Communist party, dies


The ink jet printer is invented
An earthquake hits Tabgshan, China, killing more than 6,000 people
Northeastern Italy is hit with a 6.5 earthquake
The Philippines is struck by a huge tidal wave
The first commercial Concorde plane takes off
Britain suffers the worst drought in their recorded history
The Eastern United States is hit by Hurricane Belle
Montreal, Canada hosts the Olympics.  32 African nations boycott the event in protest against New Zealand and South Africa
Guatemala and Honduras are hit with an earthquake
The first case of "Legionnaire's Disease" is diagnosed following an outbreak of unexplained illness during an American legion convention
The world's longest pier, South Pier in Britain, is destroyed by fire 
Seychelles gains independence from Great Britain
US Billionaire, Howard Hughes, dies
Winter Olympic games are held in Innsbruck, Austria
Apple Computer Company is founded
Concerns are raised about destruction of Earth's ozone layer as a result of the use of aerosol cans
Landing vehicles set down safely on Mars