James Hilton writes "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
Alexander Woolcott writes "While Rome Burns"
F Scott Fitzgerald writes "Tender is the Night
Agatha Christie writes "Murder in Three Acts"
Dashiel Hammett writes "The Thin Man"
John Steinbeck's novel, "The Grapes of Wrath" is published


The 6th annual Los Angeles Bach Festival is held. Arthur Leslie Jacobs conducting.
Dedicated to the memory of Dean Walter F. Skeele, the University of Southern California School of Music presents its first public season concert in Bovard Auditorium.
Recording artist, Richard Crooks releases a selection of opera arias from the French Opera on under the Victor Record Company label to the delight of American record collectors
Classical music lovers are outraged by the infiltration of "swing" music into their beloved repertoire.  Accusations are that "swingsters" violate the laws of morality and good taste by stealing melodies and degrading them from their classical origin into what is deemed outrageous filching.  Because these songs are in the public domain, nothing can be done to prevent its occurrence.


The Silver Coinage Act of 1939 authorizes the U. S. Mints to coins into standard silver dollars any silver which was mined from any deposits.
Severe dust storms cause major ecological and agricultural damage across the American and Canadian prairie lands, cause this area to be identified as "the dust bowl", reducing hundreds of people to levels of near starvation.
Dillinger gunned down in Chicago
The American Liberty League is formed
Textile workers go on strike creating the largest strike in US history up to that time.  The strike fails and the Union is defeated.
Hitler is declared "Furher" of Germany
The FCC is created to bring order to the airwaves
USS is admitted to the League of Nations
A massive strike occurs in France
Bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are killed in Louisiana
Dionne Quintuplets are born in Canada


The comic strips "Li'L Abner" begins
Donald Duck appears in his debut in the cartoon "Wise Little Hen" by famed animator, Walt Disney
Physicists, Lise Meltner and Otto Fritsch submit papers to a London Journal confirming the process of splitting atoms.  The act is called "Nuclear Fission"