Virgil Thomson's "Opera to be sung", Four Saints in Three Acts is premiered in Hartford, Connecticut
Frederick Delius dies
Vaughan Williams writes "Fantasia on Greensleeves"
Gustav Holst Dies
Inspired by the success of the Bach festivals in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, John Smallman creates the first Los Angeles Bach Festival
Ernst Bloch demonstrates portions of his Jewish Sacred Service in San Francisco.  The work had been completed in Switzerland.
Lawrence Tibbetts performs in the West Coast premier of "Emperor Jones", an opera by Louis Gruenberg, based upon the book by Eugene O'Neill
Edward Elgar dies


The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 is passed, which stops the minting and circulation of gold coin, required the surrender of all gold coin and certificates and terminated the redemption of all paper currencies for gold.
The Silver Purchase and Coinage Act of 1934 is passed, authorizing the President to investigate, regulate and prohibit the acquisition of silver.  It required the delivery of silver to the mints for coinage and authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase silver at home or abroad.  Silver certificates are declared to be legal tender and convertible on demand into silver.
Roosevelt establishes the Export-Import Bank of Washington
2000 taxi drivers terrorize New York City from Wall Street to Times Square when Mayor LaGuardia fails to review their petitions
Air contracts are cancelled, forcing the U S army to carry the mail
Thousands of Socialists battle Communists at a rally in Madison Square Garden
Henry Ford restores the $5.00 per day minimum wage
Congress grants independence to the Philippines