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Revised 7 December, 2009


 Close your eyes for a second, if you will, and slowly smell the air around you.  The sensation that this single action evokes can render a vision that encompasses your entire concept of home.  It creates an indelible memory marker in your mind that can be recreated at a moments notice or with a passing word or glance, and can be as pleasant, or unpleasant as your sense of reality allows.  Some visions are as pleasant as Mom's apple pie and some are full of harshness and distress.  What a person envisions depends upon what they experience somewhere in the process.

    I have an especially vivid sensual memory of the old general store in my home town.  A simple walk through the door filled one with a myriad of aromas ranging from the smell of the denim overalls, lined up neatly on the shelves, to the row upon row of jars, and tins and bags of untold wonder and delight.  Most strongly mixed into that scent was the distinct aroma of ageless years of lovingly polished wood, striplings of wood shavings on the floor and the essences of passing humanity.  Added to that was the golden glow of sunlight filtered through the haze of dust motes dancing to the unheard music of time.

    How often, I wonder, do we consider that our actions today color the future memories of our family, our friends and our guests.  When people bump down the rocky road of life,  we are  the general store of their dreams or the litter box of their reality.  Do they think back on the experience with wistfulness or distaste.

    If, as we walk through our own mists of time, we cannot say that we have left an experience to be recalled with pleasure, then perhaps we ought to consider how we are treating one another.  It is to be hoped that their walk down memory lane runs closer to a statement that "Gee, they're swell" rather than "Oh My God, what was that smell."

    Treat one another with kindness, greet the strangers around you so that they cease to be strangers, hug a well-loved friend, and most of all, remember that today's reality is tomorrow's dream and we usually get as good as we give.

Be at peace...within and without.


My mind is on a distant plain
Some long-forgotten trace
A far off world of happy dreams
A lonely, quiet place
I know some do not comprehend
The look upon my face
My thoughts are lost to reverie
Serenity and Grace