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Revised 12 February 2005 


Welcome to the new Pegelow Family surname Index.  This is a link to the Pegelow Family Surnames.  The Pegelow section is set up differently due to the nature of the information included.  New information has been located regarding the Pegelow families.  When you click on Pegelow, it will take you to another index, by location.   We will continue to update  the specific individual surnames as time permits. Thanks for your patience.  The surnames which are underlined and highlighted are functioning pages.  The same thing applies on the individual pages.  We will try to keep you notified when the family history page is changed. Several "Family" links take you to the full Pegelow Ahnentafel as these pages are still in progress.  As of today, Binder and Buchner Ahnentafels have been added as well as some documentation on these families.  You will find the Pegelow Family Crest on the first page of the Pegelow Ahnentafel, as well as a brief history of our earliest known ancestor. 

Special reports on the Schmidt and Pegelow Families will now be found in the Special Articles Index along with special documentation on other lines. 

Gary and Katie Pegelow



Adams Family

Adams Individuals

Ainsley Family

Ainsley Individuals

Anderson Family

Anderson Individuals

Andrews Family

Andrews Individuals

Austye Family

Austye Individuals

Aylesbury Family

Aylesbury Individuals

Basset Family

Basset Individuals

Batt Family

Batt Individuals

Batton Family

Batton Individuals

Beauchamp/de Beauchamp Family

Beauchamp/de Beauchamp Individuals

Bellach Family

Bellach Individuals

Benedict Family

Benedict Individuals

Bennett Family

Bennett Individuals

Berer Family

Berer Individuals

Berkeley Family

Berkeley Individuals

Beske Family

Beske Individuals

Best Family

Best Individuals

Beyer Family

Beyer Individuals

Binder Family

Binder Individuals

Bindette Family

Bindette Individuals

Black Family

Black Individuals

Blanchard Family

Blanchard Individuals

Bliss aka Blysse Family

Bliss aka Blysse Individuals

Boithes Family

Boithes Individuals

Boysns Family

Boysns Individuals

Bowen Family

Bowen Individuals

Braci Family

Braci Individuals

Bridgum Family

Bridgum Individuals

Brook Family

Brook Individuals

Brown Family

Brown Individuals

Büchner Family

Büchner Individuals

Burgess Family

Burgess Individuals

Bustard Family

Bustard Individuals

Byram Family

Byram Individuals

Bytton Family

Bytton Individuals

Canvers Family

Canvers Individuals

Carpenter Family

Carpenter Individuals

Chapin Family

Chapin Individuals

Chickering Family

Chickering Individuals

Claessen Family

Claessen Individuals

Clarisse Family

Clarisse Individuals

Collyns Family

Collyns Individuals

Combe Family

Combe Individuals

Coningsby Family

Coningsby Individuals

Copson Family

Copson Individuals

<Cooke Family

Cooke Individuals

Crispe Family

Crispe Individuals

Crissey Family

Crissey Individuals

Cromwell Family

Cromwell Individuals

Davis Family

Davis Individuals

Deane Family

Deane Individuals

Dederick Family

Dederick Individuals

De Graff/Le Conte/Le Count Family

De Graff/Le Conte/ Le Count Individuals

De Vaux Family

De Vaux Individuals

DeKilpeck Family

DeKilpeck Individuals

Dennis Family

Dennis Individuals

De Parisis Family

De Parisis Individuals

De Vassey Family

De Vassey Individuals

De Vaux Family

De Vaux Individuals

Dewey Family

Dewey Individuals

Deyo Family

Deyo Individuals

Dobson Family

Dobson Individuals

DuBois Family

DuBois Individuals

Dyckman Family

Dyckman Individuals

Easton Family

Easton Individuals

Edson Family

Edson Individuals

Eliot Family

Eliot Individuals

Erdmann Family

Erdmann Individuals

Ferrers Family

Ferrers Individuals

Fiske Family

Fiske Individuals

Fitsoort Family

Fitsoort Individuals

Fitz-Allen Family

Fitz-Allen Individuals

Fleming Family

Fleming Individuals

Fox Family

Fox Individuals

Franklin Family

Franklin Individuals

Fray Family

Fray Individuals

Freer Family

Freer Individuals

Froehlich Family

Froehlich Individuals

Fuller Family

Fuller Individuals

Gannet Family

Gannet Individuals

Garnsey Family

Garnsey Individuals

Gifford Family

Gifford Individuals

Gilbert Family

Gilbert Individuals

Golde Family

Golde Individuals

Gratt Family

Gratt Individuals

Gregg Family

Gregg Individuals

Greville Family

Greville Individuals

Griepentrog Family

Griepentrog Individuals

Gruhnen Family

Gruhnen Individuals

Guest Family

Guest Individuals

Hallam Family

Hallam Individuals

Harmon Family

Harmon Individuals

Harwell Family

Harwell Individuals

Hatch Family

Hatch Individuals

Hayward Family

Hayward Individuals

Hickox Family

Hickox Individuals

Hill Family

Hill Individuals

Hobart Family

Hobart Individuals

Hodgkins Family

Hodgkins Individuals

Hopkins Family

Hopkins Individuals

Horton Family

Horton Individuals

Ide Family

Ide Individuals

Jevan Family

Jevan Individuals

Jones Family

Jones Individuals

Kargus Family

Kargus Individuals

Kayler Family

Kayler Individuals

Kendrick Family

Kendrick Individuals

Ketchum Family

Ketcham Individuals

King Family

King Individuals

Knapp Family

Knapp Individuals

Laurence Family

Laurence Individuals

Lawter Family

Lawter Individuals

Lehr Family

Lehr Individuals

Lygon Family

Lygon Individuals

Le Master Family

Le Master Individuals

Le Mahieu Family

Le Mahieu Individuals

Marmion Family

Marmion Individuals

Martin Family

Martin Individuals

McNeal Family

McNeal Individuals

Meade Family

Meade Individuals

Mertz Family

Mertz Individuals

Mitchell Family

Mitchell Individuals

Montperson Family

Montperson Individuals

Mowbray Family

Mowbray Individuals

Munnings Family

Munnings Individuals

Muxam Family

Muxam Individuals

Nickol Family

Nickol Individuals

Orcutt Family

Orcutt Individuals

Ormsbee Family

Ormsbee Individuals

Pabenham Family

Pabenham Individuals

Pahl Family

Pahl Individuals

Parker Family

Parker Individuals

Parks Family

Parks Individuals

Pearce Family

Pearce Individuals

Pegelow Family History

Pegelow Individuals

Penny Family

Penny Individuals

Reiche Family

Reiche Individuals

Richards Family

Richards Individuals

Robinson Family

Robinson Individuals

Roelof Family

Roelof Individuals

Root Family

Root Individuals

Rossiter Family

Rossiter Individuals

Sale Family

Sale Individuals

Salter Family

Salter Individuals

Saunders Family

Saunders Individuals

Schmidt Family

Schmidt Individuals

Schreiber Family

Schreiber Individuals

Schroer Family

Schroer Individuals

Schultz Family

Schultz Individuals

Searles Family

Searles Individuals

Shaw Family

Shaw Individuals

Skinner Family

Skinner Individuals

Smith/Smythe Family

Smith/Smythe Individuals

Spaltholz Family

Spaltholz Individuals

Spreenberg Family

Spreenberg Individuals

Spycer Family

Spycer Individuals

Stafford Family

Stafford Individuals

Stolz Family

Stolz Individuals

Stoughton Family

Stoughton Individuals

Strong Family

Strong Individuals

Swart Family

Swart Individuals

Talcott Family

Talcott Individuals

Tourneur Family

Tourneur Individuals

Towne Family

Towne Individuals

Ufflete Family

Ufflete Individuals

Upson Family

Upson Individuals

Van Bommel Family

Von Bommel Individuals

Van Den Bergen Family

Van Den Bergen Individuals

Van Der Linde Family

Van Der Linde Individuals

Verbeau Family

Verbeau Individuals

Wadsworth Family

Wadsworth Individuals

Walselye Family

Walselye Individuals

Walpey Family

Walpey Individuals

Wheatley Family

Wheatley Individuals

Wedge Family

Wedge Individuals

Wells Family

Wells Individuals

Wibau Family

Wibau Individuals

Wignal Family

Wignal Individuals

Williams family

Williams Individuals

Willis Family

Willis Individuals

Willmarth Family

Willmarth Individuals

Woodward Family

Woodward Individuals

Wykys Family

Wykys Individuals

Yaw Family

Yaw Individuals