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Revised 24 November, 2009

This was an ellusive family to research. For all that they are actually a huge family line, as witnessed by the large number of family connections I was able to pull from the 1850 census alone, there is not a whole lot of information found about this line. I have read some of the other websites, which place the origin of this name as being German, and which connects the family to such variants as Dollard, Dolard, Dilard, Dullaert, Dollardt, Dillardt, Doliart and more. There apparently is even one individual who states this is not an actual surname. I suspect the more than 60 pages of census records might give rise to questions as to that fact. We do know that one of our earliest ancestors was said to be George D'illard and that he could have been of French descent. Until I have time to research this further, I keep an open mind as to where this is going.

On the pages below, you can see the results of my labor of extracting all of the Dillard families, using this spelling only, from the 1850 census and combining it with some of the research done by others. I have added the source notes to this report so you can see some of where this information originated. All told, this report runs to about 10 pages and this is only one census.

I found that many of the Dillards were farmers, but there were also several who held occupations that required them to be highly educated. Where the census listed their occupations, I tried to add this information to the end notes.

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I. Generations 1 through 6 II. Generation 6
III. Generation 7 IV. Generation 8
V. Generation 9 VI. Endnotes: (First half)
VII. Endnotes: (Second half)