revised 3/23/2004


Chapter I Pioneers
Chapter II Robert Browne
Chapter III The Policy of Whitgift
Chapter IV The Congregational Martyrs
Chapter V The Scrooby Separatists
Chapter VI The Reign of Archbishop Laud
Chapter VII The Doctrine of Toleration
Chapter VIII The Days of the Commonwealth
Chapter IX The Downfall of Puritanism
Chapter X The Bloody Assize
Chapter XI The Revolution and After
Chapter XII The Great Revival
Chapter XIII The Awakening of Wales
Chapter XIV Fruits of the Revival
Chapter XV Free Churches:  Scotland
Chapter XVI Progress and Unity


List of Illustrations

Cromwell on His farm (By Ford Madox Brown) Chapter 1
Tolethorpe hall, Birthplace of Robert Browne Chapter 2
John Whitgift Chapter 3
Village of Shipdam, Henry Barrowe's Birthplace Chapter 4
Cefnbrith, Near Llangamarch, Birthplace of John Penry Chapter 4
Scooby Manor House Chapter 5
Archbishop Laud Chapter 6
John Hampden (from Miniature by Pettitot) Chapter 6
Hinchinbrooke Hall, Ancestral Home of the Cromwells Chapter 7
Cromwell's House at Ely Chapter 7
Sir Thomas Fairfax Chapter 7
Trial of Charles I. Chapter 7
Cromwell, Milton, and Marvell (by Ford Madox Brown) Chapter 8
John Owen Chapter 8
George Fox Chapter 8
Oliver Cromwell (from a Portrait by Cooper) Chapter 8
John Bunyan's Statue at Bedford Chapter 9
Richard Baxter Chapter 9
William Penn Chapter 10
William III Chapter 11
Daniel Defoe Chapter 11
Thomas Bradbury Chapter 11
Isaac Watts Chapter 11
John Wesley Preaching Chapter 12
George Whitefield Chapter 12
Rowland Hill Chapter 12
Selina, Countess of Huntingdon Chapter 12
Whitefield's Tabernacle Chapter 12
Thomas Charles of Bala Chapter 13
Charles Wesley Chapter 14
John Howard Chapter 14
Elizabeth Fry Chapter 14
William Carey Chapter 14
Ebenezer Erskine Chapter 15
Ralph Erskine Chapter 15
Thomas Chalmers Chapter 15
Robert Hall Chapter 16
David Livingstone Chapter 16
John Bright Chapter 16
Robert William Dale Chapter 16