The Delaware St. Baptist Church,  corner of Delaware and Dudley streets, in the Thirteenth ward, is one of the youngest churches in Syracuse, having been organized March 6, 1889.  For a number of years prior to this, the Baptists of the city had maintained a mission, known as "Hope Mission," in a substantial chapel on the corner of Wyoming and Tully streets.  The consecrated workers at this mission had thought they were forming the nucleus for a Baptist church in the Fifth ward.  But the site proved not the most desirable.  The work was practically discontinued.  The property was sold and the proceeds of the sale used by the First Baptist Church.  The Baptists of the old Fifth ward did not, however, abandon their hope, and purpose, to establish a church nearer their homes, than the down town churches were.  "In the fullness of the time" the Lord opened the way; and in the spring of 1889, seventy brethren (47 from the First Baptist and 22 from the Central Baptist church) after much prayer, and against much opposition, decided to constitute themselves the Delaware Street Baptist Church.  After several meetings in private residences, White's Hall, corner of Delaware and Geddes street, was secured as a meeting place.  At the first meeting in the hall, March 6, 1889, the brethren elected church officers, adopted articles of faith and church covenant, and assumed its corporate name.  Prof. H. H. Sanford and Rev. J. W. Taggart, as invited guests, assisted in effecting the organization.

The formation of a Sunday school with a constituent membership of about seventy, and of a small Y. P. S. C. E. immediately followed.  On April 24th, 1889, a Council of Recognition convened, and after a careful examination, unanimously and heartily  gave formal recognition to the new body as a regularly constituted Baptist church, and extended them a cordial welcome into the Onondaga Baptist Association.  Recognition services were participated in by Revs. A. C. Lyon, H. H. Sanford, W. T. Potter, G. H. Hubbard, S. T. Ford, A. R. Palmer.  The evening of the same date (April 24) a call was extended the Rev. R. E. Burton to the new pastorate.  Much desire, but little hope, was felt that Mr. Burton would accept the invitation.  It proved, however, that the action was prompted by the Holy Spirit.  Mr. Burton at once declined a call to a Brooklyn church, which he had under serious and favorable consideration, and, following his long cherished desire to undertake a new work in an uncultivated field, at once visited the field and accepted the call.  For five years (to date) there has been continual and grateful and mutual acknowledgment of the Holy spirit in forming the union.

The young society represented very little wealth.  It had no so much as a penny's worth of church property.  But with what some termed "the audacity of faith" in God's purposes and promises, the church began its work.  From the first, God gave his approval and blessing.  White's Hall very soon was overcrowded.  A lot - the present site of the church - was purchased at a cost of $3,000 and paid for.  The following year lecture rooms of brick and stone, were erected on the rear of the lot at a cost of $9,000.  It was dedicated Nov. 13, 1890, with a debt of $4,000, which has since been paid in full.  With its audience room on the first floor, having about 500 chairs, and its upper rooms for infant department, Bible class, social and other work this building has met for a time, the needs of the growing work.  More room is now needed and a committee is at present considering plans for the main part of the contemplated structure.  The largest donor to the financial work and of whom we would make grateful and loving mention was Mrs. Sallie Clark - whose bequest aggregated $3,000.  All other gifts were relatively or actually small.  The Finance Committee reported that 2,500 people contributed toward the work.  The finances of the church have  been conducted, from the first, on the "voluntary offering" plan, and with most signal success.    The current expenses of the church are easily, and joyously met.  The total receipts, in the first five years for all purposes and from all sources has been about $29,000.  Many are giving one-tenth of their income, and are the most prosperous of our number.  In membership we have had an annual net gain of 60.  Present number 370.  In our Sunday School we enroll 420.  Mission school 100.  Home Department class about 100.  We are also credited with having the largest Y.P.S.C.E. of any denomination in the city.  To God be all the glory.  The little church stands today a monument to the prayers and faith and wisdom and sacrifice of its original founders, conspicuous among whom were the beloved - now departed - Deacons D. F. Harris and William Waring; but most of all is it is a witness to the truth - "Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts."


Rev. Reuben E. Burton, son of a thrifty farmer of Wayne county, N. Y., was born at Clyde N.Y., August 22, 1843.  He began his education in a rural district school--attending the winter terms.  When fourteen years old he was converted and became a member of the Baptist Church at Clyde, in which his father had long and faithfully served as deacon.  At sixteen he began his college preparatory course at Red Creek Union Academy.  During the summer vacation of 1862 he enlisted as a private soldier in the 138th N.Y. Infantry - afterward the 9th N. Y. heavy Artillery, and served three years and three months.   Was captured by the enemy at Monocacy Junction July 9, 1869, and was a prisoner of war about ten months.  Was repeatedly commissioned and promoted by the Governors of his State.  At the close of the war, he was Assistant Inspector General on staff duty under appointment of Major General Augur.  In the spring of 1866, he began business near his old home.  Was married to Janette Waldurff December 10, 1867.  She still remains his very worthy and beloved companion.  Two years later he felt called to the ministry and at once disposed of his business interests, and began a six year's course of preparatory study.  His studies were pursued in Rochester University and Theological Seminary, with classes '73 and '76 respectively.  Was ordained to the Christian ministry June 13, 1876, at East Aurora, Erie county, N. Y.  His pastorates have all been in his native State and are as follows:  East Aurora, Fairport, Buffalo, Oswego, Syracuse.  With this sketch of my life, I want to acknowledge my gratitude to God for having called me to this ministry of His word; and to mention the supreme joy, and fullness of blessing I have found in rendering even so humble and imperfect service to our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Pastor Rev. R. E. Burton
Deacons Charles H. Smith, Chairman Baptizing Committee; A. L. Faulkner; Theophilus Otto; John A. Mackay; Wm. J. Sanford
Church Clerk Fred L. Barney
Trustees G. W. Wisner, President; A. H. Sager, Vice-President; W. H. Emery, secretary; Geo. L. Ford, treasurer; Chas. Forman, Chairman Finance Committee; F. H. Latimer; E. A. Legg; A. H. Hilton, Chairman House Committee; A. W. Smith
Treasurer of Benevolent Fund W. J. Sanford
Organist T. Otto
Preaching Sunday 10:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.
Bible School Sunday 12 M.
Y.P.S.C.E. Sunday 6:15 P.M.
Inquiry meeting at Pastor's study Monday evening
Prayer Meeting Wednesday evening
Covenant Meeting Wednesday evening preceding the first Sunday of each month.
Lord's Supper the first Sunday of January, March, May, July, September and November
Association year ends July 31
Bible School
Pastor Rev. R. E. Burton
Superintendent John A. Mackay
Assistants L. S. Brockway; A. H. Hilton
Superintendent of Primary Department Miss Harrie L. Corey
Assistant Superintendent Primary Department Miss Lena Brockway
superintendent of Home Department W. J. Sanford
Secretary Miss Josephine Sager
Assistant Secretary Parks Terry
Treasurer Fred H. Latimer
Director of Music T. Otto
Librarians Alfred Soule, Frank Knight, Lee Sniffen
Chairman of Library Committee W. J. Sanford
Treasurer of Birthday Fund Miss Anna Neve
President Frank R. Harris
Vice President Miss Edna l. Ranney
Recording Secretary Miss Ada L. Rodgers
Corresponding Secretary Miss Rosa M. Hall
Treasurer Harry C. Colebrook
Rep. to City Union Miss Jessie L. Hollenbeck
Meetings the first Thursday of each month
President Mrs. F. B. Gray
Vice President Mrs. W. E. Masten
Treasurer Mrs. T. Otto
Chairman Home Mission Department Mrs. C. H. Smith
Chairman Foreign Mission Department Mrs. F. L. Barney
Chairman Benevolent Department Mrs. Abram Sager
Chairman Social Department Mrs. W. E. Masten

Meetings first and third Saturdays of each month

President Miss Lunette Havens
Vice-President Miss Mabel Baird
Secretary Miss s. Lissa Waring
Treasurer Miss H. Grace Burton
Directors Mrs. F. L. Barney, Mrs. C. H. Smith
Superintendent Mrs. Chas. H. Smith


Alpha Circle Mrs. Chas. Foreman, President
Beta Circle Mrs. Fred H. Latimer, President
Meets Tuesday Evening
President George W. Gray
Secretary Harry L. burns
Treasurer Campbell A. Mackay
The church is represented in the Boards of the following Associations
Y.M.C.A. by Frank R. Harris, John A. Mackay
Woman's Auxiliary of Y.M.C.A. by Mrs. W. H. Emery, Mrs. G. W. Wisner
Y.W.C.A. by Mrs. Charles Foreman, Mrs. G. W. Gurnsey, Mrs. W. E. Masten
The Home by Mrs. L. E. Harris, Mrs. A. H. Sager, Mrs. S. E. Waring
Onondaga County Orphan Asylum by Mrs. F. B. Gray, Mrs. J. A. Mackay, Mrs. T. Otto
Clover Leaf W.C.T.U. Mrs. Edwin J. Conine