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Revised 6 December 2010

In this chart, "Old" represents the former format. These pages will not be updated in future. "New" indicates PDF charts. Updated Ahnentafel reports will also be in PDF format and are accessible directly from the surname history section. Please use your back arrow to return to the previous page being reviewed when using the Acrobat reader. You may need Acrobat Reader to access these files. "Family" indicates information about the family and usually contains an ahnentafel for one or more major lines. If you need additional information or research done, please remember that there is fee for doing this to cover my costs.
Dailey (New) Dains (New) Dalglish (New) Damon (New) Daniels (New) Danielson (New)
Danner (New) Darnall (New) Dart (New) Davenport (New) Davidson (New Davies (New)
Davis (New) Davison (New) Dawson (New) Day (New) Dehede (Old) Dehede History (Old)
De Brus (New) De Douglas (New) De Harrington (New) De Holland (New) De Lay (New) De Strickland (New)
De Throckmorton (New) Dean (New) Deas (New) Denison (New) Dennis (New) Dew (New)
Deyo (New) Dial (New) Dillard (New) Dillard History Dinnen (New)
Dixon (New) Dobson (New) Dodd (New) Dodds (New) Dooley (New) Doud (New)
Douglas (Old and New) Douglas History I (Old) Douglas History II (Old) Douglas-Hamilton (New) Douglass (New)
Doyle (New) Drummond (New) Duglas (New) Duglass (New) Dugless (New) Dugliss (New)
Duke (New) Dumbleton (New) Dunbar (New) Duncan (New) Dunham (New) Dunn (New)
Duran (New) Durham (New) Dyckman (New) Dyer (New)