Revised 18 April 2006
The following items have been located in some of the books currently in my collection.  It is recommended that you purchase a copy of the books for further lookup of allied lines.  Although I usually do not recommend the Worth Ray book, "Tennessee Cousins" as a book to cite for documentation, this is a MUST HAVE book for anyone researching in the Tennessee areas as he gives points of direction in which to look for your ancestors.  The primary problem with his book, according to the DAR, was that he did not cite his sources for much of his materials.  The book does, however, contain a wealth of valuable research information.  I also do not recommend citing the Family Tree maker CDs or any other website that does not cite the source of its information.   Information from these sources can be invaluable, but should not be taken at face value.  Document your resources.  Pull the birth, death and marriage documents from their original source.  Military records are often available from the National Archives.  When pulling military records, also request any pension files and they may contain personal information, which the military files do not.  

According to my records, the Russell families in my research have been traced to Virginia and Kentucky, but were primarily seen further north in Pennsylvania.  What the following documentation primarily shows is the ample presence of the Russell Family in Tennessee and in some cases, gives specific information of certain representatives of these families.  The information does not, at present, show specific connectivity of this family with the lines currently being researched.

According to the Tennessee records, the branches of Russell in their area were of Scottish descent.  According to the Russell researchers to the north, this family is traced to Ireland.  What neither of these branches appear to have considered is the migration of the Scottish into Ireland, where they resided for many years before immigrating to other parts of the world, hence the designation of Scotch Irish or Scottish Irish descent.  In all likelihood, at some point in the past, these lines may well have come from a common ancestor.  Following the migratory paths of these families it is found that most of these people who married into families knew someone of this family surname in the past and that their paths criss-crossed repeatedly throughout their history in America through visits to other family members and through  intermarriage.

Cemeteries of Campbell County, Tennessee, History in Stone.  By Dorothy Bruce, Jefferson Printing Company, Jefferson City, Tennessee.  Copyright 1989.  All items from this title section to the next title section are direct quotes from this book.  I have not included unnamed infants in this list.

Campbell Memorial Gardens:  Located on Memorial Drive off Towe String Road in LaFollette. (Page 34)
Dollie Russell. 17 Oct 1907 - 11 April 1974
Edward Hoyt Russell.  WWII.  3 May 1912 - 28 August 1982
Geneva W. Russell.  (No Dates)
Harry Russell:  1905 - 1983
Hazel J. Russell.  1931
Hubert Russell:  9 Aug 1905 - 2 Oct 1983
Jill Marie Russell;  b/d 1980
Mary Belle Russell.  26 May 1910 - 28 Oct 1978
Minnie Russell.  1905-1984
Robert Russell.  1898-1968
Ruth Russell:  1912
Wilford F. Russell.  US Army.  11 March 1926 - 20 November 1979
Douglas Cemetery:  Located in Oswego, Tennessee (Page 61)
A. Russell.  21 February 1888 - 6 February 190-
Bertha M. Russell:  8 October 1893 - 14 March 1978
Clarence Russell:  28 September 1900 - 21 July 1983
Ernest Russell:  2 November 1934 - 23 December 1934
Kathryn Russell:  3 October 1919
Douglas Cemetery:  Located Back of the Campbell County Baptist Association Center building on Highway 25 W in LaFollette. (Page 64)
Mary V. Russell.  24 November 1872 - 31 December 1897
Fincastle Cemetery:  Located on Highway 63 in the churchyard of the Fincastle United Methodist Church (Page 70)
Mary Smith Russell.  30 December 1876 - 6 September 1930
Grantsboro Cemetery:  Located near the Grantsboro Missionary Baptist church in Grantsboro, Tennessee.  (Page 78)
Pearl A. Russell.  3 July 1976 - aged 66 years (That would make her born in 1910)
Hall Cemetery:  Located in Lower Stinking Creek off the Stinking Creek Road  
Henry M. Russell:  16 February 1901-19 May 1977
Jim Russell:  9 June 1920 - 27 May 1926
Maynard Russell;  18 December 1913 - 16 June 1980
Thomas A. Russell:  1853-1930
Sarah L. Russell:  9 May 1905-10 February 1974
Harness Cemetery.  Located south of Highway 25W and west of Cove Lake on a hill above a service station in Caryville
Carl Russell:  1920 - 1972
Cora Russell:  1888-1964
Elizabeth Russell:  22 February 1961 - 21 March 1961
William Russell.  Spanish American War veteran.  26 October 1877 - 14 August 1964
Indian Creek Cemetery:  On the grounds of the Indian Creek Baptist Church on the Pinecrest Road.
Dora Elizabeth Russell.  25 December 1912 - 16 May 1949
Thomas Edward Russell.  Korean War veteran.  27 February 1933 - 9 August 1980
Jacksboro Cemetery:  Located on a hill across the road from the Jacksboro Elementary School.
Alexander G. Russell.  28 March 1874 - 30 April 1909
Alfred Russell:  10 June 1904
Alice G. Russell.  8 June 1864 - 28 April 1865
Byrge Russell.  Veteran of World War II.  26 March 1933 - 8 December 1971
Dr. Charles D. Russell.  18 October 1835 - 1 April 1884
Charles E. Russell.  11 March 1873 - 26 January 1876
Emily Russell.  17 april 1812 - 22 September 1865
Fanny Hunter Russell.  17 October 1875 - 6 April 1959
Glenna Sue Russell.  22 april 1913 - 25 April 1952
Hubert D. Russell.  9 August 1905 - 2 October 1983
James Russell.  28 March 1857 - September 1857
James Hubert Russell.  4 August 1935 - 16 June 1971
Mary C. Russell.    9 April 1870 - 21 June 1904
Nancy Jane Russell.  15 April 1847 - 31 October 1932
Sarah A. Russell.  12 December 1845 - 1922
Susan Emily Russell.  17 april 1842 - 27 September 1865
Thomas E. Russell.  13 January 1824 - 19 May 1887
Thomas P. Russell.  9 February 1878 - 1 September 1932
Tootsie Russell.  21 February 1908
William Hubert Russell.  4 August 1935 - 16 June 1971
Dr. William B. Russell.  29 May 1831 - 26 January 1908
Maxwell Cemetery:  Located about 1/4 of a mile south of Highway 63 on the Flat hollow Road.  
Ernest Russell.  16 September 1896 - 5 October 1897
Harriet Russell:  12 May 1874 - 28 May 1897
Newcomb Cemetery:  Located in Newcomb, Tennessee.
Mrs. W. H. Russell:  1877-1955
W. H. Russell:  1867-1928
Peabody Cemetery:  Located east of Highway 25W on Peabody Mountain, north of LaFollette
Cora Russell.  4 April 1914 - 2 July 1932
Jess Russell.  7 April 1888 - 27 August 1926
Laura Russell.  11 Jan 1889 - 4 Jan 1969
Pond Cemetery:  Located in Grantsboro, near Grantsboro Missionary Baptist church.
E. B. Russell.  25 Feb 1880 - 17 February 1935
Elbert Russell.  5 April 1924 - 1 Oct 1926
Leon Russell, Sgt.  15 March 1913 - 1 May 1944
Lora Russell.  17 June 1886 - 1 November 1957
Lula Russell.  30 August 1915 - 5 July 1916
Russell Cemetery.  Located about four miles from Stinking Creek Road on Rock Creek Road in Rock Creek, Tennessee.
W. A. Russell.  29 October 1873 - 23 January 1955.
Stanfill Cemetery.  Located on the opposite side of the road from the Stanfield United Baptist Church on the Elk Valley Road
Virgil Russell.  7 July 1942 - 6 September 1959
Valley View Cemetery:  Located across the road from the Elk Fork Baptist Church near Elk Valley.
Bobby Ray Russell.  14 August 1934 - 31 January 1955
Emory Austin Russell.  26 January 1902
Hazel Russell.  30 May 1904
Lillian Estella Russell.  1 April 1910 - 21 June 1968
Vasper Cemetery.  Located in the churchyard of the Vasper Missionary Baptist church on old Highway 25W
Loren Russell.  13 April 1971 - 13 August 1976
Warren Memorial Gardens.  Located across the road from the Stanfill Cemetery on the Elk Valley Road.  
Hallie Russell.  18 December 1898
Myrtle Russell:  26 July 1898 - 19 March 1979
Sampson Russell:  18 December 1894 - 19 April 1971
Shirley Glen Russell:  6 June 1988 (aged 53, which would make her born in 1935)
Walter Russell.  1 August 1897 - 31 May 1983
Woodlawn Cemetery.  Located on W Central Avenue in Lafollette, Tennessee
Carl Lester Russell.  Served in the U.S. Navy.  11 January 1945 - 30 August 1967.
Charles E. Russell.  Served in World War II.  10 March 1915 0 19 August 1980.
Charles H. Russell.  1 July 1892 - 12 November 1933
Charles H. Russell.  11 October 1898 - 8 March 1968
Clara Russell.  14 June 1906 - 12 January 1928
Clyde J. Russell.  Served in World War II.  13 January 1911 - 22 June 1964
Eugene R. Russell.  12 July 1912 - 26 January 1941
Icie V. Russell.  15 July 1900 - 4 August 1985
Inez Russell.  1900 - 1984
John F. Russell.  9 January 1870 - 5 June 1942
J. N. Russell.  14 February 1867 - 29 August 1942
Joe F. Russell.  3 October 1913 - 7 February 1935
Lena H. Russell.  28 January 1879 - 12 May 1963
Mary E. Russell.  26 September 1898 - 26 December 1974
Nannie E. Dossett Russell.  27 May 1881 - 24 November 1918
Ollie Russell.  10 January 1877 - 12 January 1956
Victor R. Russell.  1952
Viola B. Russell.  1916
Walter D. Russell.  6 October 1878 - 17 June 1967
Walter R. Russell.  Served in World War I.  30 January 1892 - 23 May 1969
LeMarr Cemetery:  Located off the Flat hollow Road near the Campbell-Claiborne county lines in Claiborne County
Carolyn Ann Russell.  20 October 1965 - 21 December 1965
William Russell.  Served in the U.S. Army.  23 December 1919 - 23 January 1975

"Tennessee Cousins, a History of Tennessee People" by Worthy Ray.  Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore Maryland 1950.  

This book has a wealth of information and should be on the shelves of any serious Tennessee researcher.  It is not a book you can cite as an authority because Mr. Ray did not cite his sources, but it does give good direction on where to go and look.  

Page 11 names "George Russell"  is listed as a settler in the Wataugian region, who obtained a patent of land from a section conveyed to Charles Robertson.
Page 13 lists George Russell as a member of the committee who signed the Watauga Petition, which, according to some was considered the first Declaration of Independence.  (Link takes you to another website.  Use the browser back button to return to this website.)  According to records, the Watauga settlers drew up articles to establish their own government, established rules and regulations and appointed officers, constabulary and judges.  Signed in 1772, this document is deemed to potentially be the first majority-rule system of self government in America.  (See Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee.
Page 14.  regarding Washington county, North Carolina, which later became part of Tennessee:  George Russell's name appears as one of the first Magistrates appointed for the new Washington County government.  (circa 1777)
Page 19:  the following Russells were listed as being involved with the Washington county courts.
  • George Russell
  • John Russell.  in 1800 in Greene County.
Page 71:  listed among the first Grand Jury members of Greene County in 1783 is David Russell.
Page 187:  re Grainger County Tennessee.  A group of members of the Bean Family, to with one William And George Bean opened a station called Bean's Station.  Mentioned in connection with this family is the following:  ". . .the son of William Bean (also called William Bean) married the daughter of William Russell and had the first white child born in Tennessee.  This information is attributed to one Russell Bean. 
Page 188 lists John Russell as one of the constables appointed to the Granger County district circa 1796.
Page 212  In Knox County Tennessee.  The last will and testament of Andrew russell of that county:  "The last will and testament of Andrew Russell 'of Augusta County, Virginia' was probated in Knox County, Tennessee in 1803.  He mentions his wife Elizabeth and the following legatees:
  1. Matthew Russell, son
  2. William Russell, son
  3. Ann Russell, daughter
  4. John Russell, son
  5. Elizabeth Russell, daughter
  6. Jean Russell, daughter
  7. James Russell, son
  8. Andrew russell, son
  9. Alexander Russell, son
  10. James Robertson - son-in-law.

Witnesses to the will were:  William Gillespie; William Henderson; James Gillespie and testator's sons:  martin Russell; Andrew Russell; Alexander Russell

The will was also probated in Augusta County, Virginia." 

Page 213.  The name Andrew Russell is listed in a report of letters sent to Knox county residents in 1808 that remained unclaimed:  "Andrew Russell".  An advertisement was posted 1 April 1808 by the Postmaster for the district in an effort to get the addressee or one of his relatives to pick the letters up.
Page 230, again in Knox County.  "Samuel Cowan was Sheriff of Blount County, and as such, advertised the sale of lands belonging to James Sloan for foreclosure in favor of George Montgomery for Mr. John Russell, and those of John Cooper for Thomas Henderson."
Page 245:  The 1830 census for Knox County listed mentioned three separate Russell family representatives...Andrew Russell, Matthew Russell and William Russell.
Page 312:  RE Matthew Russell:  "In the old Holston College Cemetery is buried John and Matthew Russell.  If they were brothers at all they must have been twins because the tombstones show that John Russell was born January 2, 1796 and Matthew Russell was born on January 3 of the same year.  (Possible if born at midnight)  The next day after the birth of John, a rather unusual case.  John Russell lived until 1879 and Matthew Russell died in 1862.  

Buried next to John Russell is a Jane Russell, who may have been his wife and she was born in 1796 and died in August 1841.

Matthew Russell's Wife was Sarah Montgomery who was born in 1834 and died July 1, 1892."

Page 317:  shows a marriage into the Blair family.  (interesting to note one Henry Beard listed as secretary, which surname married into the Russell family later in Oklahoma)  "William Aston Blair to Sarah Ann Russell, August 2, 1867. Rev. S. B. West."
Page 323:  In an article regarding the Rev. Isaac Anderson, Preacher and Founder of Maryville College in connection with his parish, the New Providence Church in Blount County, there is reference to "James Russell and Elizabeth Berry, wife of George Berry about 1836," as being among some of the earliest recorded church members.
Page 328:  In the Bakers Creek Church Cemetery in Blount County, Tennessee is found the following tombstone inscription:  "Barclay McGhee Russell; died Jan 12th 1879 at the age of 76 years.  (Making him born in 1803)
Page 371:  In the vicinity of the Four Mile Branch Post Office of Monroe county Tennessee...David Russell is shown as a witness to the will of the Rev. Joseph Callaway.
Page 403:  Re same county, David Russell is shown as a witness to the Will of Joseph Woodson Calloway.
Page 428:  Under the family of John Henderson, who's father William Henderson was the emigrant connection to the old country:  Florence Henderson, daughter of John Henderson and Rose Finley of Monroe County, Tennessee, married Andrew Russell.
On Page 430, circa 1750, one William Russell is shown as a witness to a sale of land by Thomas Henderson of Albemarle Virginia, on which property was housed the Tinkling Springs Church, which church was founded by members of my family and which Alexander Douglas, a purported direct ancestor to my line, was said to have constructed the foundation. 
Page 454:  regarding Roane County, Tennessee circa 1808:  James Matlock formerly of Virginia resided in that area.  One of his descendants, "Absalom Matlock married a Margaret Russell, and had children,. . ."
Page 471.  In Hamilton County, Tennessee, in the location of present Chattanooga, Tennessee we see more Russell:  "Among other white settlers, not intermarried with the Cherokees were the following, who came to Hamilton County:  Nathan Shipley, Patrick Martin, William Lauderdale, Ashahel Rawlings (From Washington County), James Verner, John Russell, Henry & Elisha Rookes, Robert Patterson, Charles Gamble, James Cozey, Preston Gann, David Beck, Byron, David and a James Cunningham.
Page 513.  McMinn County, Tennessee.  "Thomas Russell came from Alabama to McMinn county.  His wife was Lucinda Rodgers, who was born in Virginia.  They had a son William N. Russell, who was born in McMinn County in 1840.  He married Mattie Sherrill in McMinn County, daughter of J. R. Sherrill who had come from Caldwell County, North Carolina.  She was his second wife.

"Rev. James S. Russell came from Jefferson County, where he was born in 1822, the son of Elder Thomas J. Russell and his wife Jane Green.  Thomas J. Russell was born in Washington County Georgia in 1800 and died in McMinn County in 1885.  The mother was born in Jefferson County Tennessee in 1803.  He was a Missionary Baptist and preached in McMinn and Monroe Counties most of his life."

Page 582.  Franklin county, Tennessee.  In 1812, commissioners were appointed to hold a lottery to replace the local courthouse, which had burned down that year.  among the commissioners named was William Russell. Sr.
Page 583.  Re land grants in Franklin County, Tennessee.  John Maclin and John Overton obtained a grant of 4935 acres from the State of Tennessee in Franklin county in 1808; and Nicholas Tramel obtained 640 acres.  Both tracts were on Elk River.  The same year grants were issued to Solomon Waggoner, William Russell, Absolom Russell and John Coman, each 200 acres on the Boiling Fork; and James Cunningham and Robert Bean, each 200 acres on Bean Creek."
Page 697:  Dickson County, Tennessee:  One William Russell is listed as one of the first magistrates of the first County and circuit courts of that district.  Circa 1806.
Page 722.   Henderson County, Tennessee:  A marriage is listed between Joseph White and Elizabeth Russell, who are said to have resided on a plantation in the Waxhaws, Lancaster County, South Carolina.  This particular family was related to Andrew Jackson, who lived with Joseph White and wife, Eliza. (This would be the same Andrew Jackson who later became president.)  One of their sons, Henry, fought n the Revolutionary war.
Page 735.  Madison county, Tennessee:  "The first male child born of permanent settlers in Jackson was Robert S. Russell, son of Jesse Russell and his wife, who was a daughter of Major Charles Sevier, who was a nephew of governor John Sevier and the son of one of this brothers.  This Jesse Russell came from Greensboro, North Carolina (Guilford County), who came to Jackson  in 1822 and married a Miss Sevier early the next year.)