Revised 14 February 2005

The name in Ireland was spelled with a final e.

The name Osborne in Ireland was brought to the country by Anglo settlers in the fifteenth century. The main settlement points were Counties Waterford and Tipperary and although there is still a strong representation in these areas the name is widespread throughout the country.

Little is known about David's parents other than what has been gathered from the census.  We know he worked for the United States Post office before the Civil war and we know of his history after the Civil war, but have little knowledge of his life before that time.  His mother's first name was known to be Susan.  His father's first name is unknown.  It is uncertain whether he came from New Jersey or Canada.  His mother is said to have been from Holland.  His registration into the Civil War gives no clue to his past, nor does his divorce records or military records tell us anything further.  There were other Osborn families living in Iowa at the same period of time and one other Osborn who enlisted into the Union army at the same time.  Hopefully, one of these lines will eventually connect and give us the missing information.

Descendants of Osborn


Generation No. 1

1. OSBORN1 died in Canada. He married SUSAN. She was born in Holland, and died in Canada.

Child of OSBORN and SUSAN is:

2. i. DAVID2 OSBORN, b. November 19, 1831, ca New Jersey or Canada or Virginia; d. November 19, 1882, NW of Prescott, Adams, Iowa.

Generation No. 2

2. DAVID2 OSBORN (OSBORN1) was born November 19, 1831 in ca New Jersey or Canada or Virginia, and died November 19, 1882 in NW of Prescott, Adams, Iowa. He married (1) MARY N. November 20, 1855. She died in Waverly Kansas. He married (2) CATHERINE CARR April 07, 1869 in Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa, daughter of RICHARD CARR and JOANNA WELSH. She was born November 05, 1846 in Alhalahana Farm, Co. Newtownesend, Kerry, Ireland, and died June 06, 1914 in Omaha, Douglas, NB.

Child of DAVID OSBORN and MARY N. is:

i. HORACE M.3 OSBORN, b. November 05, 1859; d. Waverly, Kansas; m. ELIZABETH DICEA CHRISTIE; b. Abt. 1859.


ii. LUCY M.3 OSBORNE, b. January 30, 1870, Carl Township, Adams County, Iowa; d. 1937, Omaha, Nebraska; m. GEORGE LEE BARTON; b. 1862; d. 1921.

3. iii. ANNA OSBORN, b. July 05, 1874, Carl Township, Adams, Iowa; d. March 24, 1945, Tucson, Arizona.

iv. CORA B. OSBORN, b. April 1878, Carl Township, Adams County, Iowa; d. January 16, 1937; m. (1) THOMAS J. MADIGAN; m. (2) WILLIAM ADAM SPONSEL, 1900; b. September 30, 1876, Ohio; d. 1961, Omaha, Nebraska.

4. v. GRACE BERNARD OSBORN, b. December 05, 1880, Prescott, Adams, Iowa; d. September 09, 1964, Escondido, San Diego, CA.

Generation No. 3

3. ANNA3 OSBORN (DAVID2, OSBORN1) was born July 05, 1874 in Carl Township, Adams, Iowa, and died March 24, 1945 in Tucson, Arizona. She married GEORGE GARDELS. He was born 1871 in Battle Creek, Nebraska, and died 1950 in Omaha, Nebraska.


i. LAVERA CATHERINE4 GARDELS, b. February 17, 1901, Omaha, Nebraska; d. October 23, 1967, Lancaster, California; m. PAUL BAXTER HEBERT, 1918, Omaha, Nebraska; b. 1893, Sioux City, Iowa; d. August 18, 1936, Omaha, Nebraska.

4. GRACE BERNARD3 OSBORN (DAVID2, OSBORN1) was born December 05, 1880 in Prescott, Adams, Iowa, and died September 09, 1964 in Escondido, San Diego, CA. She married (1) JOHN FRANKLIN REISMAN. He was born October 26, 1873 in Iowa, and died November 04, 1950 in Orange County, California. She married (2) GODFREY JOHN KEEBLER July 04, 1898 in Omaha, Douglas, NB, son of FREDERICK KEEBLER and CAROLINE EASTWOOD. He was born October 01, 1870 in Waukesha Co, Wi, and died July 17, 1935 in Omaha, Douglas, NB.


i. GLADYS CATHERINE4 KEEBLER, b. May 27, 1899, Omaha, Douglas, NB; d. June 01, 1984, Storm Lake, Buena Vista, Ia; m. JAMES ERCEL ROY LUTES, July 14, 1917, Fremont, Dodge, NB; b. May 17, 1892, Central City, Merrick, NB; d. May 08, 1973, Escondido, San Diego, CA.

ii. KINSLEY JOHN KEEBLER, b. May 02, 1902, Omaha, Douglas, NB; d. June 04, 1968, Denver, Colorado; m. PAULINE TURNBY, 1936.

iii. MYRTLE MAUD RUTH KEEBLER, b. July 14, 1905, Omaha, Douglas, NB; d. May 27, 1979, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA; m. (1) HUEY UNKNOWN; b. Abt. 1905; m. (2) OTIS WRIGHT, October 1935; d. January 19, 1969, Long Beach, California.

iv. OSBORN RICHARD KEEBLER, b. August 24, 1908, Omaha, Douglas, NB; d. February 21, 1935, Omaha, Douglas, NB; m. THELMA BUSSEY, October 04, 1928; b. 1912, Nebraska; d. 1996, Atlantic, Iowa.