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[A] [B] [KING]

A. L. King. Born 1861 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Lizzie (Surname Unknown)
Albert King.  Born in 1812 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Elizabeth. (Surname Unknown)
Alfred King.  Born in 1839 in Tennessee
Allen King.  Born in 1835 in Tennessee

Allie T. King.  Born 20 December 1755.  Died 28 October 1803.  Spouse:  John Catlett

Andrew King.  Born about 1855
Andrew W. King.  Born in 1817 in Howard County, Missouri.  Spouse:  Pamela Warren
Angeline King.  Born about 1911.  
Ann Lyon King.  Born about 1842 in Pennsylvania.  Spouse:  William Scott
Annie King.  Date of birth unknown.  Died in November of 1919.  Spouse:  William Marshall Love
Annie Laurie King.  Born 19 December 1888 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi.  Died in December of 1980 at Yazoo City, Yazoo, Mississippi.  Spouse:  Clifton Bonney
Archibald King.  Born about 1833
Armatha King.  Born 6 June 1892.  Died 2 April 1954.  Spouse:  Raymond Eby

[B] [C] [A] [KING] 

Ben F. King.  Born in 1843 in Tennessee
Benjamin H. King.  Born about 1799.  Spouse:  Sarah Dinsmore
Bessie Doretha King.  Born 15 March 1894.  Died in 1909

Braxton King.  Born about 1838 in Kentucky.  Died in 1870 in Whitley County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Abby (Surname Unknown)

Burrell King.  Born about 1827 in Kentucky.  Spouse:  Margaret Foster
Burrell King.  Born in October 1849.  Spouse:  Sallie (Surname Unknown
Burwell King.  Born about 1788.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Baron Barnes

[C] [D] [B] [KING]

California King (not to be confused with the bed) born about 1839
Calvin King.  Born about 1838
Calvin King.  Born in 1844
Calvin M. King.  Born 14 April 1852 in Kentucky.
Caroline J. King.  Born in 1818 in Pennsylvania.  Spouse:  Alexander Russell
Catherine King.  (dates unknown) Spouse:  Jacob Hall
Charles Norman King.  Born 27 June 1917
Charles Wesley King.  Born 28 September 1855.  Died 10 February 1937 in Pratt County, Kansas.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Ellen Lane
Clarence Owen King.  Born 26 March 1891
Cleveland King.  Born about 1863
Cordelia A. King.  Born in 1845
Curby King.  Born about 1844 in Tennessee

[D] [E] [C] <[KING]

Daniel King.  Born in 1768 in England, Cam, Gloucester.  Died in 1819.  Spouse:  Hester Summers

Daniel King.  Born about 1830
Daniel King. Born in 1850
David King (Dates unknown).  Spouse:  Lucy Peniel
David King.  Born about 1842
David King.  Born about 1867
Dempsey H. King.  Born about 1832.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Beadle
Denyle King.  Born in 1837

[E] [F] [D] [KING]

Edward King.  Born about 1711 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Died about 1790 in Piney Flats, Tennessee.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Nichols

Edward King.  Born about 1728 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Died about 1790 in Piney Flats, Tennessee

Edward King.  Born in 1792.  Died in Cumberland, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Sarah Lewis Dryden
Edward King.  Born 11 October 1801
Edward Harlan King.  Born 18 March 1889
Effie B. King.  Born about 1844 in Pennsylvania
Eleanor King.  born about 1908
Elias King.  Born about 1770.  Spouse:  Margaret (Surname Unknown)
Elisha King.  Born about 1837 in Kentucky.  Died in 1870 in Whitley County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Rosey (Surname Unknown)
Eliza F. King.  Born in 1830
Eliza J. King.  Born in 1849
Elizabeth King (Dates unknown).  Spouse:  Henry Smelcia
Elizabeth King (Dates Unknown)  Spouse:  Michael Bond
Elizabeth King.  Born about 1846
Elizabeth King.  Born in 1846
Elizabeth King.  Born about 1864
Elizabeth C. King.  Born in 1832 in Tennessee
Emma Conklin King.  Born 24 November 1853.  Spouse:  David G. Selsor
Enoch Owen King.  Born 28 May, 1858 in Kentucky.  Died 27 January 1931.  Spouse:  Mary Jane Moses
Enoch Owen King.  Born 6 May 1905.  Spouse:  Grace Estella Foster
Enos King.  Born about 1816.  Spouse:  Nancy Angel
Ernest Grady King.  Born 27 August 1894 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi.  Died March of 1962
Eugene Marcell King.  Born 17 August 1911
Evelina King.  Born in 1843
Evelynn King.  Born about 1912

[F] [G] [E] [KING]

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G. W. H. King.  Born about 1864
George King.  Born in 1802 in Tennessee  Spouse: Arabella (Surname Unknown)
George King.  Born about 1840.  
George G. King.  Born in 1849
George Humbert King.  Born 13 January 1899

George Purdy King.  Born 16 November 1834

George Washington King.  Born 16 July 1860 in Kentucky
Granville King.  Born about 1837


Harriet King.  Born in 1818 in South Carolina
Harriet King.  Born in 1828
Harriet King.  Born in 1839

Harriet Brazille King.  Born 12 August 1813 in Cumberland, Kentucky.  Died 9 November 1899 in De Ann, Arkansas.  Spouse:  John Jameson Samuel

Harriet Elizabeth King.  Born 27 November 1843.  Died 18 January 1880
Hattie King.  Born about 1860 in Wyandot, Ohio
Henry King.  Born in 1817 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Young
Henry King.  Born about 1848.  Spouse:  Nancy Hunt
Henry C. King.  Born in 1847
Hugh King.  Born about 1751

[I] [J] [H] [KING]

Ira King.  Born about 1855 in Wyandot, Ohio

Irilla King.  Born in 1847
Isabel King.  Born 8 January 1869 in Kentucky.  Spouse:  Thomas Angel

[J] [K] [I] [KING]

Jackson King.  Born about 1815.  Spouse:  Elinda (Surname Unknown)
Jackson King.  Born in 1839 in Tennessee
Jackson King.  Born about 1842
James King.  Born in 1815 in Pennsylvania.  Spouse:  Ann Lyon Russell
James D. King.  Born about 1868
James J. King.  Born about 1838
James T. King.  born in 1828 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Martha A. (Surname Unknown)
Jane King.  Born in 1830
Jane King.  Born in 1837
Jane King.  Born in 1840
Jemima King.  Born about 1840
Joab King.  Born about 1854
Joel Kirby King.  Born 4 June 1846.  Died 15 May, 1935.  Spouse:  Tennessee Chaney Smith
Joel Ryan King.  Born 15 September 1879.
John King. (Dates Unknown).  Spouse:  Maria Yeates
John King (Dates Unknown)  Spouse:  Dorothy (Surname Unknown)
John King.  (Dates Unknown).  Spouse:  Nancy Blagg
John King.  Born in 1810 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Martha Ann Mahala Bailey
John King.  Born in 1845 in Missouri
John King.  Born in 1848
John C. King.  Born in 1838.  
John Edward King.  Born 21 December 1757 at Stafford, Virginia.  Died 13 May 1828 at Burksville, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Sarah Clifton
John O. King.  Born in 1842
John T. King.  Born in 1791 in North Carolina.  Spouse:  Martha (Surname Unknown)
John T. King.  Born in 1842
John W. King.  Born in 1805 in Virginia
John W. King.  Born in 1829 in Tennessee
John Wesley King.  Born 31 January 1839.  Died 18 October 1841
John William King.  Born 6 July 1884 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi.  Died 23 October 1918.  Spouse:  Willie Cable
Jonas L. King.  (Dates Unknown).  Spouse:  Mary Barnes
Jonathan King.  Born about 1845
Joseph King.  Born May 1880
Joseph McElvin King.  Born 9 September 1847.  Spouse:  Emma Cordelia Cooley
Joseph Milton Wine King.  Born 28 May 1896.  Died 28 November 1962.  Spouse:  Alma Stottlemyer
Josephine King.  Born in 1841
Josephine King.   Born in 1849
Joshua King.  Born about 1837 in Kentucky.  Died in 1870 in Whitley County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Rachel (Surname Unknown
Joshua King.  Born about 1862
Julia King.  Born in 1847
Julia Lucinda King.  Born 2 August 1887 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi

[K] [L] [J] [KING]

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[L] [M] [K] [KING]

Lampa S. King.  Born 30 October 1826.  Spouse:  Richard P. Williams

Landon King.  born in 1842 in Tennessee
Landon King.  Born in 1843 in Tennessee
Landon H. King.  Born in 1841
Landon King.  Born in 1845.  Spouse:  Mary (Surname Unknown)
Leander King.  Born about 1815.  Spouse:  Ada Crawford
Leander King.  Born 4 April 1886
Leona King.  Born 2 October 1871
Lewallen King (Dates Unknown).  Spouse:  Susannah Crouch
Lewis Maynard King.  Born 25 August 1887.  Spouse:  Florence (Surname Unknown)
Lucinda King.  Born about 1839
Luella King.  Born 14 May 1884.  Died 4 March 1968.  Spouse:  Albert Staup
Luvernia King.  Born about 1857

[M] [N] [L] [KING]

M. A. King.  Born about 1867
M. J. King.  Born about 1866
Madison E. King.  Born in 1835
Malinda King.  Born in 1831 in Tennessee
Margaret King.  Born 28 January 1793 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Margaret King.  Born about 1816 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  John Douglas
Margaret A. King.  Born in 1836
Margary King.  Born about 1848 in Kentucky
Margie Bell King.  Born 15 December 1882 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi
Margie King.  (Dates Unknown).  Spouse:  Austin Martin
Marion King.  Born in 1849
Martha King.  Born about 1834 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  (First Name Unknown) Kidd
Martha A. King.  Born in 1838.  
Martha Jane King.  Born 19 September 1832.  Spouse:  Joseph W. Goetschins
Martha L. King.  Born in 1837 in Tennessee
Martin Luther King.  Born 7 November 1892 at Oak Ridge, Warren Mississippi
Mary King.  Born 15 June 1639 in Weymouth, Massachusettes.  Died 30 May 1676 in Braintree, Massachusetts.
Mary King.  Born 15 June 1639 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Died 30 May 1676 at Braintree, Massachusetts.  Spouse:  Josiah Chapin
Mary King.  Born about 1815 in Alabama.  Died about 1849 in Pike, Alabama.  Spouse:  William King
Mary King.  Born in 1834
Mary King.  Born bout 1844
Mary Adeline King.  Born 21 February 1901.  Spouse:  Harold Smith
Mary Catherine King.  Born 4 July 1843
Mary Elizabeth King.  Born 16 August 1820
Mary Frances King.  Born 7 January 1852.  Spouse:  William T. Armstrong
Matthew King.  Born about 1822 in Kentucky.  Died 1870 in  Marsh Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Delilah Jones
Matthew King.  Born about 1853
May Vivian King.  born 22 October 1902
Maynard King.  Born in 1909
Mazilpha Ann King.  Born 14 August 1878 in Burnsville, Dallas, Alabama.  Died 12 May 1936 in Independence, Autauga, Alabama.  Spouse:  William Edward Neil Jones
Melissa King.  Born in 1836
Millicent Eastwood King.  Born 10 September 1841.  Died 16 January 1844
Minnie Pearl King.  Born 25 February 1881 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi.  Spouse:  William Canada

[N] [O] [M] [KING]

Nancy King.  Born 1 February 1823.  Spouse:  Henry Long
Nancy King.  Born in 1834
Nancy King.  Born about 1856
Nancy King.  Born about 1860

Nancy Ann King.  Born in 1792 in Campbell County, Tennessee.  Died 28 August 1862 in Elk Valley, Campbell, Tennessee.  Spouse:  Matthew Douglass

Nancy Jane King born about 1825.  Spouse:  Francis Peter Lyman Ross
Nelson H. King.  Born about 1825 in Wyandot, Ohio.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Pool


Ollie King.  (Dates Unknown) born in Jellico, Campbell, Tennessee.  Spouse:  Speed Leach

Ollie King.  Born about 1856
Omy King.  Born about 1854


Parella King.  Born in 1842.  

Peggy King (Dates Unknown.)  Spouse:  Thomas Jones
Phillip King.  Born in 1809 in Virginia
Pleasant King.  Born about 1850
Polly King.  Born about 1838
Priscilla King (Dates Unknown)  Spouse:  John Keller

[Q] [R] [P] [KING]

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[R] [S] [Q] [KING]

Rachel King. Born about 1852
Rachel King.  Born 16 July 1877
Ransom King.  Born 21 April 1875
Rebecca King.  Born about 1835
Rebecca R. King.  Born in 1846
Redin King.  Born about 1836
Richard King.  Born 9 February 1773
Robert King.  Born about 1750
Rosanna King.  Born 1 May 1867 in Kentucky
Ruby Austin King.  Born about 1896
Rufus H. King.   Born 4 February 1818
Rutha King.  Born about 1865

[S] [T] [R] [KING]

Sallie Mozelle King.  Born about 1895 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi
Sally King.  Born about 1833
Sally King.  Born about 1850
Samuel King.  Born about 1790.  Spouse:  Martha McElvain
Samuel L. King.  Born in 1840.  

Samuel Wilbur King.  Born 26 January 1859.  Died 11 February 1928 in Pratt County, Kansas.  Spouse:  Eva Osborn

Sarah King.  Born in 1802 in Midgley, Yorkshire, England.  Spouse:  (First Name Unknown) Eastwood
Sarah Jane King.  Born in 1825 in Cape Colony.  Died in 1901 in Pietermaritzburg.  Spouse:  John Malcolm Donaldson
Sarah M. King.  (Dates Unknown)  Spouse:  William A. Fry
Sarah R. C. King.  Born in 1849
Shadrach King.  Born about 1855
Sherman W. King.  Born 11 September 1865 in Kentucky
Sophronia S. King.  Born about 1859
Susan King.  Born about 1860
Susan Hunt King.  Born 27 January 1837.  Spouse:  Theodore M. Benedict
Susannah King.  Born 4 January 1883

[T] [U] [S] [KING]

Telitha King.  Born about 1850 in Kentucky
Tempy King.  Born about 1847
Thankful King.  Born 9 February 1701/92 at Northampton, Hampshire, Maryland.  Spouse:  Benjamin Sackett
Thelma King.  Born in 1906
Thomas King.  Born about 1690 in Scotland.  Died about 1760 in Middleton, Chester, Pennsylvania
Thomas King.  Born in 1783 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Ruth (Surname Unknown)
Thomas King.  Born 17 September 1790 at Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Thomas King.  Born about 1822 at South Carolina
Thomas King.  Born about 1832 at Knob Creek, Washington County, Tennessee
Thomas King.  Born in 1833 in Tennessee
Thomas King.  Born about 1851
Thomas H. King.  Born in 1847
Thomas L. King.  Born in 1844 at Missouri
Thomas Murray King.  Born in 1798 at Knob Creek, Washington County,  Tennessee.  Died 26 February 1880 in Whitley County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Mary Ann Cox
Thomas R. King.  Born in 1798 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Elizabeth (Surname Unknown)

[U] [V] [T] [KING]

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[V] [W] [U] [KING]

Vincent Wayne King.  Born 21 January 1921.  Died 8 May 1979
Volantine King.  Born 25 July 1841

[W] [X] [V] [KING]

Wesley V. King.  Born 27 April 1815
William King.  Born in 1715 in Virginia.  Died in 1792
William King.  Born 19 April 1812 in Franklin county, Ohio.  Died 22 November 1881 in Morrow county, Ohio
Warren Glover King.  Born 19 January 1891 at Oak Ridge, Warren, Mississippi.  Died December of 1968 at Vicksburg, Warren, Mississippi;
Washington King.  Born in 1843Wesley V. King.  Born 27 April 1815
William King.  (Dates Unknown.)  Spouse:  Patsy Crouch
William King.  Born in 1715 in Virginia.  Died in 1792.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Edwards
William King.  Born about 1751.  Spouse:  Dorothy:  (Surname Unknown)
William King.  Born about 1789 in Washington County, Tennessee.  Died after 1840.  Spouse:  Elizabeth (Surname Unknown
William King.  Born 19 April 1812 at Franklin County, Ohio.  Died 22 November 1881 in Morrow county, Ohio.  Spouse:  Mary Ann Eastwood
William King.  Born in 1815 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Sarah A. (Surname Unknown)
William King.  Born in 1835 in Tennessee
William A. King.  Born 12 August 1846 in Alabama.  Died 10 November 1927.  Spouse:  Julia Ann Martin
William Clay King.  Born in 1844
William E. King.  Born in 1822 in Virginia
William F. King.  (Dates Unknown)  Spouse:  Ruth Little
William H. King.  Born in 1849
William Harvey King.  Born 22 April 1881.  Died 23 May, 1946.  Spouse:  Mary Belle Reese
William J. King.  Born about 1835.  Spouse:  Mary G. Russell
William Kirby King.  Born in 1729 at Middleton, Chester, Pennsylvania.  Died in Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Spouse:  Elizabeth Sharp
William Kirby King.  Born about 1752 in Middleton, Chester Pennsylvania.  Died about 1845 in North Carolina or Middleton, Chester, Pennsylvania.  Died in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Urath/Ureth/Urith Murray 
William Lowry King.  Born 17 September 1845.  Spouse:  Sophia Ann Lucas
William Ozias King.  Born in 1810 in Tennessee.  Spouse:  Milley Angel
William Ozias King.  Born 23 December 1838 in Tennessee.  Died 9 February 1916.  Spouse:  Nancy Owen Roberts
William S. King.  Born about 1790.  Spouse:  Rachel Davis
William S. King.  Born in 1826 in Tennessee
William T. King.  Born 12 December 1815 in Kentucky.  Died 10 August 1877 in Whitley County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Jane Stephens
Worthing King.  Born in 1778 in North Carolina.  Spouse:  Mary (Surname Unknown)

[X] [Y] [W] [KING]

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[Y] [Z] [X] [KING]

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[Z] [Y][KING]

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