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From "Tennessee Genealogical Records, Records of Early settlers from State and County Archives" by Edythe Rucker Whitley - Revolutionary Warrants
Page 3.  "No. 314;  John Armstrong.  William Maclin, Secretary of State for Tennessee authorized to lay off 111 acres of land on any unappropriated lands for David Winchester.  This warrant issued from a grant to James Winchester and George Winchester for 200 acres of No. 171 bearing date 9 Jan 1794.  This warrant dated 26 May 1803.  On the back was written Nashville, 25 July 1807. 'Invalid.' J. Winchester was President of the Board of Commissioners for West Tennessee.  This file contains a paper showing the following transfers appearing on the back of the original.  Warrant No. 1722 required to lay off for John King Sr., 1200 acres of land on Field's Creek on the north side of Cumberland Mountain.  Surveyed by John Armstrong on 8 May 1797.  Issued 16 April 1786.  Thomas King assigned the land by Jno King.  Thomas assigned the land to Abraham Riston on 9 May 1787.  On 9 May 1787, Riston assigned the land to Jos. Dickson, who assigned the land to Jos. Dickson. . . .etc."
Page 5:  "No. 2535.  Baily (Bally) Benson, private in the N. C. Cont. Line of the Rev. War, granted 640 acres in Sumner co., on Salt River of Caney Fork on 10 Dec 1795.  Assigned to William King."
P. 8:  No. 4050:  "Heirs of David Brown.  Military warrant for 640 acres in name of heirs of Dugald Carmical, dated 1 Dec. 1796 (Warrant No. 4049), appears to be the same grant.  Robert King stated that in about Jan. 1799 Peter Casso of Raleigh, N. C. gave King warrants 4049 and 4050, for purposes of laying them out, but not having done so, King returned them to Casso on 13 May 1807 before Sampson Williams of Blount Co., Tenn.

Another paper states that Peter Casso gave the warrant to King to be Laid out for the benefit of one of his daughters, Henrietta King. 5 June 1807.  Peter Casso appeared before J. A. Parker, Justice of Davidson Co., and deposed as to the above grant."

Page 17:  "No. 1036;  John Cotants, a soldier in the N. C. cont. line.  Jeesey Cherry, administrator of John Contants (Contante), endorses the warrant to William Cherry to have surveyed 2 July 1796.  On 2 July 1796 William cherry assigned it to Samuel Barton, Thomas King and Noah Lilley, witnesses.  13 Aug 1796.  Samuel Barton assigned the warrant to James Saunders.  29 Sept. 1807, James Saunders assigned the warrant to William Davidson with John Lowrey, Daniel Griffin and Joncon Lowery, Joseph Cummins (?) and Robert Cooper, witnesses.  (Paper is in very bad condition."
P. 18:  "No. 421:  Heirs of David Carter, corporal; 360 acres within the limits of land reserved for officers and soldiers of the Cont. Line; 19 Aug 1820.  Thomas Carter, uncle and only heir of said David Carter.  said Thomas living in Nash Co., N. C. sold the warrant to Calvin Jones on 3 Aug. 1820.  John Bartholomew appeared before Joel King and Robert H. Wynne, justices for Franklin Co.,and swore he saw Thomas Carter sign the above conveyance".  
Page 26:  "No. 128.  Francis Mayberry (Maybury).  100 acres of land on any unappropriated lands under the rules, regulations and restrictions as by law directed.  This warrant issued from a grant of Thomas King for 100 acres, no. 431, dated 29 July 1793, signed 11 July 1803 by William Maclin.  Aug. 1803 assigned to John Dale with James Boyd as a witness."
Page 32, "No. 1902. David Gunn, private in the N. C. Con. Line, issued 15 July 1785, and transferred to James Cole Montflorence on 20 Aug 1788, with Robert King, a witness."
Page 35."  No. 178:  Thomas Grimes, assignee of Francis Mayberry.  This warrant was issued from a grant to Thomas King; 1000 acres of land.  This warrant was for 150 acres. King's grant, no. 431, issued 29 July 1793 by virtue of a ten pound warrant.  On 19 Nov 1803 Mayberry assigned the warrant to Nathaniel and Thomas Grimes with James Wilson a witness."
Page 35."No 4665.  John Gouch a private in the N. C. cont. line, 640 acres within the limits reserved for officers and soldiers of the Cont. line; issued 11 Feb 1797, and witnessed by John Odwers, John King and D. Delk Jr.  The land was in Davidson Co., Tenn."
Page 35, "No. 1017:  Heirs of Solomon Gay, private; 640 acres for his service in the N. C. Cont. Line; issued 20 Sept. 1821. The warrant to Thomas Cobb, Thomas Scott, and Benjamine S. King, executors of Jehu Scott. dec."
Page 36. "No. 3235.  John Hughs, a sergeant; 428 acres; issued 23 Dec. 1785.  The same was transferred to Martin Armstrong who assigned it to Robert King and Joseph Cobb on 24 Aug 1797 in the presence of William King.  On 8 April 1805 Robert King assigned it to James Hamilton, witnessed by Edm'd Waller."
Page 39, "No. 2925.  Heirs of Joel Hobbs, private in N. C. Cont. Line; 640 acres; issued 30 Sept. 1785.  John Sheppard purchased it from Jacob Hobbs on 3 May 1785.  Sheppard assigned it to William King who assigned it to Sterling Brewer on 7 Feb. 1797, with John Horton and Daniel King witnesses.  Brewer assigned it to Samuel Thornton and William Downes."
Pages 42 and 43:  "No. 331 and 431.  Thomas King, 1000 acres in Hawkins Co., on the north side of Clinch Mountains, adjoining Thos. Morrison, issued 29 July 1793.  Certificate was issued 29 aug. 1814. .Francis Mayberry, on 29 Aug. 1814, made oath that he had searched for a tract of land granted by N. C. to Thos. King for 1000 acres on 29 July 1793 and no. 431 and was unable to find the same and that he knew of no other claimant to said land; that James King was one of the chain carriers and that he does not know where James King is living, if he is still alive.

Robert Patterson of Grainger Co., on 10 Sept. 1807 made oath before Charles Hutcheson, J. P. for the said county, and stated that he believed that in 1787, he was called by Thomas King a chain carrier on the head waters of Flat Creek, and they made and marked a corner, they did not run any line on the said survey, and now they cannot find any corner of the same.

Joseph Cobb made oath on 16 Aug 1814 before Thomas Henderson, J. P. for Grainger Co., Tenn., that he made a search for a tract of land no. 431 for 1000 acres granted to Thos. King by N. C. and was unable to identify same.  10 April 1800.  Thos. King of Hawkins Co, deeded the land to Francis Mayberry of Knox Co., Tenn. this land was in Grainger Co. on the waters of Flat Creek.  Thomas Jackson and Joseph Gentry were witnesses.  Another deed dated 7 April 1798 was between William Renshaw of Jefferson Co., Tenn. and Stephen Stafford of Grainger, with Nathaniel Peters and Elihu Swain as witnesses.  A plat showed the interference of grants 131 and 133 and 2497.  On 15 April 1807 a certificate showed Francis Mayberry's military warrant no. 3803 was issued to the heirs of James Horseford for 640 acres; signed Robert Searcy, clerk of the commission for West. Tenn.  No 2497 for bravery of James Horseford, private, granted to Francis Mayberry, 640 acres in Eastern District. registered in Campbell Co., Tenn. on 20 Sep. 1809, Book A., page 100."

Page 44. "No. 4755.  Macajah Henry, private, 320 acres 27 Feb 1797.  The warrant was assigned to Robert King."
Page 50: "No. 2809.  Heirs of Richard King, private in the N. C. Cont. Line. 640 acres; issued 30 Sept. 1785; and transferred by Stephen King, heir of Richard King on 1 Oct. 1785 to Thomas Rucker or Butcher, with John Derum a witness.  On 26 May 1813 it was assigned to Anthony Hart."

"No. 190:  Heirs of James King, private in the N. C. cont. Line; 640 acres; issued 6 Dec. 1809.  Harmon King, the only heir to the within mentioned military land warrant, transferred it to Isham Cherry.  320 acres on 4 jan 1810 before Peter May and John D. Roach.  Cherry assigned the same to Isaac Lanier."

No. 2979.  Heirs of Epaphrotihis King.  Private in the N. C. cont. Line; 640 acres; issued 27 Dec 1803.  The same was assigned to Mann Phillips, who then made it over to Thomas Dillon."

Page 51: "No. 1016:  Heirs of Josiah Lillie, corporal: 1000 acres; issued 20 Sept. 1821.  Edith Lillie of Perquimans Co., N. C. sold it to Andes Jones of Nash Co., N. C. and she had obtained it as heir of Josiah Lillie.  Transfer dated 7 Sept. 1821 and witnessed by Wm. Daughtry.  Andes Jones assigned it to Robert Blick on 16 Oct 1821.  Blick assigned it to Thomas cob., Thomas Scott and Benjamine S. King, executors of Jehu Scott, Dec."
Page 72:  "No.4362.  Heirs of Ebenezer Reed, private in the N. C. Line 640 acres; 17 Dec. 1796.  The same was assigned to William Tyrrell by Allen Brewer, witnessed by Nathan Markland and Bennet Rogers.  Allen Brewer had purchased it from John Reed, heir of Ebenezer Reed, with David King and Jn. Horton as Witnesses"
Pages 85/86: "No. 1018. Heirs of Caleb Taylor, private; 640 acres in the Line of this state; issued 20 Sept. 1821.  Andis Jones assigned the same to Robert Blick on 16 Oct. 1821.  Robert Blick assigned the warrant to Thomas Cobb, Thomas Scott, and Benjamin S. King, executors of Jehu Scott, dec.  John Taylor of Northampton Co., N. C. deeded the lands or warrant claimed by Caleb Taylor to Andes Jones on 5 Sept. 1821."    
"Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854"  by G. Glenn Clift, Genealogical Publishing company 2000  This book was a reprint authorized by the Kentucky Historical Society and was taken from newspaper files owned by and housed in the Lexington Public Library.  You will note by the below, that a major cholera outbreak occurred  in approximately 1883.  It was fairly common before the days of modern hygiene practices and could wipe out whole families and even entire towns.  According to Wikipedia, it is a disease that is water borne and was ingested through drinking water.  It could also be attributed to eating partially cooked fish.  It is known to have originated in India and spread rapidly through Europe and England in 1832.  It reached this continent through Canada and New York and spread west and south from there.  Literally thousands of people all over the world died from this disease.  Filtering and chlorinating the water now makes this disease less likely to occur.  Cholera caused extreme fluid loses through vomiting and diarrhea, leaving its victims with excruciating muscle cramps and fever, which led to loss of potassium and dehydration.  The ultimate death was caused by the shock to the victim's system and a few other issues too gross to discuss.  In short, it was a nasty way to die.
Page 22:  "Capt. Henry King, Sr., of Jessamine county.  Died in Dec. 1820.  R 1/1/1821."
Page 23:  "Gen. John E. King, of Cumberland county.  Died in June, 1828, aged 70 years. R 6/25."
Page 80, Ward 4 (This is a list of deaths in the City of Lexington Kentucky from June 1 to August 1, 1833.  Most of these deaths were caused by cholera.  Persons whose names are preceded by a star (*) died of other diseases.: "Reverend John Bunch; Mrs. Brown; Jacob Cole; William Cook and wife; Mrs. M. Cornwall; Ann Crow; Miss Sarah W. Craig; Miss Susan D. Crain; Benjamin Carcuff; Anthony Dumesnil and wife; Miss Dowdell; Videl Davis; Adel Davis; Miss Polly Edger; William Frain; Lewis P. Garrett; George A. Garrett; John Griffith; Miss Elizabeth Hawkins; William Heydel; Mrs. Hugging; Daniel Hukle and wife; Mrs. Thomas Hukle; William B. Hudson; Mrs. Joseph H. Hervey; Mrs. Johnson; Thomas W. Jones; Mrs. Nancy King; *Peter H. Leuba; Benjamin Floyd; Mrs. Martha McCalla; Alison McChord, of Cahawba, Ala., died at A. Garrett's' Mrs. Myers; Anthony Guant; Mrs. E. McConathy; John Megowan; Mrs. J. G. Norwood, and her infant child; Robert Norish; Francis O'Neal; Mr. Pittman; Mrs. Peel; Mrs. Grace Price; John Postlethwaite; Duncan Postlethwaite; Miss Maria Peck; Miss F. A. Petterson; Barnet Rucker and wife; Vardy Renfro; Nathaniel Rutherford; Thomas Sparke and wife; Philip Spare and wife; Mrs. Sourbright; Lewis Sayre; William Tegway, a stranger of Mrs. Metcalfe's; Mr. Van Horn; Marnix Virden; Robert Wilson; Jacob Wiegart; Mrs. N. Warner, Margaret Warner and Nancy Warner, Mother and daughters of D. Warner; Francis Walker, Sr., and wife; Francis Walker, Jr.; James T. Berryman; Elijah H. Drake; Samuel Trotter.
Page 85/86 (additional deaths, mostly by cholera):  "Miss Mary King, daughter of William King, formerly of Fayette county.  Died in Hendricks county, Ind. June 16, 1833. OR 7/11"  further...from Lawrenceburg and Anderson county during June and July, 1833.  From OR 7/11....."James G. White's child; Lewis P. Hensley; Moses Bell; James Brown; Durett Riddle; Charles Cane; James B. Bell; John Carter's child; John Walker, Sr.; Nathan Railback's child; James Hutton; Joseph W. Misner; Martin Parker, Sr.; Presley White's son; rev. John Penny; William Conner; Miss McKinney; George Hunt; John Howard's child; Dr. Smith's child; Rev. J. T. Mills' daughter; Mrs. Elizabeth McBrayer; George Bastow's two children; Joshua Carter, Sr.; Miss Elizabeth Massie; James Paxton, Sr.; James McMichael's son; Thomas Wright's child; Dr. Witherspoon's child; Martin Parker, Jr.; Mr. Allen; James Story; Nelson C. Johnson; Mr. Edgeman; M. D. King; William Abbott; Miss Ethrington; Matthew Gault; William Rout; Ezekiel Taylor; Miss Ferguson; Mark Lillard; Henry Searcy; F. L. Conner's son; Mrs. Mary Barne; Dr. William W. Penny; William B. Wallace; John B. White's daughter; John G. Holeman's child; Howard Sutherland's child; W. W. Penny's child; Mrs. Mary Collins; James McBrayer's daughter; Mrs. Foree's child.
Page 106:  Gen. Edward King, of Cincinnati.  Died Feb. 6, 1836.  OR 2/17."
Page 121:  "John King, keeper of the Lunatic Asylum, of Lexington.  Died Aug. 27, 1838, aged 56 years.  OR 9/8?
Page 125:  "Mary Ann, daughter of Whittington and Elizabeth King, formerly of Baltimore.  Died June 8, 1839, aged 2 years and 11 months.  OR 6/5  and John Kennard, son of Whittington and Elizabeth King.  Died July 1, 1839, aged 11 months and 8 days.  OR 7/6"
"Cemeteries of Campbell County, Tennessee, History in Stone" by Dorothy Bruce, Jefferson Printing Company, Jefferson City, Tennessee - 1989.  This is a listing of the various tombstones located throughout Campbell County.  I especially like what the author said of cemeteries....She called them "an outdoor museum" indicating they reflected the culture of the people, their values, their beliefs, their customs and their craftsmanship.  She reminds us that these are places for the living to have a reunion with loved ones, to meditate and relax.  If you have family members in this area, this is a "MUST HAVE" book for your library.
"Bakers Forge Memorial Cemetery, located about 6 miles south of Lafollette, on Demory Road in the Demory community.  According to the book, this cemetery constitutes reinterred loved ones  from locations throughout the county which were displaced by the building of the Norris Dam. (Page 12)
  • Haggard King:  May 19, 1895- Oct. 1, 1983
  • Ruby B. King.  Dec. 26, 1914 -

Bolton Cemetery:  Located in Little White Oak across the road from the Campbell Cemetery.  Many of the stones are no longer legible.  

  • Fifer David King: Co. C 1 Tenn. Int.
  • Jesse Siler King. June 27, 1867 - Sept. 10, 1952
  • Martha Elizabeth King. Jan 30-1871 - Feb. 28, 1937

Campbell Cemetery.  Located in Little White Oak across the road from Bolton Cemetery. 

  • Clyde King. Feb 26, 1917 - June 10, 1943
  • Johnie King. April 8, 1908 - Jan. 2, 1947
  • Shelby Jean King. b/d June 10, 1940

Campbell Memorial Gardens.  Located on Memorial Drive off Towe String Road in LaFollette, Tennessee. 

  • Joline King. 1920
  • Margie King. March 11, 1931 - June 19, 1986
  • Meade King, Jr. 1925
  • Paris King. 1900-1986

Chadwell Cemetery. Located on a hill to the left of the White Oak-Duff Road in the White Oak community.    

  • Clyde King - Dec 22 1915 - Dec 10, 1944
  • Earl King - Tenn, PFC Co D 9 Inf. Dec 6, 1919 - Oct 20, 1964
  • Edna Mae King, daughter of Lewis, Dec 30, 1925 - July 13, 1927
  • Infant son of Lewis and Martha King b/d Dec. 17, 1922 - Dec 25, 1922
  • Infant son of Lewis and Martha King b/d May 10, 1937
  • James Albert King 8 Jun 1898 - Oct 14, 1957
  • James Cecil King PFC, Sept 1, 1917
  • Lee King 24 Oct 1891 - July 25, 1923
  • Margaret Siler King Dec 29 1919
  • Nannie G. Williams King Sept. 1902 - Dec 7, 1974
  • Paul E. King, Jr. Aug 15, 1964 = Aug 16, 1964
  • Tennie King Sept 11, 1896 - Dec 31 1964

Davis Chapel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.  Located North of Davis Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in churchyard.

  • Raymond King July 24 1924
  • Trulene King Nov 11, 1935 - June 7, 1986

Douglas Cemetery.  Located in Oswego, Tennessee

  • Dewey King  1898 - 1972
  • Flora King  Jan 3, 1903
  • Frank A. King  Dec 14, 1914 - May 24, 1973
  • Mahala E. King  Sept 7, 1857 - Dec 31, 1933
  • Martha King  Jan 12, 1872 - Feb 29, 1957
  • Sonny L. King  Sept 7, 1964 - July 23, 1974
  • Therion H. King  Nov 4, 1948 - March 13, 1949
  • thomas King  Jan 12, 1872 - Feb 29, 1957
  • Ulis C. King  Feb 11, 1937 - June 8, 1980

Elk Fork Baptist Church Cemetery.  Located in the churchyard of the Elk Fork Baptist church in the Elk Valley area.

  • Charles Lee King WWII. May 4, 1904 - April 10, 1984
  • Ethel King  June 11, 1885 - Jan 11, 1911
  • Vela King  Feb 1909 - July 1909

Fincastle Cemetery.  Located on Highway 63 in the churchyard of the Fincastle United Methodist church

  • Dewey Elden King  WWI.  June 4, 1924 - Feb. 19, 1970
  • Earl Wade King  April 30, 1927 - May 16, 1956
  • Elizabeth King  1900-1965
  • Gracie J. King  Aug 5, 1894 - Aug 16, 1966
  • H. Maynard King  June 6, 1874 - May 16, 1941
  • Lillie Lee King  Jan 20, 1895 - April 29, 1976
  • McKinley King  Jan 20, 1897 - March 17, 1969
  • Meade King   1894 - 1979
  • Ovid King  WWII.  Oct 14, 1901 - Jan 1, 1971
  • Sara Elizabeth King  Sept 23, 1870 - Jan 4, 1940
  • Sillus Moss King  WWI.  Dec 13, 1895 - Aug 17, 1970
  • Zack H. King  Nov 22, 1891 - Feb. 18, 1960

Jacksboro Cemetery.  Located on a hill across the road from the Jacksboro elementary School.

  • Jess W. King.  Tenn. Inf.  Jan 22, 1930 - Oct 10, 1958
  • John W. King  WWII.  Sept 12, 1924 - March 22, 1975
  • Lonnie King  Feb 4, 1899 - April 13, 1973
  • Pearl King  Feb 27, 1904 - April 15, 1978

Jellico Cemetery.  Located on south Main Street and Florence Avenue in Jellico

  • A. L. King  Nov 8, 1860 - Nov 23, 1936
  • Clarence King Sr. Dec 18, 1911 - July 9, 1986
  • Edna Black King  23 Oct 1904 - July 25, 1954
  • Elizabeth  Feb 15, 1877 - March 26, 1957
  • Ella A. King  Aug 31, 1882 - April 11, 1975
  • Reece Hackler King  5 Nov 1916 - June 19, 1943

Kempler Cemetery.  Located about a mile from the Eagan Road on the Roses Creek Road.  (Family cemetery is on a hill back of an old store.)

  • Bill King -  Korea.  May 18, 1931 - April 12. 1979
  • Mary King   July 8, 1935
  • Neal King  Aug. 28, 1903 - July 23, 1960

King Cemetery.  Located in Archer Center.  Started by Ben Lee King near family home.  

  • Alvin King  1888 - 1969
  • Ben Lee King  Aug 27, 1887 - Feb 22, 1967
  • Bonnie King  Sept. 29, 1920
  • George L. King  Feb 5, 1908 - Aug 11, 1985
  • Isham King  1888 - 1969
  • Luther King  March 22, 1914 - Dec 1962
  • Myrtle E. King  Feb. 21, 1921 - May 13, 1922
  • Robert King (no dates listed)
  • Susie Williams King  Sept. 10, 1889 - Jan 25, 1973

Leach Cemetery.  Located at the junction of the Eagan Road and Roses Creek Road in Egan, Tennessee.  

  • Angeline King  June 28, 1868  Feb 4, 1921
  • Clyde Edward King  b/d Jan 23, 1943
  • Della King  March 5, 1913 - Feb 9, 1961
  • Grant King  1893 - 1953
  • Patsy Elaine King  b/d Jan. 23, 1943
  • Sarah Jane Bowman King  Jan 11, 1836 - May 7, 1888
  • William "Billy" King  1866-1938ilous G. King Dec 22, 1897 - April 10, 1898

Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Located on Little White Oak Road, not far from junction of White Oak Road

  •  Clarence King  Aug 6, 1916 - Jan 24, 1980
  • Georgia B. King  June 4, 1926 0 Aug 26, 1982
  • Hazle King  Jan 26, 1916
  • Matt King  June 16, 1886 - July 21, 1974
  • Samuel King  Sept 19, 1924
  • Verna King  Aug 10, 1907

Benjamin F. Smith Cemetery:  Located about eight miles northeast of LaFollette and north of the Appalachian Highway on the Ben Smith Farm.  

  • Ralph King son of Zack and Gracie. b/d 1929  (See Fincastle for Zack and Gracie)

Sunrise Cemetery.  Located across the road from the Davis Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in Davis Chapel. 

  • Gary L. King  June 16, 1981 - June 5, 1982

Well Spring Cemetery.  Located about a half mile south of Robert's Grocery on Highway 63 in Well Spring.

  • Ancle King (dates illegible)
  • Bertha King 1899 - 1985
  • Cora King 1888 - 1965
  • J. Frank King  1843 - 1937
  • M. Ruth King Nov 25, 1893 - March 27, 1984
  • Sneed King  July 31, 1893 - Oct 18, 1930

Woodlawn Cemetery.  Located W. Central Avenue, LaFollette, Tennessee

  • A. B. King Jan 22, 1874 - Jan 17, 1951
  • Cecil E. King Jan 20, 1912 - April 30, 1962
  • Clara B. King July 9, 1910 - Nov 29, 1982
  • Cora Irwin King  July 17, 1886 0 Feb 28, 1941
  • Earl King  May 11, 1941
  • Ernest King  Feb 24, 1923
  • Ervin B. King  1912 - 1980
  • Hubert King.  WWII, April 20, 1919 July 27, 1973
  • Jeanette King  Oct 6, 1940 - May 6, 1963
  • June Parrott King  Oct 9, 1928 - Feb 7, 1983
  • Lee Roy King  May 15, 1910 - Sept 20, 1910
  • Lettie G. King  Sept 30, 1911
  • Lewis H. King  April 19, 1896 - Dec 9, 1981
  • Martha J. King  Oct 26, 1898 - Aug 18, 1959
  • Mary F. King  1932-1981
  • Milford King  Aug 4, 1908 - Oct 1, 1984
  • Ruth H. King 1920
  • W. Hobert King Sept 3, 1917 - Jan 5, 1958

York Cemetery.  In Morley off Highway 25W

  • Carolyn Sue King  May 3, 1950 - May 6, 1950

Dulling Cemetery.  Located off Black Oak Road in Jellico.  About a mile from the Harp Funeral Home on Main Street in Jellico.

  • B. F. King  Aug 8, 1869  Oct 21, 1960
  • Louise King  June 23, 1913 - Oct 16, 1931
  • Speed B. King.  Ky Inf. March 14, 1914 - Nov 15, 1960

Eagan Cemetery.  Located on a Knoll near the railroad tracks and only a short distance from the old elementary School in Eagan, Tennessee in Claiborn County.

  • Emely King.  Wife of T. M.  May 11, 1845 - Nov 25, 1895
  • Thomas M. King  Jan 22, 1835 - Nov 24, 1895
  • Thomas M. C. King.  co. G 1 Tenn. Inf.  (No dates)

St. Boniface Cemetery.  Across from the Tennessee boundary in Jellico, Kentucky, near the St. Boniface Catholic church.

  • Margaret Reilly King (No dates)"
The next book is Tennessee cousins, A History of Tennessee People by Worth S. Ray.  This constitutes another "MUST HAVE book for any researcher in Tennessee.  Although you cannot cite this book as an authority for the DAR, because he did not cite his sources, this book holds a wealth of valuable research information that will point you in the right direction.
Page 13.  "Signers of the Watauga Petition.  John King is listed as one of the non-members of the Committee who signed the petition.  (Citation:  "Ramsay's Annals of Tennessee, page 138."
Page 26.  "See Will of James Irwin, of Washington County - his last will.  Samuel King signed as a witness."  
Page 30.  "See will of Samuel Denton - His will in Washington County.  Henry King signed as a witness."
Page 32.  "William King's Will in 1832.  Will book 1, p. 246.  Martha King, Thomas King and George G King as Legatees and Executors.  Witnessed by Richard Carr, Alfred Carr and James Carr."  (Actual will is not cited.)
Page 56  "Will of John Williams of Carter County, Tennessee, dated April 20, 1847.  Names his wife Joanna and other Legatees as follows:
  1. John Q. Williams, the home I bought from Samuel E. Patton, near the lines of Nathaniel taylor and James Gormley
  2. Francis Marion Williams
  3. Albert Gallatin Williams
  4. Sarah C. Williams
  5. Selina Hyder, wife of Michael Hyder
  6. Arzilla King, wife of George King
  7. Rebecca Roe, wife of Gilliard Roe
  8. Viny (Lavinia) Hyder, wife of John Hyder
  9. Joanna Fair, wife of David Fair

The above were all his children.  Executors:  John Q. Williams and John Hyder."


Page 62.  From a list of early marriage records in Carter county:  "William F. King to Sarah Ann Gormley on April 4, 1847"
Page 79. Right Hand column, re George Rankin:  "George Rankin, the ancestor, was in Augusta county, as early as August 20th, 1755, when James King is mentioned as the 'servant of George Rankin'."
Page 90.  A glance of some of the Courthouse records of Hawkins County indicates that John King was appointed to serve as Justice of the Peace for Hawkins County in 1790.  Further.  "Nov. 3, 1790 Gov. Blount appointed military officers for the District of Washington - which included also Hawkins County:  Thomas King, Lieut. Colonel; Francis Alexander Ramsey - First Major."
Page 95:  Under Mathias Miller Wagner, the son of Mathias, son of Mathias.  "Mathias Miller Wagner, was the son of Mathias Wagner II, and brother of Joseph Wagner, of the foregoing records.  He was born June 30, 1801 and died February 15, 1887.  He married Mary Fiffe in 1829.  They had eleven children:
  1. Isaac R. Wagner (b. 1830) never married.
  2. Caroline E. Wagner (b. 1838) & married Thomas J. Fan.
  3. Alzenia P. Wagner (b. 1833) married Samuel D. Jackson
  4. Mathias F. Wagner (b. 1834) married Letitia Worth.
  5. Daniel Worth Wagner (b. 1835) He never married
  6. James F. Wagner (b. 1837) d. y.
  7. Mary M. Wagner (b. 1838) d. y.
  8. Luke Lea Wagner *b. 1839) d. y.
  9. Joseph H. Wagner (b. 1841) married Sallie White
  10. Noah J. Wagner (b. 1844) married Nellie King
  11. Wiena Safronia Wagner (b. 1846) never married."
Page 96:  "Alexander Sutherland was a native of Scotland (according to tradition) who came to America as a British soldier, during the American Revolution and served with the British Army.  He was the father of Joseph Sutherland, of Grayson County, Virginia, whose wife was Sarah King   The mother of Joseph Sutherland was Margaret Bryant.  Sarah King was a second wife of Joseph Sutherland and the daughter of John King and wife Nancy Collet.  J. A. Sutherland, son of Joseph and his last wife married Sarah D. Willis.  He was a soldier in the Northern Army.  His wife, Sarah Wills, died in the year 1886 and they were the parents of only one child, a son, who was born shortly after their marriage in Johnson County, and who also died in the year 1887.  He was a one time Sheriff and County Treasurer of Johnson County."
Page 116:  "John M. Watkins and his wife "Belvadra N. combs were natives of Tennessee and residents of Jefferson County.  March 27, 1853, when their son, Wirt G. Watkins, was born in Jefferson County.  In 1879, Wirt C. Watkins was a merchant in Talbot, in Jefferson County.  He married Miss Kate King in Jefferson County, Tennessee in January 1863, and they had one son, Charles Watkins.  The exact relationship, if any, between John M. Watkins and Joel and Clairborne R. Watkins, of the preceding sketch (note article on same page of book), has not been determined, but perhaps a study of other records shown herein will throw light on the problem."
Page 122.  Marriage records of Jefferson County
  • William King to Patsy Blackstone May 13, 1804
  • William S. King to Hester Cox, August 10, 1826
  • James King to Nancy Parks, May 19, 1804
  • James King to Peggy Richie, April 19, 1808
  • Joseph King to Eliza Hensley, April 25, 1823
Page 167:  Under the Anderson Family of Sullivan County - John R. Anderson:. . .Isaac Anderson and his wife were parents of John R. Anderson, a leading business man, during his lifetime around Bristol, Tennessee, and who married Malinda W. King, a daughter of Rev. James King.  The Children of Hon. John R. Anderson and his wife Malinda King were as follows:
  1. James King Anderson
  2. Sarah A. Anderson
  3. John C. Anderson
  4. Rev. Issac S. Anderson
  5. Margaret M. Anderson
  6. Joseph King Anderson."
Page 193.  "John Crockett, father of David Crockett, was the son of Archibald Crockett, who married a daughter of William King of Mecklenburg co., North Carolina.  Col. thomas King, of Hawkins County, Tennessee, was an uncle of John Crocket, and brother in law of Archibald Crockett, the grandfather of David Crockett.  The mother of John Crockett's wife married her as her second husband, a man named King, by whom she had at least one son, William King."
Page 212:  Members of the County Court of Knox County, in 1817:  "The County Court of Knox County met on Monday, October 6th, 1817, and the following members of the court were present:  Thomas Brown; Robert Houston; Samuel Montgomery; Robert Armstrong; William Campbell, Robert Lindsay, Jeremiah King; John Reynolds, John Bayless; John Thompson; William Aldridge; Jeremiah pate; Jonathan Ayers."
Page 213:  Names of some of the first persons to buy lots in  Knoxville:  "James White; Thomas King; Rev. Garrick; John Carter; Ignatius Chisholm; John Chisholm; James Cozby; John Love; James Greenway; Andrew J. Belfour; John Rhea; John Stone; Judge Campbell; Samuel Hannah; John Adair; Nathaniel Cowan; John Chisholm, lot 48; William Small; James Miller; Thomas Smith; William Lowrey; William Cox,; William Henry; Hugh Fulton."  (Note:  This is only a partial list)
Page 214:  "Items from the records of Knox County prior to 1800.  

June 2, 1795.  Grant of land issued and signed by Richard Dobbs Spright to William King of 200 acres land lying on the south side of the Clinch River on Beaverdam Creek. (see pages 325-327 and 529,, "Lost Tribes of North Carolina")" [Note:  author was not cited]

Page 215:  Members of Knox County Jury, 1794 lists James King among its members.
Page 233. "King Family Marriages from the Knox county Records.

Here are a few marriages by members of the numerous King Family of Knox County, not found in Miss Kate White's list before 1801:

  • William Y. King to Peggy Larrimore June 19, 1819
  • Thomas King to Alizabeth Keehill, on July 19, 1817
  • Benjamin King to Pricey Gates, February 29, 1836
  • Joseph King to Sally Ford, July 4, 1834
  • William King to Elizabeth Anderson, August 23, 1817
  • Jane C. King to Ignatius Wilson, Dec. 9, 1817
  • Mary G. King to Robert Gillespie, on June 16, 1819
  • James R. King to Isabella McNeel on February 25, 1820
  • Dorcas M. King to Daniel D. Fouts on October 7, 1823
  • Eliza Prudence King to Obediah Boaz, Nov. 18, 1823
  • Bethiah H. King to David Sterril, Jan. 8, 1824
  • Sally King to Arthur Bails, July 22nd, 1824
  • Gabriel R. King to Elizabeth King, on January 1, 1827
  • Rebecca King to Henry Widner, November 21, 1828
  • John King to Polly Mills, December 25, 1837
  • Margaret King to James Vance, September 13, 1834
  • Margaret King to John Douglass, April 5, 1836
  • William King to Mahala, November 21st, 1837"
Page 237:  "Under Walker family marriages:  William Walker to Mary Ann Love shows R. H. King as the bondsman.?
Page 241: under Deeds and items of interest from Knox County Records - "Patrick Campbell deed to John Menefee, certain 200 acres of land on Beaver Creek joining land already owned by Menefee, which was granted to James King in 1799 and which Campbell had bought from Andrew Jackson, esquire.  Dated November 18, 1808 - Patrick Campbell in presence of Charles McClung."
Pages 243-244:  "Tombstone inscriptions from the First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville
  • John Ten. King, born in Montgomery County, Virginia.  Feb. 11, 1809; died Sept. 18, 1845.
  • Robert King, born 1782; died Jan. 4, 1845
  • Patsy King, wife of Robert King, died June 9, 1841, aged 41 years.
  • Dr. James King, born August 21, 1787 and died August 29, 1835
  • Mary J. King, wife of James King, born Feb. 10, 1798; died Dec. 18, 1816
  • Elizabeth, wife of Robert King Sr. died July 26, 1817, aged 63 years"
Page 245:  shows a list of people purportedly from a census, but fails to give a date.  Location is in Knox County and lists Robert King, James King, John King and Eli King as being present in the county.
Page 257:  "The Elizabeth City County records show constant associations between the Kings of that county and the Marrows.  This relationship started in Lower Norfolk County, when Richard King owned lands there:

Richard King (granted) 200 acres in Lower Norfolk Co. Dec 5, 1662; 150 acres beginning at a corner tree of John Johnson's land, running 85 by W. 50 acres running southly to William Wilson's stakes to W. along Daniel Morrow's trees. Nug.493-4."

Page 258:   Cites Thomas Moore in connection with the will of Richard King in the 1657 time frame.  Which connection was further discussed on page 260.
Page 260:  "In 1686, Dorothy Morrow and Thomas Moore had witnessed the will of a Richard King, in Lower Norfolk.   Dorothy Morrow was the wife of Robert Armstrong in Lancaster County 1673"    
Page 300.  This section speaks of the Wallace and Alexander families, all of whom were Presbyterians.  "The Kings of Manokin Hundred, the Alexanders, McKnitts, the Strawbridges and Wallaces - all of Manokin Hundred."  .  . .are listed of the first settlers of Somerset County.
Page 313 speaks of the 1830 census, which lists among its members Frances Ann King, William L. King and a William King who has 8 family members.
Page 318 lists a marriage in Blount County, Tennessee between Matthew M. Houston to Mary Gillespie, November 29, 1821 which was presided over by R. H. King.
Page 319 lists King family members who were married in Blount county:
  • "Ephraim C. King to Malinda T. Pass February 6, 1856 by David Spradlin, J. P. (this was Rev. Ephraim King, half-brother of Massenberg P. Rhea, who married Martha McTeer.).
  • George A. King to Nancy J. Kaylor - November 24, 1859. Rev. James D. Lawson
  • John King to Rebecca Pride, June 11, 1800.  Samuel King surety on the marriage bond.
  • Samuel King to Agnes Hannah, August 26 1797.  Samuel Eakin, surety
  • Stephen King to Winnie Peterson, July 19, 1849.
  • William King to Eleander Keller, May 22, 1824.  Joseph Alexander, J. P.
  • W.E.B. King to Caroline Peelor on September 2, 1858."
Page 329 - "tombstone Inscriptions from the Baker's Creek Church Cemetery:
  • W. A. J. King, born 1862; died in 1892
  • Sarah M. King, born in 1859; died in 1882
  • Margie K. King, born January 10th 1866; died August 29, 1877
   Page 356:  Marriage records of Monroe County, Tennessee:  "Thomas Crutchfield to A. E. King, Feb 4, 1852."
Page 357:  "William King from North Carolina to Monroe County.  William King was 55 years of age in 1850 and was born in N.C.  Mary G. King, his wife, was 50, and was born in Virginia.  Elizabeth King, 22 years of age; Lucinda King 21 years of age; Amanda King was 16 years old; William King, was 19 years of age and recorded as a "clerk" all born in Tennessee."  This was from the 1850 census.
Page 373:  Mention for the 1830 census of Monroe County  lists John King between 30 and 40 years of age.  [Note:   census prior to 1850 did not list much other than approximate ages and number of people in household.]
Page 407  in a discussion of Gilbert Henderson of Henderson County, Tennessee, gives reference to emigrants to the colony of Virginia and mentions Robert King with regard to Land patents, but is not specific.
Page 422.  In discussing the Williams Family connections with same Hendersons, indicates land transactions with the Williams family:  John King, 500 acres York County, Virginia, Nov. 19, 1649 on King's Creek.  Headrights John Daniel & John Williams - Nugent p. 186"  [NOTE:  citation is incomplete.  Does anyone know what "Nugent" is?]
Page 451.  "At or about the time the road towards Nashville, called "Walden's Ridge Road" was built, Robert King, who became extremely wealthy in Tennessee lands, probably built his cabin where the town of Kingston was afterwards located on some of his lands.  The town was established by an Act of the Legislature in 1799 and was called Kingston in the Act, after the first settler.  The commissioners named in the act were also probably King's neighbors, who had settled in the community, and around him in that early day.  They were;  David miller; Alexander Carmichael; George Preston; Joh Smith T; William L. Lovely; M. Smith; Thomas Clark. "  (we are now in Roane County, Tennessee.)  Also on this same page is a list of Roane County Tax Payers for the year 1802, which mention Thomas King
Page 470 mentions a Nancy King married to Valentine Allen (no dates listed, but looks approx 1840)