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From "Tennessee Genealogical Records, Records of Early settlers from State and County Archives" by Edythe Rucker Whitley - Revolutionary Warrants
Page 1:  "No 663:  Heirs of David Allen, 640 Acres.  Allen was a private in the North Carolina Continental Line.  The land was granted and surveyed from lands reserved for officers and soldiers of the said line by Act of North Carolina General Assembly issued 27 March 1821.

Deed dated 24 August 1808 states that Champion Allen of Granville County, N. C., lawful heir of David and Samuel Allen, both of whom lived in Granville County, and both of whom died in the Revolutionary War, sells the above grant to Westwood A. Jones of Wake Co, N. C.  Champion Allen seems to have been the eldest son of the family.  Mary Carvinner of Granville Co., N. C. in an affidavit made 1821 stated that David Allen and his son Samuel Allen both enlisted as soldiers in foot troops under Capt. Turner for two years and six months and marched south and that they both died between Savannah and Sunsbury, and neither ever returned to their families."

Page 1:  " No. 1013:  Heirs of John Allen, lieutenant in N. C. Line.  The warrant was granted under Act of 1819 pertaining to military lands and grants.  John Whitehead and James Jones of Carteret Co., N. C., stated that John Allen was a lieutenant in Capt. Caswell's Co., 5th Regt. of N. C. Line and that Benjamin Allen was his only true and lawful heir.
Page 2:  "No. 644.  Heirs of Samuel Allen, private in the N.C. Continental Line 27 March 1821, tract of land for his services.  18 April 1821.  Champion Allen assigned it to Allen Wilkins, who on 19 April 1821 assigned it to George Bradfield, who assigned it to Gerndon Haralson on 12 Oct. 1821."
Page 2. "No. 1012.  Heirs of Jonathan Allen, private in the line of this state in the Rev. War.  640 acres on 10 Sept. 1821.  Benjamin Allen assigned land to John Roberts on 14 Sept. 1821.   Roberts assigned it on 21 Dec. 1821 to James Hart, who on 19 Dec 1821 assigned it to James Welbourn.  On 15 Jan 1822 Welbourn assigned it to Col. Newton Cannon.
"Genealogy of Virginia Families - From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography,  Vol I"
Page 430:  Under Gorsuch family:  Eleanor married Anthony J. Allen. Dates between 1822-1866
Page 669:  "There was also a John Bowdoin, who married Judith Farrar in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  1765-1770.  She was a daughter of William Farrar and wife, Lucy (probably Clark), and a granddaughter of George Farrar and Judith Jefferson.  . . . . .Her daughter, Mary, married Vincent Allen, my great-grandfather in 1792-3. . .

Vincent Allen was son of Capt. Charles Allen and Ann Vincent, was in the French and Indian Wars from Lunenburg, 1758, and a gentleman Justice of that county until he moved to N. C., and was in the 2nd and 5th Regiments of the Continental Line from that state. . ." Article by J. W. Allen, Washington D. C.  He further indicated that Hon. Joseph John Allen was a half brother to Orrind Smith.

Page 703:  Re will of Nathaniel Harrison deceased.  John Allen is listed as the court clerk.
Page 60:  Under the Flournoy family, Julia, daughter of David and Elizabeth Mills Flournoy married Richard Allen.  Nothing is known of their children.  (Time period mentioned is around 1860.)
Page 191:  Re the Gay family: 1780 - Samuel Gay, described as a school teacher, sued by Robert Allen.  (Chalkley, I. 380)"
Page 203:  "On June 15, 1675, Andrew Gilson of Stafford Co., Gent., and Behethland, his wife, and Thomas, their son, sold to Peter Cornwell a tract of land granted to the said Thomas Gilson and deserted by Behethland Gilson to whom it was formerly given by Alexander Fleming, lying on the south side of the Rappahannock River, adjoining the lands of Robert Payne and Valentine Allen, about 3 miles back in the woods, 1050 acres."
Page 668.  - Family of Peter Bowdoin - his will:  "Son John 740 acres and mill bought by my Honorable Father, John Bowdoin dec. of James Ansell.  (2) d. Elizabeth B. (3) d. Mary B. (4) son Preeson (5) son John my silver hilted sword and silver tankard left by his Grand Mother, Susanna Harmanson, John and Preeson to be kept in grammar school, John to go to Boston and Preeson to Philadelphia when 14, and put in apprenticeship to William Allen, Esq., or McAndrew Hamilton, merchant.  He married Susanna Preeson in 1733.