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 Revised 1 September 2008

Ancestors of A. P. Allan



Generation No. 1


1. A. P. Allan, born 1830 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He was the son of 2. Aduiram Allan and 3. Polly Unknown. He married (1) Elizabeth Unknown. She was born 1828 in Kentucky, and died 1858 in Butler, Alabama.

Generation No. 2


2. Aduiram Allan, born 1785 in Georgia. He married 3. Polly Unknown.

3. Polly Unknown, born 1795 in Kentucky.


Children of Aduiram Allan and Polly Unknown are:

i. James Allan, born 1823 in Kentucky; married Laura M. Unknown; born 1831 in North Carolina.

ii. John Allan, born 1825 in Kentucky.

iii. Amanda Allan, born 1829 in Kentucky.

1 iv. A. P. Allan, born 1830 in Bourbon County, Kentucky; married Elizabeth Unknown.

v. Louisa Allan, born 1832 in Kentucky.

vi. Aduiram Allan, born 1833 in Kentucky.

vii. Elizabeth Allan, born 1837 in Kentucky.

viii. William Allan, born 1844 in Kentucky.

This is currently the only Allan spelling in my database.  See also Allen.  This is not a person in my direct line, but is merely mentioned because of the similarity spelling.  Both Allan and Allen genealogy research will take months to prepare as this surname is relatively common in America from early days.  You will note from the information below that some of the earliest members in America bearing this surname came from Scotland and arrived here as religious malcontents and from the Scottish jails.  There are two who's year of birth we can ascertain by subtracting their age from date of transport.  Alexander Allan, age 24 in 1747 would have been born in about 1723.  Charles Allen, age 19 in 1747 would have been born in about 1728.


1650 - 1775

ALEXANDER ALLAN - 24, shoemaker, Edinburgh.  Jacobite in Duke of Perth regiment.  Prisoner in Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Carlisle.  Transported by Robert Malloch 1 August 1684.

CHARLES ALLAN - 19, cooper's servant.  Son of Harry Allen, Leith.  Jacobite in Elcho's Life Guards.  Prisoner in Perth, Montrose, Inverness, ships, Tilbury.  Transported by Samuel Smith to Jamaica or Barbados 31 March 1747.

JOHN ALLAN - Comnock.  Covenanter.  Prisoner in Edinburgh, Tolbooth.  Banished to Plantations 24 July 1685.  Transported fro Leith by John Ewing to Jamaica 7 August 1685.

JOHN ALLAN - Journeyman wright.  Pollock-shaws.  Thief and housebreaker.  Banished to Plantations for life 1774.

ROBERT ALLAN - Thief.  Prisoner in Edinburgh Tolbooth.  Banished to Plantations in America for life at Edinburgh 17 July 1749.

Source:  "DIRECTORY OF SCOTS BANISHED TO THE AMERICAN PLANTATIONS - 1650 - 1775" by David Dobson, Genealogical Publishing co., Inc. 1983, Baltimore.  pg2