Revised 3 November 2009


Helen Thornsburg (Mrs. James). Died 10 November, 1998. Los Angeles, California
F. L. Thurston (died 30 April 1942)  Secretary of the Southern California Teachers Association
Helen Timmons. Died 4 Sep 1992. Los Angeles, California
Thomas C Towse. Died 19 February 1991. Los Angeles, California.
Elbridge Turner. Died 21 May 1990 Laguna Hills, California
Eva Turpsten - (18 August 1897 -July 1985)   A gracious donor to the church and Cedar Lake.  Acted for many years with Ms. Margaret Noe as receptionist for the Church.  If you visit Cedar Lake Church camp, you will see a lovely playground area named in her honor, thanks to her generous donation.  You will also find a plaque in the Sanctuary to her memory.
Pauline K Tuttle. Died 4 November 1991. Sacramento, California