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Benjamin Edwin Page, Lawyer.  (Born 16 October 1877 - New Haven, Connecticut)  Mr. Page was the son of Benjamin Maltby and Cornelia (Blakeslee) Page.  Mr. Page married Marie Markham in 1906.  He graduated from Pasadena High School in 1895, then attended Leland Stanford University, from which he received an AB degree in 1899.  he received an LL. B from Columbia Law School in 1902 and was admitted to the New York bar in that year.  in 1903, he was admitted to the California Bar.  He was associated with Bicknell, Gibson & Trask; with the late Clarence A. Miller, 1904-1905; then with mr. Miller's partner from 1905-1906, finally branching out on his own.  He was Director of the Hellman Commercial Trust & Savings Bank; the State Bank of San Pedro; the First National Bank of Alhambra; Occidental Life Insurance Company; was Chairman of the Pasadena Board of Education from 1904-1908; a Member of the California club, Los Angeles, the Valley Hunt and Midwick Country clubs of Pasadena; the Los Angeles Bar Association, a Republican and a Congregationalist.
Rev. Alexander Parker.  Sr. Minister of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles from 1863 to 1868. Rev. Parker came to us from Desoto Village Congregational Church in Wisconsin.  According to "An Illustrated History of Southern California" by Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, 1890....:"In April 1865,  when Los Angeles was visited by Rev. J. H. Warren, D. D. from the American Home Missionary Society, there was not in the city a Protestant minister, Sunday School, nor house of worship.  There had been here ministers of all denominations, except Congregationalists, but they had all gone away.  At the instance of this society, Rev. Alexander Parker began services of the Congregational Church in Los Angeles on July 7, 1866, preaching in the courthouse.  In May, 1867, a lot was bought, and on July 27, 1867, a church was organized with six members.  The building, dedicated in the same year, was erected on New High Street.  Several church buildings were successively built and sold by this society, until the erection of the present fine edifice (Ed. Note:  This would be the Hill Street church) which cost some $72,000 and whose capacity is near 1500."  
Rev. Dr. Carl Safford Patton (1866 - Oct 1939), Sr. Minister of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles from 1917 - 1926 and again from 1930 - 1934.  Born in about 1866 in Greenville, Michigan, Dr. Patton graduated from Oberlin College and he later studied for the ministry.  Dr. Patton pastored churches in Auburn, Maine and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He was called to serve First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in 1917.  In 1927, Dr. Patton left Los Angeles to join the faculty of Chicago Theological Seminary.  He returned to First Church after the departure of Dr. Lloyd C. Douglas and under Dr. Patton's supervision, the current First Church edifice was built.  In 1934, he resigned his pastorate to become a teacher of homiletics at the Pacific School of Religion at Berkeley, California.
Mary L Peabody (ca 1817 - June 1899).  A native of Maine, Mrs. Peabody was active in philanthropical and charitable work.  She worked closely with her husband in missionary life in Turkey.
Professor John F. Peck (Died 4 Sep 1931)  Born in West Bloomfield, New York.  Mr. Peck attended Oberlin college, graduating in 1875.  In 1879, he married Miss Emily Ewing, also of New York.  For several years, he taught in the high schools of Cleveland, Ohio, returning to Oberlin College for his Masters degree.  He also took classes through the theological seminary.  His academic career at Oberlin College lasted for thirty-one years, twenty--one of which were in the office as its Principal.  Professor Peck held a great love of music, the result of which, he became manager for many years of the Oberlin Glee Club.  At the time of his retirement from Oberlin, Professor Peck retired to Los Angeles where he became a member of First Congregational Church.  In his retirement years, he was prominently identified with Oberlin College alumni and the Phi Beta Cappa Association.
Thomas Charles Peck.  (Born 14 October, 1856 - Indianapolis, Indiana) Thomas Peck was the son of Thomas H. S. and Frances A. (Cox) Peck.  As a youth, he attended private and public schools in Indianapolis.  He studied engineering and architecture in the office of Edwin May from 1876-1878.  he then entered the railway service with the engineering corps for the Jeffersonville, Madison and Indianapolis RR (Pennsylvania lines) in 1878l  We worked as a freight clerk for the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnatti and Indianapolis RR (1880-1884) and as the city ticket agent for same (1884-1885; As District Passenger Agent (1886-1888); as General Traveling Agent from 1888-18890; as General Passenger Agent for the Fort Wayne, Cincinnatti & Louisville RR and White Water Valley RR,; and as Chief Clerk of the General Passenger Depot for the Columbus & Hocking Valley & Toledo RR from 1890-1896.  We then acted as General Agent, General Passenger Agent and Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Terminal RR from 1906-1901; as Assistant General Passenger Agent (S.P, L.A & S. L. RR (Salt Lake Route), from 1901-1907, after which he served as a General passenger Agent.  He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity, Scottish Rite; the Jonathan and Rotary Clubs; was a member of the Los Angeles Traffic Association, the Chamber of Commerce; the Iowa State Traveling Men's Association, the Order of Railway Employees, and was a Congregationalist.
Joseph D Peeler. Died 15 October 1991. Los Angeles, California
Ruth Peterson
Lee Allen Phillips, Lawyer. (Born 24 August 1871 - Ashton, Illinois)  Mr. Phillips was the son of Milton Eaver and Lena (Wetzel) Phillips.  He married in 1895.  Mr. Phillips attended public schools in Indiana, High Schools of Iowa (1888).  he graduated from Southwest College, Winfield, Kansas with an AB in 1892 and an AM in 1895.  He graduated from Kansas university Law School in 1893 and received an LLB in 1894 from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. After graduating from law school, he practiced as a member of the firm of Cochran, Williams & Phillips.  he moved to Stockton, California in 1902 and took charge of a reclamation of the delta woods for the Rindge Navigation company, Orwood Land Company and Equitable Investment Company.  He reclaimed and placed under cultivation 57,000 acres of land.  After this, he returned to Los Angeles and was employed by the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company as associate counsel and third vice-president in 1907.  he also had active management of northern companies in addition to this work.  He served as Director, Third Vice-President and Executive Committee of the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company, Mortgage Guarantee Company; President and Director of the Empire Navigation Company., Orwood Land Company; Secretary and Director of the Holland Land & Water Company; Director of the Equitable Investment Company.  He held membership in the Midwick Country Club, Pasadena; the Bohemian Club, San Francisco; the Yosemite Club, Stockton, California; the California, Los Angeles Athletic and Los Angeles Country Clubs in Los Angeles, and he was a Congregationalist.
Dr. Clarence Warner Pierce, Treasurer of Pierce Bros. Mortuaries.  (ca 1871 - 1953).  Dr. Pierce was a native of Walton, New York.  He came to Los Angeles in 1892 and in 1898 was graduated from the SC School of Medicine.  After graduation, he became the first intern in California Lutheran Hospital.  Dr. Pierce joined his family firm two years after it was founded by his brothers, Will H. and Fred Pierce.  Dr. Pierce served as Los Angeles Police Surgeon in 1902 and served 8 years as a member of the Los Angeles Board of Education, acting as president during two terms.  In honor of his memory, the Board adjourned for a day of remembrance.  The Clarence W Pierce School of Agriculture in Canoga Park was named for him.

Dr. Pierce was a former Trustee of First Congregational Church, first President of the SC Half-Century Club, a charter member of the Wilshire Masonic Lodge, a member of Al Malaikah Shrine, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the Wilshire Kiwanis Club and the Jonathan Club.

Dr. Aura Lee Pittenger (27 Aug 1915 - 15 June 2000) Dr. Pittenger had a passion for learning and for life. Her educational achievements includea PHD in Economics and Public Administration; Master's Degrees in Economics, History and Education through the University of Southern California. She was awarded post doctoral fellowships from Stanford University and the Foundation for Economic Education; was a graduated of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, did graduate work at the University of London and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, where she was a teaching assistant and reeived a certificate in Labor Economics from Ruskin College, Oxford University. She was a licensed Psychologist in the state of California.

In 1956, Dr. Pittenger was the second person hired for the newly-formed Department of Economics at Los Angeles Valley College and was Chair of the Department at the time of her retirement in 1983. She continued to teach part-time through 1990. During the period of 1944/46, Dr. Pittenger served as a WAVE in the US Navy.

James Hobbs Pittenger, P.A. Died 1971. Los Angeles, California
Louise Margaret Ploner, 94, Louise Margaret Ploner, 94, of Los Angeles, CA, formerly of Chicago, daughter of the late Frank and Susan Ploner.   Louise Ploner was a member of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and a lifetime member of The Ebell Women's Club and the Republican Women's Club, both of Los Angeles. She was devoted to her family and her friends. She led a busy and productive life involved in philanthropic activities, and was a generous patron of The Braille Institute, Los Angeles; Northwestern University, and The Norris Cancer Center, University of Southern California., CA.   Louise  was a member of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and a lifetime member of The Ebell Women's Club and the Republican Women's Club, both of Los Angeles. 
Esther Poteet. Died 12 April 1991. Mission Viejo, California.