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Ella R. MacGlashan.  Organist, choir director, accompanist, teacher of piano and organ.  Born in Branchport, New York, September 25, 1854, Ms. MacGlashan was the daughter of the Rev. Leonard and Martha (Oliphant) MacGlashan.  Ms. MacGlashan attended public school in North Pelham, Ontario, Canada.  She attended high school in Waterloo, New York.  She received her first instruction from her mother.  She later studied organ with C. W. Sykes and Wm. Kaffenberger of Buffalo, New York; Eugene Thayer of Boston, Massachusetts; and J. C. Batchelder of Detroit,  Michigan. She studied piano under Mrs. Crosby Adams of Buffalo, New York; Edgar Robbins of Boston, Massachusetts; Wm. Sherwood of Chautauqua, New York; Alberto Jonas of Detroit, Michigan, and J. C. Batchelder of Detroit, Michigan.  She, herself, taught piano and organ in Lockport, New York.  She was organist at the First Presbyterian Church of Lockport New York for ten years.  She was organist and choir director of the Second Avenue Presbyterian church of Detroit, Michigan, for twelve years, also teaching piano and organ in Detroit with another class in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  She later moved to California and became the organist for the First Baptist Church of Long Beach, California, holding that position for one year.  she then became organist for the Unitarian church of Los Angeles for one year and from there became organist and choir director for Plymouth congregational Church of Los Angeles.  She was head of the piano department for the California School of Artistic Whistling, Blanchard Hall, Los Angeles.
Edith Maguire
John Vincent Maile, Dentist.  Mr. Maile was born 19 November 1882 in Gaylord, Michigan.  He was he son of John L. and Angie Deborah (Godsmark) Maile.  He attended public schools of Omaha, Mewton Cemetery, Massachusetts and Fargo, North Dakota (1888 - 1899).  he attended preparatory school of Pomona, California (1899 - 1904)  He graduated from the dental department, University of southern California, receiving his D. D. S. in 1910.  Before attending college he was employed by Troy Laundry company.  He was a member of the Southern California Dental Association and a Congregationalist.
Lawrence Malcomb - Larry rarely spoke, but when he did, people listened. He had a great knowledge in the field of finance and loved the Cathedral Choir. 
Marilyn H Marckwardt - (10 March 19230- 22 Sept 1996)-Educator and gentle Christian.  Marilyn and her husband worked for years with our Christian Education Department.  Although diminutive in size, there was nothing small about Marilyn's heart.  She had a great love for First Church and its members and gave many years of devotion to the education of our children.
Rudolph M Marckwardt (19 Oct 1913 - 3 March, 2003)
Lucille Maretto-long a member of First Church.  She left first church after the split that occurred during the Bradshaw years.  She was gone, but not forgotten.  Anyone who ever attended a parish meeting with Lucille is a firm graduate of the Maretto School of finance because she had no hesitation to question any entry of the finance report that did not appear seemly and she followed through with those questions until she got the answer no matter how long it took or who it aggravated because it was the right thing to do.  Nobody put anything over on Lucille.  Make no mistake, Lucille was a devout Christian woman.  But she was a Congregationalist to her very soul.
Jessie Martin. Died April 1992. Pasadena, California.
Juanita W May - (24 Nov 1919 - 22 Jan 1992)  The queen of cookie bakers and active in our women's association for many years.  
Josephine McCoy. Did 12 February 1991. Los Angeles, California. Mrs. McCoy was an active member of the Altar Guild for many years.
Carolyn Gilbert McCulloch. Died 24 December 1992. Los Angeles, California
Emmett C McGaughey. Died 23 June 2000. Los Angeles, California
Mary Etta McGaughey. Died 16 Oct 1998. Los Angeles, California

Dr. Geddes MacGregor. Date of Death 10/9/1998. Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Clara Hutchins McDonald (died abt 21 May 1904), was wife of Dr. J. T. McDonald and daughter of the late Rev Dr. Hutchins, former pastor of First Congregational Church.
Hugh McDowell, Journalist.  (Born in Niles, Cayuga County, New York, Feb. 11, 1850).  he was the son of Peter A. and Hannah (Stryker) McDowell.  He married Alice M. Lee in 1878.  Mr McDowell attended district school until 1865.  he then attended Union School, Owasco, New York for one year; business college for one year; Falley Seminary, Fulton, new York for one year; Cazenovia Seminary for one year; Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pennsylvania for three months; and Syracuse, university from 1872 - 1876.  on examination, he received an A. B. from Syracuse University in 1876; an A. M. in 1877.

Mr. McDowell's work experience included working as a Reporter for the Syracuse Standard of new York in 1876.  he started for Turkey in 1877, with a commission from the New York world and other papers as a correspondent in the Turko-Russian War. He became sick in Paris and was unable to proceed during the hot weather.  He interviewed U. S. Senator Roscoe Conklin, then in Paris and afterwards toured through Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, spending a few months studying in Leipzig.  The Turko-Russian War having finally ended, he visited Vienna, Trieste, Venice, Pisa, Bologna, Rome and Naples before returning to the United States.  Upon his return to Los Angeles, he bought an interest in the Syracuse Standard and became its editor and general manager.  He sold this to Chester A. Lord of the New York Sun and left the newspaper field until 1884.  he then work with W. M. Harford, who started the Morning Telegram (Later known as the Herald) at Grand Rapids, Michigan.  he sold his interest in the Telegram in 1889 and moved to Chicago, where he worked a few months on the Chicago Tribute.  After that, he moved to St. Louis (1890) to become telegraph editor of the Globe - Democrat.  he held the same position on the St. Louis Republic, finally moving to San Diego, California in 1894.  he began working at the Los Angeles Times in 1894, working the positions of proofreader, exchange editor, and editorial writer, eventually achieving the position of Managing Editor of Times Illustrated magazine in 1899, which position he held for many years. Mr. McDowell was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and a Congregationalist.

Mary Rose McGee. Died 17 October, 1991. North Hollywood, CA. Although not a member of First Church, she was an active member of the First Church Women's Association.
John McKee (1863, Walcott, Iowa - Feb 1942)  Mr. McKee came to Los Angeles in about 1902.  he was a San Fernando Valley rancher and active in the Los Angeles branch of the Iowa State Society.  he and his wife were elected honorary Presidents of the Iowa Golden Wedding Club.
Joe Leckie McNair Sr. Died 2 January 1993. Los Angeles, California
Ida Jane Merrick. Died 26 February 1999. Pomona, California. Known to her friends as Jane. Jane was a member of the Cathedral Choir of many years standing. She participated in the regular services as well as the Los Angeles Bach Festival.
James (Jim) Merrill - Curator of our Congregational Library and dedicated Choir member.  A memorial service was held at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 10, in First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in Los Angeles for James A. Merrill, who died Dec. 5 at age 81.  Mr. Merrill was born Dec. 22, 1918, in St. Paul, Minn. He moved to Portland as a child and graduated from Roosevelt High School. He served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II in the European theater. Afterward, he moved to Los Angeles and received a degree in electrical engineering from Pacific States University. He worked for KFI-TV in Los Angeles before working for NBC as a camera operator, technical director and master control operator until his retirement after 33 years. He was a member of the church, served as a deacon, and volunteered in its library and thrift shop. In 1950, he married Nancy Rose Irish.
Nancy Rose Irish Merrill - (1922 - 2005)  Nancy was a native-born Los Angeles native.  She was a life-long member of FCCLA and was the wife of Jim Merrill.  As a child, Nancy worked as a radio actress and film extra.  She worked for Lockheed Corp. and after WWII, became a full-home homemaker after the birth of her first child.  Nancy and Jim returned to the church choir in 1986 and she remained active in the church and choir until her final years.  She was a skilled genealogist and a great friend.
Richard Meunch. Died December 1992. Dick Meunch was curator of the great organs of First Church for many years and a delightful individual.
Jesse Fonda Millspaugh (Born 18 June 1855 - Battle Creek, Michigan), educator.  Mr. Millspaugh was the son of Jacob and Mary A. (Decker) Millspaugh.  He married Mary Clark Parsons in 1886.  Mr. Millspaugh graduated from high school at Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1875.  He then studied at the University of Michigan, from which he received a B. A. in 1879; the University of Pennsylvania, from which he received an M. D. in 1883; and the University of Michigan, from which he received an M. A. in 1904.  he was principal of Frankfort, Indiana high School 1879 - 1881.  He worked for the Salt Lake collegiate Institute from 1883 -1885 and was superintendent of same from 1885 - 1890.  he became Superintendent of the Salt Lake City Public Schools from 1890 - 1898; President of Winona, Minnesota State Normal School, 1898 - 1904, moving to Los Angeles in 1904, where he became President of the Los Angeles State Normal School.  he was a member of the State Board of Education, Utah from 1896 - 1898; State library Board of Minnesota (1899 - 1904); Secretary of same (1902 - 1904); member of the State Board of Education of California in 1904.  He was a member of the National Education Association; the California Academy of Science; the University Club; Delta Upsilon fraternity and a Congregationalist.
John B. Monlux, (Born 18 July 1855 - North Salem, Ohio), Educator.  The son of Samuel and Agnes (Clark) Monlux.  He married Mathilda Elizabeth Creeth in 1888.  Mr. Monlux was a graduate of Iowa State University, where he received his B. A. in 1878 and his M. A. in 1881.  He had always been engaged in educational work.  He was Principal of the high School of Oskaloosa, Iowa from 1879 - 1881; Superintendent of Schools, Fairfield, Iowa (1881 - 1885; same, Hastings, Nebraska, 1885 - 1892; taught school in the Los Angeles City Schools (1894 - 1896); was principal of the 28th street School, Los Angeles, 1896 - 1903, and Deputy Superintendent of the Los Angeles city schools beginning in 1903.  Mr. Monlux was a Congregationalist.
Mary Mooney
Marie Larsen Moore  (December 29, 1918, Chicago, Illinois - March 5, 2008, Porterville, CA),  Mrs. Moore was born December 29. 1918 in Chicago. Illinois. The daughter of John and Pearl Ann (Schlamelcher) Schoenberger, of Chicago. She was a resident of Southern California since 1946 and moved to Springville in 1972 and Porterville in 1995.  Marie was a 1936 graduate of Lake View High School, Chicago; graduated from Chicago Dictaphone School; attended Central Y College, Chicago and the University of California at Los Angeles. She was employed as a legal secretary in the law offices of Gerald R. Sheppard in Los Angeles and worked for the District Attorney's Office in Porterville before her retirement.  She was active in numerous community organizations, including the Springville, Community Club, Christian Women's Club, and Order of the Eastern Star. She was a longtime member of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles where she served as President of the Women's Club, Chairman of the Church Thrift Shop and worked with the Church's Freedom Club which brought nationally known speakers to the club's monthly meetings promoting "Freedom Under God" for over two decades. She was a life-long champion of Constitutional Principles and wrote numerous Letters to the Editor to local newspapers. She was often featured as a guest editorialist for her forthright opinions on current events. Mrs. Moore was also a member of Valley Oak Community Church in Porterville.
Dr. Ross Moore, Physician.  (Born 29 Dec. 1873  - Girard, Erie County, Pennsylvania.)  Dr. Moore was the son of the Rev. Wm. R. and Sara A. (Dinsmore) Moore.  he married Zola A. Bailey in 1904.  dr. Moore attended Union Academy, Anna Illinois 1890 - 1891; graduated from Wabash college, Crawfordsville, Indiana, from which he received a B. A. in 1896; Medical college of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana; Received his M. D. from Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (1900).  Dr. Moore did his post graduate work in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1902 and further post graduate work in Baltimore, Maryland in 1905.  he began his professional work in Cleveland, Ohio1900 - 1903); worked as Assistant in a neurological clinic, Medical Department, Western Reserve University in 1903.  he moved to Los Angeles in 1902 to work as an assistant to Dr. H. G. Brainerd in 1902.  he began working as a clinical instructor in nervous and mental diseases through the University of Southern California and from there became an Assistant Professor of nervous and mental diseases in the Los Angeles Department of Medicine, University of California, confining his work to diseases of the mind and nervous system.  he was chairman of the California Psychiatric Association, a society organized to further the study and practice of mental and nerve hygiene.  he was a member of the Los Angeles Clinical and pathological Society; the American medical Association; the California Psychopathic society, the University Club and a Congregationalist.
Manning F Morosco. Died 29 June 1998. Santa Susanna, California
Norma  Maxine (Gregory) Morosco (24 Dec 1921 -  August 3, 2007,  Simi Valley, Calif. ) Daughter of  Charles Franklin Gregory and Iva May (Yocum) Gregory in Kansas City, Mo. Iva May died when Norma was five and C.F. then married Nora Emma Gregory (no relation). They lived on a family farm near Warsaw before the next younger family later moved to the Eudora area. Norma worked at a munitions factory in Kansas City before moving to California to work in the Long Beach shipyards as a true "Rosie the Riveter". After the war she worked as a seamstress at Caltex and then Olga's Lingerie (predecessor to Victoria's Secret). She married Manning F. Morosco in May of 1947 in First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, Calif.. The family moved to Simi Valley, Calif., in 1965 where she lived for the remainder of her life. Manning preceded her in death in 1998. Norma was excellent with all manner of arts and crafts, especially ceramics, knitting, and sewing
Joyce Morrissey - 1932 0 2916. Joyce was a long-time member of First Church. She served actively in many organizations, including the LA Girl Scout Council, the Downtown Women's Center, Board of Friends of the Glendale Public Library. She was honored as Woman of the Year by the Commission on the Status of Women. She was a long time insurance broker with Cass & Johansing. As a member of First Church, she served on many committees, was a member of both the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees at varying times and a member of the Church Council for several terms. She was also active in the Womens Association of First Church.
Larraine K Moye. Died 29 May 1991. Los Angeles, California.
Edward Henry Moyle.  (Born 5 June, 1870, Hazelton, Pennsylvania)  Mr. Moyle was the son of Edward and Harriet (Harris) Moyle.  he was a mining, mechanical and hydraulic engineer, an inventor and a manufacturer.  Mr. Moyle attended public schools in Grass Valley, California; mechanical-electrical course at International Correspondence School, Scranton, Pennsylvania (1999 - 1889); took a mechanical engineering (night course) through Lincoln Polytechnic School of San Francisco (1889 - 1892).  He moved to Grass Valley, California in 1876.  He spent four years in the various departments of the Empire Mine at Grass Valley California.  He served an apprenticeship of four years as a machinist for the Risdon iron Works of San Francisco (1889 - 1893).  Mr. Moyle spent the next eight years working with Joshua Hendy iron works of San Francisco (1893 - 1901), the first four in technical training in mining, mechanical and hydraulic engineering; the next four in traveling for the firm as a metallurgical expert.  he worked as Chief Engineer for Llewellyn Iron Works of Los Angeles in 1901.  In 1901-1902, he established E. H. Moyle Engineering & Equipment, designing and acting as engineer of construction for the plant of the Gold Road Mine and Exploration Co, Gold Road, Arizona.  He then became a consulting engineer for the California King Gold Mining company in 1903.  In 1904, he was the designer and constructing engineer of the Anti-Oak Tannery of Los Angeles.  from 1904 -1905, he worked as an engineer for the Porter land and Water companies.  Throughout the following years he worked as a consulting engineer for various mines in the U. S., Mexico and Alaska.  He furnished equipment for Tajo Mines and various other plants for ore treatment in Sinaloa, Mexico from 1905 -1906;  E. H. Moyle Engineering & Equipment company engaged in all branches of mining, metallurgical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering, having patented most of their own machinery, which they manufactured and shipped to all parts of the country, Canada, Mexico and Alaska.  Patents held by this company are;  the Moyle Circular Feed, a complete circular discharge stamp mill; Moyle Self-locking Cam; supporting and Actuating Device for hanging up stamps; Plastic metallic Stem-guide for stamp mills;  combination Ore Feeder; Moyle Rapid-drop Steel-Frame Portable Mill; Gates for Cyanide Tanks; rock-crushers; various types of Pulp Distributors for cyanide Tanks and more.  Mr. Moyle was President of the E. h. Moyle Engineering & Equipment, a member of the Chamber of Mines and Oils and a Congregationalist.
Wintersmith Seeley Mudd.  (Please click on the link to this eulogy. It is quite extensive as Mr. Mudd was a great philanthropist throughout the Los Angeles area and a major donor to the pipe organs of First Church)  More briefly, mr. Mudd was born 16 August 1861 in Kirkwood Missouri, the son of Henry Thomas and Elizabeth S. (Hodgen) Mudd.  he married Della Mulock in 1887.  he was educated through the public school of his native town and St. Louis high school.  He graduated from Washington, University, St. Louis, Missouri, achieving an E. m. in 1883.  he worked as an assayer and superintendent of the copper department of the St. Louis Smelting and Refining company (1883 - 1885); moved to Leadville, Colorado in 1885; was Manager of the Small Hopes Consolidated mining Company (1899 - 1902); worked as the Western Consulting Engineer for the New Jersey Zinc Company (1902 - 1904).  Mr. Mudd moved to Los Angeles in 1903, engaging as a consulting engineer on the Pacific Coast for the Guggenheim Exploration Company and the American Smelting & Refining company (1904 - 1905.  He was president and manager of the Queen Esther Mining & Milling company of Kern County California from 1904 - 19095; one of the organizers of and Director of the Ray consolidated Copper Company and the Gila Copper company (1907). Mr. Mudd engaged in mining for himself and as a consulting mining engineer.  he was Director of the Pacific Mines Corporation; a member of the American institute of Mining & metallurgy of England; the Rocky Mountain Club, New York City; the Sierra Madre Country Club; the Annandale Country Club and the California Clubs of los Angeles.  he was also a member of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and donor of the Mudd Memorial Organs, a section of the Great Organs of First Church.
Averill H Munger. Died 14 November 1998. Playa Del Rey, California
Paul Murakami. Died 21 December 1992. Montebello, California
Mrs. Beatrice B Murphy. Died 27 April 1993. Portland, Texas