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Geraldine Hadsell 
Eugene M Halaas. May 1992, Sepulveda, California
Miss Mattie Hale died 16 November 1889.  Miss Hale was former Principal of Griffin Avenue School, East Los Angeles.  She passed away in her home in Redlands.
Paul Boward Hamilton (1 Mar 1888 - died 3 September 1939), a prominent Los Angeles investment banker.  Mr. Hamilton was Executive Vice President of William R. Staats Company, investment bankers.  Born 1 March 1888 in Los Angeles, he attended Los Angeles High School and graduated from the University of California in 1913.  When the United States entered into the World War (WWI), he served as a Captain in the 91st Division overseas, being wounded at Genes, France, during the Argonne Offensive.  Upon return to civilian life, he entered into association with his brother Theodore E. Hammond, founding the investment house of Hammond Brothers.  In 1929, Hammond Brothers Company merged with the William R Staats Company.  Mr. Hammond served on the Board of Governors of the California Chapter of the Investment Bankers Association and was also a member of the Board of Governors of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange.

His father, W. T. S. Hammond was a cashier for the First National Bank.  Paul Hamilton was a member of Psi Upsilon Fraternity, the California and Sunset clubs of Los Angeles and the Bohemian club of San Francisco.

Alpheus Raymond Hamrick. Died 30 November 1991. Chatsworth, California
Ole Hansen (1874, Racine Wisconsin to July 1940, Los Angeles)  Mr. Hansen was born in Racine, Wisconsin.  He came to Los Angeles in 1921.  After directing a number of subdivision projects, Mr. Hansen finally built the city of his dreams, San Clemente, California.  Mr. Hansen was elected Mayor of Seattle at a time when war threatened to tie up shipbuilding and other war-time construction.  According to reports of the day, Ex-Mayor Hansen armed 2000 special deputies and put them on the streets to deal with a threatened strike by more than 60,000 Union members.  Their orders were to shoot to kill any person who started trouble.  Noe one person was shot and within three days, the strike was over.
Caroline N Harding (1824 - 1903) (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Mrs. Verna (Clark) Harshfield. Died 26 May 1991. Long Beach, California
Kathryn Hart. Died 27 March 1993. Los Angeles, California, at the age of 102 years old.
Shirley E. Harvout (abt  1876 - 1944), a  pioneer real estate broker.  Mr. Harvout passed away just before his daughter's wedding but swore the rest of the family to keep the secret from her as she was about to be married.  On the day of the wedding, as the strains of "Lohengrin's Wedding March" began to play her brother rushed to the bridal room, gripped his sister's arm, gave her a reassuring smile, and walked her down the aisle.
Amelia Da Costa Stone Haygood, (July 15,1919, in Gainesville, Florida - March 19, 2007)founder of Delos International, a classical music recording company based in Los Angeles, has died.  In its 34-year history, Delos produced recordings with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy, the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, cellist Janos Starker, flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal and dozens of other well-known musicians.  The company pioneered themed series, with the Great American Composers and Lullabies for Children and Adults, among others. Most recordings have been made on location around the world, including at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles. "Especially with smaller groups, we went to venues that had their own beautiful, natural sound," said Rosenberger, who is a classical pianist and records on the Delos label.  Originally named Delos Records, the company became a leader in digital recording in the late 1970s, and was one of the first classical labels to produce CDs exclusively, in the 1980s. For Haygood, classical music was always a passion but not her profession until she was 54. Born Amelia Da Costa Stone on ., she graduated from Florida State University as a history major. For several years, she was the editor and director of publications for the State Department's Interdepartmental Committee for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation in Washington, D.C.  In 1945, she married J. Douglas Haygood, a clinical psychologist, and relocated with him to Cleveland and later to Los Angeles. She got interested in her husband's field and studied clinical psychology in graduate programs at UCLA and USC.  She then worked for the Veterans Administration, developing programs for surgery patients, before she and her husband went into private practice together in Beverly Hills.  When her husband died in 1956, Haygood closed their office and worked as a consultant for the Los Angeles County Probation Department, where she developed a pilot program for juvenile offenders and their families. She made her career leap to music in 1973 after seeing a close friend through a terminal illness. With $150,000 from savings, she started Delos in her home. She named it after the birthplace of Apollo, the god of music and healing in Greek mythology. 
Mrs. Grace Healey. Died 17 July 1991. Glendale, California
Robert Heller - Bob had a subtle sense of humor and a warm hug for anyone who needed it.
Jean Hersholt (ca 1887 - 4 June 1956), Danish-born actor.  Mr. Hersholt was a veteran actor of 453 motion pictures and the recipient of two Oscars from Hollywood for his work on behalf of the Motion Pictures Relief Fund, of which he was the head for 18 years.  he also served as a former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Mr. Hersholt was knighted by King Christian X of Denmark in 1946 and was prominent in Danish War relief both during and after WWII.

Thirty-nine honorary pallbearers served his funeral, which list included Los Angeles Mayor, Norris Poulsen, Walt Disney, and Walter Pidgeon.  Also among the list from which the pallbearers were selected were named fellow Danish-Americans, Lauritz Melchoir, Post master Otto Olesen, T. R. Knudsen (Knudsen Dairy) and Consul Ryan A. Grut.  Additional selectees were Publisher Norman Chandler, Y. Frank Freeman, Charles Brackett, Sol Lesser, Jack I. Warner and Frank Barzage from the film production ranks and fellow performers, Otto Krueger, Ralph Morgan and John Charles Thomas.  Tributes and messages of condolences arrived from all over the world.  Among those received by his widow, Mrs. Via Hersholt, came from the then King of Denmark, King Frederick IX and Prim Minister H. C. Hansen of Denmark.

Dr. James W. Fifield of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles officiated at his services.

Winifred Ruth Hessinger - (Winnie to her friends) - 1922 - 2012

Winnie came to First church after serving for many years as Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Los Angeles YWCA. She was gorn in Calicoon Center, New York. Winnie displayed her intelligence at an early age, entering Barnard College in New York City at the age of 16. Upon graduation, she joined the Marine Corps Women's Reserve, being stationed in North Carolina during WWII. from there, she serve in Landshut, Germany. Following her military service at the close of the war, she moved back to New York City and was recruited by the national leadership of the YWCA to assist in running USA clubs in Virginia and Arizona. From there, she moved to Los Angeles, where she continue with this orgaization working to recruit, organize and supervise volunteers for the local USA clubs, including setting travel itineraries for the Bob Hope overseas tours. She became the CEO of the Los Angeles cpanter in 1975 and worked there until her retirement in 1991. Working with the YWCA's World Service Council towards fostering women's programs throughout the world was her life's work.

Winnie joined First Church in 1990 and during her stay with us, served on the Board of Trustees and in other capacities. She remained a faithful member of First Church up to her untimely death at the age of 89. She loved First Church and its music and will be remembered for her efforts on our behalf.

Charlton Heston (Born October 4, 1923 - Died April 5, 2008).   Mr. Heston joined First Congregational Church in the Spring of 1956 and honored us with a reading on Moses.  His son, Frazer, who played the infant Moses in the picture, was baptized here.  In 1944, Heston enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces. He served for two years as a radio operator and gunner stationed in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands with the Eleventh Air Force, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant. (See "Light on a Gothic Tower" for further information regarding Mr. Heston's work with the church and a photograph with Dr. Fifield."
Holmes Eaton Hobart, one of my favorite people.  (1 April 1921 - 10 April 1989)  He had the saddest eyes you ever did see, and yet, he had a merry twinkle for those who knew him.  Holmes was a respected member of the Bar and a Trustee of the Church for many years.  A Trustee of the church for many years and generous donor.   Holmes was also a member of the bar and very successful in his field.  In this man, Dr. Fifield placed a great deal of trust.  This trust was never betrayed.
Lucille (Terry) Hobart - (b 5 Aug 1925 - )Mrs. Hobart was highly active in the Women's association and the Altar Guild of the Church.  Pat was the queen of receptions and a leading member of the church.  Whenever one works in the kitchen, you know you must do the job right because her presence hovers in the memories of the wonderful cooking smells.
Phyllis Holliday
Lucille Holmquist - A stalwart Christian woman.  Many years active in the Altar Guild of the Church and the Women's Association.
Helen Holmquist - A warm and loving Christian woman, Helen served many years on the Altar Guild and the former Committee of Deaconesses.  

April 29, 1931 - November 10, 2001

Lloyd Holzgraf - Called Home to God
We have said farewell to our dear friend and retired organist of 38 years, Mr. Lloyd Holzgraf, an organist without peer and a great teacher. Lloyd Holzgraf was a professional church and concert organist for 59 years and a principal designer and restorer of the Great Organs of First church for 38 years and for Temple Israel in Long Beach for 44 years. he performed on cathedral pipe organs throughout Europe and gave frequent recitals across the United States for the American Guild of Organists and once served as official organists of the California-Arizona Conference of the Methodist church. In addition to playing for worship services, he performed at the annual Los Angeles Bach Festival, created by First Church in 1934, at the Annual Organ Concert Series staged there and at occasional recitals. He also established the current free midday recitals and performed in more than 2,300 of them. 

Lloyd Holzgraf was a professional church and concert organist for 59  years and a principal designer and restorer of the Great Organs of First church for 38 years and for Temple Israel in Long Beach for 44 years.  he performed on cathedral pipe organs throughout Europe and gave frequent recitals across the United States for the American Guild of Organists and once served as official organists of the California-Arizona Conference of the Methodist church.  In addition to playing for worship services, he performed at the annual Los Angeles Bach Festival, created by First Church in 1934, at the Annual Organ Concert Series staged there and at occasional recitals.  He also established the current free midday recitals and performed in more than 2,300 of them.

The music for Lloyd's service was unique. The organs at First Church have a computerized function that allows the organist to record his music as he plays and then allows the organ to play itself so the organist can go out into the sanctuary and hear the balance. A group of people went over Lloyd's old tapes and put together a series so that Lloyd played for his own service. The ambience was wonderful. It left us feeling very loved. It was so well received that it is going to be made into a CD after the first of the year. If anyone is interested, please contact the webmaster and we will forward your information over to the people in charge of the CD.

Esther C Hoover. Died 7 May 2000. Esther was a member of the Cathedral Choir for many years. She had a lovely alto voice. For those of us who knew her, Esther was remembered for her warm laugh. She frequently accompanied Kay and Swithin Chandler on their annual vacation trips as their "chaparone" as Chan and Kay loved to travel, but Chan felt it inappropriate for an unmarried woman to travel unaccompanied with a man. And again for those who remember the happy trio, it is noted that Kay and Chan dated for 22 years before geting married because, as Chan frequently told everyone, he didn't want to rush her. One of their favorite travel stories was going to Switzerland and stopping by the roadside so that Esther could see her first cows. Apparently Esther was so enamored of these beautiful creatures that she spent some time leaning against the fence in a rather unlady-like pose, mooing at the cows, who apparently appeared to gaze back at her as though she had lost her marbles.

William  Hornbeck   (Bill) 1915-2005   

 Evelyn Hornbeck 

died -2005


William (Bill) Hornbeck.  Bill grew up in Canada and worked in Winnipeg, driving a horse-drawn bakery wagon before joining the RCAF in 1943.  After the war, he studied Industrial Arts at the Stout Institute in Menomonie, Wisconsin, where he received both a Bachelor's and a Masters degree.  He entered the Doctor of Education program at UCLA.  

Bill was active in the Shriner Children's Hospital, the Masons and the Shriners.  His service to FCCLA involved working in an advisory position in the founding of Pilgrim School.  He was active on the Cedar Lake Camp Committee and taught Sunday School to seventh and eight graders.  He additionally served on both the Deacons Board and the Trustees, as well as being an active volunteer in the Pilgrim Thrift Shop.  

Evelyn was active for many years in the FCCLA Women's Association and also devoted many years serving on various Boards and Committees.  Her service has not yet been held.  I will update her information once it is received.

Bill and Evelyn were special friends - he was my instructor when I joined FCCLA many years ago. When I first came to FCCLA, and needed advice to become one with my religion - There was Bill.  When Evelyn was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I met them at a meeting of the NACCC.  Evelyn was having problems remembering where she was--I sat with her at the table to keep an eye on her at Bill's request. When the meeting was over, we opened the door to walk out and there was Bill....he had waited for her through the entire meeting.  When my dearest friend in the world passed away and we needed help moving the remaining items to the Thrift shop, I called for a pickup, and when I opened the door--there was Bill.  In the end, even after he passed away, Bill was there for the people he cared about and loved....for he knew the end was near for Evelyn, and ever the gentleman, when Evelyn arrived at the gates of Heaven-----There was Bill, waiting to hold open the gates to show her the ropes.  God Bless Bill!  You will be greatly missed.

G Ray Horton (1875 - Jan 1915), prominent Los Angeles attorney.  Born in Iowa in 1875, Mr. Horton came to California with his parents at the age of 10.  Mr. Horton attended Pomona College, graduating in 1898.  For several years, he worked as a newspaper reporter, during which time he studied law.  He graduated from USC College of law in 1908.  Following his admission to the bar, Mr. Horton was appointed a deputy in the office of the District Attorney.  He resigned that position to accept another as First Assistant in the office of the United States District Attorney in 1910, but resigned the following year, accepting a position in the office of District Attorney Fredericks, where he served as Chief Trial Lawyer, in which position he took part in the trial of the McNamara brothers (who were convicted of the LA Times bombing.).  Two years later, he took up private practice.  Mr. Horton was a member of First Congregational Church and active among the young people of the Congregation.  he was a Mason, a Shriner, a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Chamber of Commerce.  he died  at the young age of 40 following complications from having a tooth removed.
Frances Clark Howard - (died 1902)  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
William Woolworth Howard (Born in 1846 in Fairport, New York).  William Howard was the son of John E. and Sophia (Woolworth) Howard.  he attended high school in Fairport, New York; Preparatory School, Macedon Academy, Macedon Centre, New York.  He prepared for Yale at the Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Massachusetts.  While preparing for college, he taught for two years, abandoning his preparation in 1866. to go West.  In the West, he worked with a party of surveyors to run surveying lines for the transcontinental railways.  After two years, he returned to New York, where he remained for the next ten years working in commerce.  He again moved West to Dickinson and Clay Counties, Kansas, where he farmed thousands of acres in wheat and raised sheep and cows.  he sold out his farming interest and spent one year touring Europe, after which he purchased one-third interest in Ball Engine Works at Erie Pennsylvania, which work he continued for a number of years.  he toured the entire West coast of the united States, including British Columbia and Mexico and made investments in Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Howard owned one-third interest in the Bixby and Howard Ranch, which consisted of 4,000 acres.  he spent the next fifteen years engaged in farming, operating several thousand acres just east of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, which property was known as "Rapetta Ranch".  he was highly active in civic life of Los Angeles, including the activities of the Chamber of Commerce.  He farmed extensive acreage in the San Jacinto Valley, moving to Huntington Park, California in 1910.  He remained there for one year, then bought and sold a ranch at Yorba.  In addition to his real estate investments, Mr. Howard was interested in raising horses and dogs.  he was a member of all Masonic bodies and a Congregationalist.
Floyd Huddleston. Died 25 September 1991. North Hollywood, California

Mary Jane Hudgens.  Mary Jane passed away August 2004.. She was active in the Women's Association and was a faithful participant in the Sunday Services for many years.

Ethel Humm (Mrs. Horace J.) Died 28 March 1992. Los Angeles, California
Rev. Mrs. Robert G. Hutchins.  (First name unknown). 1849-1890.  Mrs. Hutchins, wife of Rev. Robert G. Hutchins, pastor of First Church 1888-1894, tragically committed suicide by drowning.  She had been ill for many months and had been suffering from deep depression.  Mrs. Hutchins was a native of Connecticut and upon her arrival in Los Angeles, took a deep interest in the affairs of the church.  She was a devout Christian and very popular with the congregation.
James (Jim) Risque Hutter, Attorney at Law (24 March 1924 - 27 Jan 2001)  and San Marino civic and cultural leader. Hutter, a native of Spokane, Wash., retired in 1989 after 39 years of practicing corporate and securities law with the Los Angeles-based firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. He was a member of the board of governors of the Beverly Hills Bar Assn. Hutter headed the San Marino Planning Commission and was active in area Boy Scouts. He was on boards of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and its affiliated school. A graduate of UCLA and Stanford Law School, Hutter served in the Army during World War II, landing with infantry in Cherbourg and fighting to Berlin in the fall of 1944. 
Patricia E Hutter (16 March 1928 - 26 Jan 2005)
William H Housh (died May 1928) Principal and Principal Emeritus of Los Angeles High School.  Mr. House was well respected and admired by his students.  Over 2000 mourners came to First Congregational Church to attend his funeral.