Revised 17 May 2017


Charles Fields died 2017, husband of Ingrid Fields. Father of Carnel Lake
June Fifield
Mrs. Clara C Fillmore. Died September 1991. Eureka, California
Norman S Fisk. Died 20 April 1991. Daytona Beach, Florida
W. Donald Fletcher (died August 1966)  co-founder of the Coro Foundation. Born in Pueblo, Colo., Mr. Fletcher spent his youth in Portland, Ore. He later moved to the Bay Area and graduated with a B.A. from Stanford University in 1930 and a degree from Stanford Law School four years later. Mr. Fletcher practiced law in San Francisco through the late 1930s, and met financier Van Duyn Dodge while working as a volunteer for Wendell Wilkie's 1940 presidential campaign.  In 1942, Mr. Fletcher and Dodge founded the nonprofit, nonpartisan Coro Foundation for ''more effective citizen involvement and more capable political leadership.'' The first nine-month Coro internship program, to train participants for careers in public service, began in 1947.   The program now has five centers across the country: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis and Kansas City. Coro alumni include U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Rep. Vic Fazio and film critic Gene Siskel.  Mr. Fletcher resigned from Coro in 1975 to found The Liaison Citizen Program in Los Angeles, another group devoted to helping citizens become more involved in government.  ''Don was a wise and gentle visionary, truly a citizen for our time, yet often far ahead of his own time,'' said Governor Pete Wilson. ''He reinstilled in the American public a feeling of personal responsibility and helped many realize their dreams.''  Don's life was memorialized in a special service at First Congregational Church on August 30 of 1966.
Anna La Rue Frame (1892 - 1910)  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Lulu Hodges Frazee (Mrs. Harry W.) Died 23 April 1991. Los Angeles, California
Helen K Frazer. Died 19 July 1991. Los Angeles, California
William Paul Fritsche. Died 13 July 1991. Sun City West, Arizona
Jeannette J Funston. Died 30 April 1992. Seattle, Washington.