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Joseph H Eaton (ca 1877 - 1942) Vice President of Forest Lawn co.)


Attorney Gregg A. Eichler passed away suddenly on November 12, 2011. Gregg was planning to retire to Hawaii in two years. He was not only respected as a highly skilled bankruptcy lawyer by the legal community.He was a former United States Bankruptcy Trustee. He was a professor of bankruptcy law who enjoyed passing on his experience and knowledge to the next generation of bankruptcy lawyers.

Gregg was passionate about the things he loved--his family, his work, his cars, his advocation as a naturalist, his church and most importantly, his beloved wife. He was known for his frequent smiles, his gentle laughter and his unquestionable wisdom and willingness to lend a hand.

Somewhere in heaven is an angel, driving a bright yellow car, speeding down the highway of eternity and I somehow believe that God smiles down on him with approval.

Henry Elder, Sr. (23 August 1890-13 Nov 1958): Henry Knox Elder Sr. was a former Los Angeles attorney and retired Army officer. He died in Long Beach California. Mr. Elder practiced law in Los Angeles for 25 years and was active in affairs of the YMCA, University Club, First Congregational Church and other civic Groups. At the age of 22, he played one season for the Detroit Tigers (1913) as a pitcher.

Born in Seattle, he graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School and served with the Army in France in World War I. He remained a manber of the active reserves for 23 years between wars. Returning to active duty in World War II, Mr. Elder served as a major and lieutenant colonel in administrative posts on the West Coast.

Martha Elliott (Mrs. Ralph L.) Died 30 April 1993. Los Angeles, California.
Ellen D Ellis (1830 - 1901)  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Grenville C Emery (Born 19 July 1843 - Ripley, Maine).  Mr. Emery was the son of John G. and Mary Stanley (Jones) Emery. He married Ella Rhoda Pike in 1871.  Mr. Emery was educated through the public schools of Maine.  he attended Corrina Union Academy from 1858-1861.  Main State Seminary from 1861 - 1864, the University of Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany from 1882 - 1883, and graduated from Bates College with an A. B. in 1868; He received an A. M. in 1860 and his Litt. D. in 1904.  he taught in the winter public schools of Maine from 1864 - 1868; was an instructor of Maine State Seminary in 1869; Principal of the high school and Superintendent of Schools in Auburn, Maine from 1870 - 1871; Principal of the high School, Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1872; Sub-master at the Lawrence Grammar School of Boston, Massachusetts from 1872 - 1881; Was Master of the Boston Latin School from 1882 - 1897; and Principal of the Los Angeles Military Academy from 1897-1899.  He established the Harvard School in 1900 and was headmaster of that institution.  He was author "Academic Algebra" (1890); "Academic Algebra (teachers edition)" (1890; "Algebra for Beginners" (1894); "Key to Algebra for Beginners" (1896).  he was a member of the National Education Association; Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institute of America; Schoolmasters Club of Southern California; Automobile Club of Southern California; the Chamber of Commerce; and a Congregationalist.
George Endress
Dr. Henry Owen Eversole (died about 2 June 1963), Dr. Eversole joined First church in 1892.  His wife, Mary, was the daughter of Eli P Clark, the generous donor of the Rose Window which sits about the rear gallery of the Great Organs of First church and graces us with its beauty.  Dr. Eversole was a pioneer in chest disease research and in environmental control of plant growth.

Dr. Eversole came to us from Middlefort, Ohio, after service to his country in the Spanish American War in the Philippines.  After the war, he came to Los Angeles and was graduated from the Medical Division of USC in 1906.  He devoted two years to post-graduate studies at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Berlin and Vienna, returning to Los Angeles to specialize in new techniques for handling chest diseases.

During WWI, he was a Major in the American Red Cross, attached to Allied Forces supporting the White Russians in Siberia.  From 1923 to 1927, Dr. Eversole was a member of the Rockefeller Foundation international staff, serving as European director of its Division of Medical Education.  he returned to Los Angeles in 1929 and began intensive research in the environmental factors of plant culture.  he experimented with the design of air-conditioned greenhouses and in the 1930's, helped Cal Tech design and construct a research greenhouse which allowed climatic factors influencing plant growth to be artificially created and regulated.