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Aurora Bahou died 2017. Aurora was a quiet woman and kept mostly to herself. There was an old article about her work for First Church on their old Facebook page that says most of what we know of her. It was posted in 2014. "Over 25 years ago, FCCLA voted to include women as ushers. Aurora Bahou was the first person to join. Ever since, we have benefited by her gracious gestures such as providing: bottled water to a congregant, or a cookie to a child in need of first aid. As a long0time member of the Women's Association, Aurora has coordinated the program which provides get well wishes to our church members. She also designs the lovely centerpieces for the luncheons and greets guests at the doors." They said that Aurora embodied those qualities we most admire in our members. Gracious words indeed for a very gracious lady.
Mrs. Mary P Baines.  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Henry Parkhurst Barbour.  (Born 8 Nov 1854 - Worcester, Massachusetts)  Henry was the son of Isaac R and Selina M Barbour.  He was married to Florence E Gray in 1883.  Received his education through Worcester High School, Worcester, Massachusetts, Leicester Academy of Leicester, Massachusetts, and Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts from which he received his BA in 1878.  He graduated from Boston University law School in 1880 and practiced law in Boston Massachusetts 1880- 1883.  From 1883 - 1888, after retiring from law, he was publisher or business manager of Northwest Magazine out of St. Paul, Minnesota.  He then went to work for the Duluth and Winnipeg RR from 1881 - 1882, and worked in real estate in the St. Paul, Minnesota and Washington Territory from 1888-1890.  he was one of the principal promoters of Gray's Harbor Country, Washington, which included two large cities, Hoquiam and Aberdeen.  He engaged in mining in Minnesota, Colorado and Arizona from 1890 - 1902.  He then moved to Los Angeles and founded the city of Playa Del Rey in 1902. a subdivision of Los Angeles and San Pedro in 1902; a subdivision of Long Beach and Los Angeles in 1904.  He was a principal promoter of Long Beach harbor in 1905 and was active in real estate in Los Angeles and Long Beach through the period of 1905 - 1913.  He served as President of the Beach Land company, Playa Del Rey, California.  He was a member of the Norfolk Union Lodge of Randolph, Massachusetts; F & A. M. and Delta Kappa Epsilon; Director in 1911 of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and president of the Long Beach Realty Board.  He served as President of the Long Beach Civic Improvement League; Chairman of the Building Committee of the new Congregational Church (not sure if this was in Los Angeles or in Long Beach) and a dedicated Congregationalist.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 26) 
Baker, Donald F.( ca 1912- died 19 June 1992) Glendale. real estate broker.  Mr. Baker accepted a position on the staff of First church in 1940 and in 1950, became Business Manger under Dr. James Fifield.   He is said to have operated the fiscal and operational affairs of the Church with skill and a deep devotion to the church's best interests.  When Dr Fifield established the paid staff position of Business manager, this was a pioneer experience  Mr. Baker was a member of the National Association of Church Business Administrators, having been active from its beginning and served as its President, Vice president and in other capacities.  
Frederick Sewell Bale, Former vice president of Bankers Trust Company.  Mr. Bale was memorialized in a service at First Congregational church of Los Angeles on 4 April 1968.  he was former Vice President of the Bankers Trust Co.  Mr. Bale graduated from Amherst College in 1906, engaging in banking in Boston until WWI, at which time he entered the United States Army with the rank of Captain.  After  leaving the military, he joined the New York firm as Assistant to the President in 1922 and became its Vice president in 1923, in which capacity he continued to serve for the next 21 years.  Mr. Bale served as a Trustee for Amherst College for 6 years and as a Trustee of Pomona College for 23 years.  In the years fro 1947 to 1961, he served as a Trustee of the Westridge School in Pasadena.  Mr. Bale was active in Republican party affairs and was Past President and long director of the Republican Club of Pasadena.
Grayce Bags. Died 11 April 1993. Glendale, CA
Armisstead E Banta - (6 August 1899 - 6 March 1996)   I only knew Mr. Banta in his later life.  He was a quiet man who loved his Church and his God.  
Guy Brinton Barham, publisher of the Evening Harold.  Mr. Barham was not a member of our church, but his services were held at First Congregational Church because his home, one of the Episcopal churches of Los Angeles, was torn down at the time and they needed a church of large capacity to hold all of the anticipated mourners.  As with his competitor, mar. General Otis, his funeral also attracted most of the prominent people of Los Angeles.


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Dr. Dana Webster Bartlett, (27 October 1860 to 1941), Pastoral consultant to First church.  Dr. Bartlett was born in Bangor, main.  He was the son of Daniel Webster Bartlett and Mary Jane Crosby.  In 1887, he married Mattie McCullogh.  Dr.  Bartlett was a graduate of Iowa University in 1882 and attended Yale Divinity School from 1884 - 1885.   He attended Chicago Theological Seminary, 1887 and graduated with a Doctor of Divinity from Grinnell College in 1911.  he was ordained a Congregational Minister in 1887.  Dr. Bartlett served as pastor of Union Church in St. Louis from 1887 - 1891; and upon arriving in Los Angeles, took over the Bethlehem Institutional church  of Los Angeles, an offshoot of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.  This last named institution was Dr. Bartlett's life work and was one of the most successful and best known philanthropical institutions in the country.  Dr. Bartlett was widely known for his devotion to the social and civic betterment of Los Angeles.  He was working in the field of pastoral psychology and active as Minister and Director of the Bethlehem Institute, which began as an outreach program during the pastorate of Rev. Robert G. Hutchins. Bethlehem Institute was founded as a Sunday School for the children of poverty-stricken Hispanic children of the slums. His work with First Congregational Church began in 1937.Dr. Bartlett was a member of the Los Angeles Housing Commission and City Planning Commission; the Evening and Federation clubs; chairman of the Pacific Immigration Study league; and author of "The Better City" and "The Better Country" and was a well-known lecturer on the social issues of the day.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 30 and the Los Angeles Historic Newspaper collections.)
Robert Bash. Died 15 March 1992. Mr. Bash was a former fraternity brother of our beloved Dr. Donald Ward.
Frank Bates: 2 Jun 1918 to 5 November 1998.
Oren Bates. Died in 1990.
Wilma Bates (Mrs. Oren). Died February 1991. San Maros, California
Mrs. Frederick P Beach (died about 16 Jan 1933).  Mrs. Beach was a member of First church and a teacher in the Wenshan Girl's School in Foochow, china, where she served under the direction of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.  She had been connected with the school since 1907.  
William Beith (1818 - 1901)  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Richard Bennett. February 23, 1997 (Obituary of Richard N. Kennedy Bennett, of Los Angeles, California. "A former resident of Wilkes-Barre, died Sunday in Los Angeles. Richard Bennett February 23, 1997 Richard N. Kennedy Bennett, of Los Angeles, Calif., a former resident of Wilkes-Barre, died Sunday in Los Angeles.  Born March 22, 1924 in Wilkes-Barre, he was a graduate of Meyers High School.  He resided in Los Angeles the past 35 years and served as soloist for the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.")  
Arthur S. Bent, born in Downieville, California and son of Henry Kicke White Bent and Mattie S. F. Bent.  Arthur served as President of the Arthur S. Bent Construction Company of Los Angeles.  He married Eliza J. McKee. he was educated through the Los Angeles California School system.  he moved to Los Angeles in 1869 and was manager of the Pacific Clay manufacturing Company for five years.  he contracted on engineering works and was connected with most of the irrigation and hydro-electric projects of the West.  He was said to have constructed over 1000 miles of concrete pipe lines, besides dams, reservoirs, concrete tunnels and concrete water towers.  He is credited with building complete sewer systems of several cities and the great trunk line at Bellingham, Washington.  he is credited with building eleven miles of concrete conduit, two feet in diameter to bring water to Monterey, Mexico and for building a large reinforced concrete pumping station and twelve large concrete chimneys for the Standard oil company; he built the Sweetwater Dam at San Diego and about100 miles of concrete pipe systems for the Sacramento Valley irrigation Company in Glenn county.  he is also responsible for building an irrigation enterprise for the Tucson Farms Company, the Baldwin hydro-electric project in Mill Creek; the irrigation system of Palmdale and Little Rock Creek; the outfall sewer system of El Paso, Texas.  In partnership with G. F Pennebaker, this company did extensive asphalt paving and macadam road construction in Southern California and built the model streets of Torrance and the oil macadam roads from El Monte to Pomona and the harbor Blvd from Los Angeles to Wilmington.  He held membership in the Jonathan and Gamut Clubs, was director of the Municipal League; Vice-President of the Engineers and Architects Association; Director of the American Society of Engineering contractors, the National Cement Users Association, the Southwest Museum Association and the National Geographic Society.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 37)
Charles Edwin Bent (Born 15 September 1879) son of Henry Kicke White Bent and Mattie S. F. Bent, attended public schools in Los Angeles and Pasadena, California.  He graduated from Pomona College, Claremont, California with a B. L. Degree in 1903.  During his college years, he acted as city editor to the Pomona Daily review and was Pomona Correspondent of the los Angeles Times and Associated Press.  Charles won the Annual contest in Oratory through Pomona College in 1902.  After completing his education, he entered the insurance business in Los Angeles.  he served as Secretary of the Los Angeles Life Underwriters Association in 1908.  This same year, he won the National Prize Essay Contest through the National Life Underwriters Association and was awarded the Calef Loving cup.  He served as a delegate to the Republican State Convention at Sacrament o in 1908.  he served as secretary to the Good Government organization in 1910.   Was a member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles Life Underwriters Association; the Rotary Club, the University Club, the Pomona College, City and Ellis clubs of Los Angeles
Henry Kicke White. Bent (died 1 Aug 1902).  Mr. Bent is identified in his obituary as a charter member of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and a founder of Pomona College.  Mr. Bent was known to be a prominent worker in both religious and educational institutions.  He was praised for his honesty, integrity and the loving and caring manner in dealing with people.  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Andrew Dorn Berberg (1838 - 1901)  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Jotham Bixby (Jan. 20, 1831 - 9 February 1917), banker and real estate developer.  Mr. Bixby was one of the original founders of the city of Long Beach.   Born in Norridgewock, Maine and son of Amasa and Fannie (Weston) Bixby.  Jotham married Margaret Winslow Hathaway in 1862.  he was educated in the public schools of his native state.  In 1852 he was found in Amador County, California and engaged in placer mining.  From 1855 - 1866, he raised sheep and sold wool.  In 1866, he purchased land in Rancho Los Cerritos in Southern California, consisting of land over 27,000 acres, including what became the town sites of Long Beach and Clearwater.  He increased his holdings over the years and financed many development interests throughout the area.  he was President of the Bixby Land Company, President of the Palos Verdes Company, President of the Jotham Bixby Company, and held this same office in numerous other companies.  He was Vice President of the Alamitos Land Company, the Alamitos Water Company, and he National Bank of Long Beach.   (See "Light on a Gothic Tower" in the on-line library for his connectivity with the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.) 
Dr. John Black - Surgeon, Healer, a worker for Christ.  John gave his life to many.  He is greatly missed.
N. B. Blackstone (died 1930), President and General manager of N B Blackstone and Company.  Mr. Blackstone was a dry goods merchant.  His wife was sister to J W Robinson, also a dry goods merchant.  He joined First church in 1892.
Charles Hampton Jenison Bliss.  (Born 8 June 1857)  Son of Richard Woolworth and Mary Elizabeth (Jenison) Bliss.  Mr. Bliss was born in Hartford Connecticut.   In 1896, he married Amy Elmira Powell.  He attended public schools in Hartford and graduated from high school in 1875.  From there, he attended Agricultural College, through the University of Minnesota, receiving a license as a second class stationary engineer in 1898.  In 1875, he was known to be working as a representative of the Columbia Book Company in New York.  He was City Clerk and Treasurer for the city of Hartford, Connecticut from 1876-1877l  From there, he became a reporter on the Hartford Evening Post and the Hartford Courant (1877) and From 1877 - 1882, he moved into the insurance business, which became his primary career.  He worked in fire insurance in Hartford from 1877 to 1882,  and the same in Fargo, North Dakota (1882 - 1886), and in Minneapolis Minnesota (1886-1898).  He tried a short stint of prospecting in Alaska (1898-1899), then moved to Seattle, Washington, where he worked again as a reporter for the Seattle Post intelligencer (1899-1900), and began a southward migration, moving to San Francisco, where he worked again in fire insurance in San Francisco (1900) and ultimately moving to Los Angeles, where he was Manager of the Insurance Department of Edward D. Silent & Company of this city.  (1900 - 1901).  He was a traveling special agent for the Germania Fire Insurance Company from 1901 - 1904.  He was listed as a member of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles as of 1904.  He was a member of the High School Alumni Association, Hartford Connecticut; Historian of Fargo, and a charter member of the Connecticut Society of Southern California.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 48)
John E. Boal (born 29 November 1860) son of David and Cordelia (Thompson) Boal.  he was born in Pennsylvania, and educated in the schools of that state.  he attended Pennington Seminary in New Jersey.  From 1879 - 1882, he taught school.  he was found working in the hardware business in Topeka, Kansas, from 1882 - 1884 and Treasurer of the Thompson Hardware Company of that city from 1884 - 1887.  From there, he removed to San Diego, California, where he served as Chief Clerk of the San Diego land & Town company of National City, California from 1887 - 1891.  He was General manager of the San Diego Land & Town company and its subsidiary companies.  he worked for the San Diego Fruit Company, the Sweet Water Company and the California Citrus Products company and ultimately worked as Director of the Southern Trust & Savings Bank of San Diego.  He was a Congregationalist and possibly a member of the Congregational church in that area.
Quentin Boddekker. Dates of death unknown. Santa Monica, California
Dr. Jean Bordeaux (1894 - 1956 - psychotherapist and author.  he was one of the founders and past presidents of Toastmasters International and a Deacon of First church.
Minnie J Borst, corporation official.  Minnie was born in Mitchell, Iowa, daughter of James and Frances S. Borst.  She graduated from Pomona High school and attended Pomona College in 1894.  She was Secretary to the Industrial Oil Company and held the same office for the Coyote Hills Oil Company.  She was a member of the Fraternal Brotherhood and a Congregationalist. (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 51)
Mrs. Anna Pettigrew Bosbyshell (21 August 1853 in Illinois - 19 June 1941), wife of William F. Bosbyshell, founder of the Southern California National Bank and once head of United wholesale Grocery Co. .  Mrs. Bosbyshell came to Los Angeles with her husband in 1886.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Bosbyshell were active members of First church for many years.  Mrs. Bosbyshell was one of the founders of the Friday Morning Club.  (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)
Frederick H Bosbyshell (8 Oct 1889 - 3 June 1974)  
William F. Bosbyshell (7 Jul 1818, Calhoun, Illinois - Dec. 27, 1913, Los Angeles, Ca).  Mr. Bosbyshell was born in Calhoun, Illinois.  his family moved to Greenwood, Iowa when he was about six.  Before leaving Iowa, he opened a bank in one of the small communities.  Nothing is known as to whether or not that bank continues to exist or where.  Upon arrival to Los Angeles, in about 1886, Mr. Bosbyshell, along with several other young men in the then Pueblo of Los Angeles, organized the Southern California National Bank.  He cashiered there for several years, ultimately becoming its Vice President, which office he held when the bank name was changed to become merchant's national Bank.  After the Panic of 1893, Mr. Bosbyshell resigned from the bank and helped to organized the United Wholesale Grocers Association.  he was an active worker in the Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade, and Men's Credit Association.  Mr. and Mrs. Bosbyshell were active supporters of First church and Pomona College.  he was a lover of outdoor life and an enthusiastic member of the Southern California Yacht Club. (Memorialized in the "Good Shepherd" window in Shatto Chapel.)

Helene Boughton. Died 22 September 1922. Carmel Valley, California. Helene Boughton was born in North Tonawanda, New York, 12 August 100. She ownd and operated a nursery school in Los Angeles as a young woman. She later became a psychiatric social worker in Los Angeles and served as director of the "Project Headstart" Program of Los Angeles County for many years.

Ms. Boughton worked under Eleanor Roosevelt on the United States Association for the United Nations; was a leader in the United Nations Association of Southern California. She sered as President of UNA of USA of Monterey County an was a leader in the League of Women Voters, World Affairs Council and the ACLU in both Los Angeles and Monterey Counties. She was a member of the Board of Dirctord of Carmel Foundation; Monterey Institute of International Studies, Hidden Valley Music Seminars and "KQED" Educational Radio, serving as a delegate in New York City and Internationally at UNA and NOW Conventions. Her educational background included a graduate degree from the Geneva Institute of International Studies. Her specialty was the League of Nations. She received her Masters degree from UCLA in Psychology.

Clarence Winthrop Bowen Jr. (born 4 Oct. 1883  - New York).  son of Clarence Winthrop and Margaret Barr (Wilson) Bowen.  He was educated in the public schools of Minneapolis and attended Los Angeles High School 1903 - 1904, then moved to Oakland, California, attending Oakland High School and Throop Polytechnic Institute from 1904 - 1906.  he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in 1911.  We was a Deputy State Forester of California from 1911 - 1912 and then went into the real estate business for himself.  he was a member of the City Club, the Central California Scientific Association, Delta Tau Delta fraternity and a Congregationalist.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 51)
Bert Boyd (born 19 August 1872 in Durand, Wisconsin).  Son of William and Mary (Kidd) Boyd.  he married Ida L. Menges in 1899.  he was a graduate of the College of Dentistry, University of Southern California.  He worked in the mercantile business in Durand, Wisconsin from 1890 - 1892.  he as partner in the general mercantile business at Anaheim, California, Wm. Boyd & son from 1892 - 1900.  he returned to the practice of dentistry in Los Angeles in 1903, where he attended the Congregational Church.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 53)
The Reverend Dr. DeWitt Joseph Brady (B:  12 Feb 1924, Los Angeles - died January 22, 2007 at the age of 82 years.), son of DeWitt Joseph Brady, Sr. and Olive P. Berryman Brady. A graduate of Los Angeles High School, Occidental College, and Chicago Theological Seminary, he also had a PhD from the University of Chicago. He was ordained into the Christian ministry at the Church of the Messiah (Congregational), Los Angeles, in 1947. He served as Youth Minister in Preston, England and was a Youth Delegate to the Organizing Meeting of the World Council of Churches. He served at First Congregational Church - Los Angeles, Central Union Church - Honolulu, First Congregational Church - Phoenix, and Seaside Community Church - Torrance, CA. He was the founding pastor of Good Shepherd United Church of Christ - Covina, CA and of the Church of the Painted Hills - Tucson, AZ. In retirement he was interim minister at St. George's Presbyterian Church in Takapuna and at St. Andrew's Presbyterian, Gore - both in New Zealand. Dr. Brady is survived by his wife of 32 years, Jean Houston Brady, formerly of Toronto, Canada. Both have been active in community and church. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club of Tucson - Sunshine, Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Library Boards of Tucson - Pima and the University of AZ
Mrs. E. R. Brainerd.  (died about 8 April 1924) was one of the organizers and a past President of the Woman's City Club and Big Sister's League, a member of the Board of the Friday Morning Club for seven years, on the Board of the Women's Athletic Club; first President of the Children's Hospital Auxiliary, a member of the State and County Republican Committees and was Vice president of the Republican Study Club and Vice President of the Republican County Central Committee.  She was deeply involved in working with the disabled veterans of the World War (WWI) and was called "Mother" by the men at Sawtelle.
Dr. Henry Green Brainerd.  Born in New Hampshire in 1852, he came to Los Angeles from Iowa in 1887.  He was Superintendent of the Los Angeles County Hospital for a period of five years.  From 1896 to 1892, he was Dean of the College of Medicine, University of Southern California and occupied the Chair of Neurology there for 22 years.  He also organized the Dental Department there and was the first Dean of the Dental Faculty.  He became a member of First church in 1895.  His wife, Fanny, was one of the founding members of the Ruskin Art club, founded in 1888.
Barbara Brandon - A beloved member of our Altar Guild for many years.  Barbara was a quiet, shining light for God.
Olive M Brocket.  Born 30 June 1889 in Pennsylvania.  Died 17 April 1972 in Los Angeles
Alverda J Brode - Born 5 June 1887 in Kansas.  Died 21 January 1975 in Los Angeles.

Nancy M Brown (Died 7 Oct 2013) A member of First Church for many years and a highly active supporter of the Pilgrim School, Judge Brown was retired from the Los Angeles Superior Court. She graduated from Indiana University and Stanford University Law School. She served as an attorney for the State Compensation Insurance Fund and a public member of the California State Personnel Board prior to her appointment to the Alhambra Municipal Court in 1969.

She became a Los Angeles Municipal Court commissioner in 1973 and was appointed judge of that court by Gov. Jerry Brown in November 1976. She spent much of her career in criminal court and was active in the California Judges Association, serving as vice president in 1984-85. She was a feisty little lady and was a strong advocate for those things in which she believed.

The two things I remember most about Nancy was her good cooking and her love of a special rare tree that grew on their property. They actually built their house to accommodate its growth so that it would not be injured by the construction.

Richard I Brown. Died 23 January 1993. Bakersfield, California
Dr. W. C. Brown (1835 - Jan 1902)  Dr. Brown was born in 1835 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He was educated at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin followed by further training at Rush medical College, Chicago, Illinois, from which he graduated in 1860.  He served his internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, where he continued in his medical practice for thirty years.  Dr. Brown and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1891, whereupon he set up an office as a general practitioner.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles National Bank.  
Virginia Isabel Brownworth. Died 9 February 1991. La Mesa, CaliforniaMs. Brownworth had been a member for 40+ years.
Lawrence B Burck (Born 1 September in 1872 - Galveston, Texas)  Lawrence Burck was the son of Samuel B. and Henrietta (Lawrence) Burck of Texas.  he married Phila B. Johnson in 1905.  His education included two years of private school, graduating from Ball High School, in Galveston, Texas in 1887.  he graduated from Texas A & M College with a B.S. and C. E. in 189, then attended Conynton Business College in 1890.  He as employed in the engineering and purchasing departments of the Santa Fe R.R. and Galveston Street Ry. co. in 1890 - 1892.  He then worked in the wholesale grocery industry from 1893 - 1897.  He was a member of the firm of L. B. Burck co., merchandise brokers and importers from 1898 - 1899; incorporated the Southern Coffee Co. of Galveston, Texas in 1900, which business was destroyed by the storm of 8 Sep 1900.  The business was reorganized as the Southern Coffee Company 15 September 1904, after which he sold his Galveston interests and removed to Los Angeles in January of 1905.  upon arrival in Los Angeles, he organized the Burck & Gwynn Company to engage in real estate and building in 1910.  He incorporated the Lawrence B. Burck Co. in 1912, and reorganized it as the California Real Estate & Building Company, which transacted general building and investments.  He served as President of the California Real Estate & Building Co.; Vice-President of the Los Angeles Abstract & Trust Co; director of the Mortgage Guarantee Co. of Los Angeles; as a Commissioned officer in the Texas Volunteer Infantry for five years.  he was a member of the California, Los Angeles Athletic, Union League, Bolsa Chica Gun and Orpheus clubs of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Realty Board, and the Bohemian Club of San Francisco and a Congregationalist.  (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 65)
William Maxwell Burke (Born in 1870 - Cleveland, Ohio).  Mr. Burke was the son of William and Mary Ann (Montgomery) Burke.  He married Ruth Follansbee in 1899.  Mr. Burke was a graduate of Oberlin College, receiving an A. B. in 1896 and an A. M. in 1897.  he received a Ph. D. from the School of Political Science, Columbia University.  he was a professor of history at Albion College, Albion, Michigan from 1899 - 1906; taught at the Wharton School of Commerce and Finance, University of Pennsylvania 1906-1907; was District superintendant of the Anti-Saloon League of California 1908 - 1909 and Superintendant of the Anti-Saloon League of Arizona 1909 - 1911.  he entered into the practice of law in Arizona from 1910 - 1912, and removed to Los Angeles in 1912, where he was president of the Incorporating Company of Arizona 1911 - 1912; a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science; the American Economical Association, the American Sociological society; the American historical Association; vice-president of the Michigan Political Science Association, a member of the Knights of Pythias; the Loyal Order of Moose, and a Congregationalist. (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 67)
Reverend Harry R. Butman ( b. 1904 Beverly, Massachusetts - d. July 25, 2005) The Rev. Harry R. Butman, a Congregational church minister for 72 years and a prolific writer about theology and the spiritual life, has died. He was 101. Butman died July 29 at his home in Acton of complications from a fall, said Mitchell Abbott, a friend, who called him "the dean of American Congregationalism." Butman was pastor of the Congregational Church of the Messiah in Westchester for 25 years until he retired in 1978. He continued on as pastor emeritus. He also worked as a consulting minister to the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. In 1955, Butman helped found the National Assn. of Congregational Christian Churches, which includes about 440 churches and 100,000 members. He also held several offices over the years. The Congregational Church is a protestant denomination that traces its roots in America to the 17th century. Some of its earliest members were passengers on the Mayflower. Some Congregational churches in 1957 joined in a merger that formed the new United Church of Christ. Butman once defined the basic principle of the individual church congregations as "the autonomy and independence of the gathered local church which is in fellowship with sister churches. "Butman was the editor of the Congregationalist magazine in the late 1960s. He also wrote more than a dozen books, including "Serve With Gladness" (1971), about his life as a minister. "I never wanted to be anything but a good Congregational minister," Butman told the Congregationalist magazine in a 2003 interview. Butman was born in Beverly, Mass., and graduated from the Bangor Theological Seminary in Maine in 1928. He received an honorary doctorate of divinity from Piedmont College in Demorest, Ga., in 1958.After serving as pastor of several churches, he moved to California, where he was named senior minister of the Church of the Messiah in Westchester in 1953.t 100, Butman attributed his health to "good genes, good habits and good luck ."When asked his views about death, he said: "I believe in heaven. I'm absolutely sure that there is life beyond death. I'd kind of like to see what it is. "Butman is survived by four children, 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.A memorial service will be held Sept. 11 at 3 p.m. at the Congregational Church of the Messiah, 7300 W. Manchester Ave. in Westchester.  Contributions in his name may be made to the Harry R. Butman Chair of Religious Studies, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Piedmont College, P.O. Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535.