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Raymond J Abernathy (Born 12 May 1916 in Alabama - Died 23 Oct 1946 in Los Angeles
Mrs. Rose Abernathy (Born 27 Dec 1914 in North Carolina - Died 28 June 1991 in Los Angeles)
Mrs. Albie B Ackerman (Born 23 Aug 1868 in Ohio - Died 29 Jan 1954 in Los Angeles)
Fremont Ackerman (Born. 12 May 1859 in Ohio - Died 30 Sep 1942 in Los Angeles)
Ruth L Ackerman (Born 5 July 1891 in Montana - Died 10 Jan 1977 in Los Angeles)

Mildred Geneva Gambrell Adair (Mrs. Herbert Adair) - When Dr Fifield came to Los Angeles in 1935, Mrs. Adair immediately volunteered to serve in whatever capacity he most needed her.  So well did she do her job that Dr. Fifield came to deem her the go-to person to get the job done.  Her position was more than that of his secretary.  She was able to carry on many of his responsibilities when he was away and to see that his day ran smoothly.  Dr. Fifield said of Mrs. Adair, "I owe Mrs. Adair more than I can ever repay."   Mrs. Adair was Superintendent of the Primary Department of First Church, then Director of the newly-formed school of Religion. She was President of the Women's Association for two years, during which time the Women's Association had over 2,000 members, a record never topped. She sat as President of the Friday Morning Club between 1943/1945, an organization of the church that had membership in excess of 1600 active members. The Friday Morning Club was organized in 1891, when Los Angeles a"was a city with no electricity, no paved streets, only board sidwalks, with water in wooden or cement ditches."

Mrs. Adair served as Executive Secretary for Dr. Fifield for 17 years, working without pay until such time Dr. Fifield insisted that she either had to start receiving a salary or had to quit. She finally reluctantly agreed to accept a salary rather than give up working with Dr. Jim, whom all adored.

Dr. Herbert S. Adair (Born 6 Nov 1881 in Texas - Died 5 Jun 1974 in Los Angeles - active member of the Sierra Club
Rowland W Adams.  Died abt 20 Aug 1901.  Mr. Adams was a very young man.  He fell to his death after falling from a railroad velocipede.  He had just recently graduated from Los Angeles High School and was a member of the Young Peoples Christian Endeavor Society of First Congregational Church.  Rev. William Horace Day  conducted the services.
Dr. Clarence H Albaugh. Died 25 January 1993. Los Angeles, California
Betty Albu - 2017 formerly of Glendale, California and long term member of First Church. Betty and John were long time members of First Church.
John Albu I do not have the death date for John. He and Betty were long time faithful members of First Church
Elizabeth Anderson. Died 2 September 1998. Los Angeles, California
Joe Andersen - Long time Usher of the Church.
Louise M Andersen - Active Deaconess, Member of the Altar Guild and a mentor for the Escholsia Chapter of the DAR that met regularly in our church.  Louise was a parliamentarian and historical researcher and a very dear friend. Died 15 June 1999. Las Vegas, Nevada
Josephine Andrews. Died 15 August 1998. Los Angeles, California
Lewis Whiting Andrews Jr., (12 Oct 1909 - 31 Mar 1942) attorney.  son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Whiting Andres.  Mr. Andrews attended Los Angeles High School and graduated from Stanford University.  He later attended Harvard Law School and Loyola University.  He was admitted to the bar in 1931, joining the firm of Andrews, Blanche and Kline, which later became Andrews and Kline and ultimately, Andrews and Andrews.  He was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, the University Club, the Los Angeles Country Club and the Bachelor's Club.  He served as Secretary and as a member of the Board of Governors of the Bachelors Club.
Leila M. Anthony. Died 28 March 1992. Los Angeles, California
Dr. Leon Ashjian. Died 8 April 2000. Los Angeles, California
John Charles Fremont Atsatt.  (Born 23 Aug. 1856 - Died 24 August 1940) 
Mary Louise Atsatt.  (6 June 1883 - 15 August 1975.  First editor of "The Meetinghouse"....the parish publication of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.  Mrs. Atsatt was president of the Women's Association for ten years..
George Edward Averill (22 October 186), Oil and Land Broker.  Born in Fairfield of Norman S. and Anna S. (Wells) Averill, George attended public schools in Los Angeles, California, graduating from high school in 1882.  He moved with his family to Garden Grove, California in 1879 and back to Los Angeles in1880.  After leaving school, he entered the employ of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, where he was promoted to the position of second manager for the Los Angeles Branch.  He left them and went to work with the firm of W. C. Furry and Company from 1883 - 1885. From 1885 - 1894, he worked as bookkeeper and cashier for the Germain Fruit Company.  After that, he worked with the Earl Fruit Company from 1898 - 1902 handling both the Los Angeles and Sacramento offices.  He then went to work for J. K. Armsby of San Francisco from 19020-01905.  He worked for Associated oil Company, headquartered in Los Angeles from 1905 - 1907, establishing an oil and oil land brokerage business for himself.   His clientele included oil investors from both the United States and Europe.  Mr. Averill was a member of the Masonic Fraternity; Maccabees; Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of Mines and Oils; Municipal League; and the Ellis Club and as a Congregationalist. (Source:  Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest, a Compilation of Authentic Biographical Sketches of citizens of Southern California and Arizona, published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles 1913, p. 19)