To the best of my knowledge, these books are all out of print and out of copyright. If anyone can prove otherwise and wishes the book(s) removed, please let me know. If you have books on Congregational history and polity that you would like to donate to this on-line library, please let me know. They must be out of copyright or we must have written authorization from the author to publish.

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1904 Congregational Manual Unknown contains the Congregational Creed
1932 Directory of Members - First Congregational Church of Los Angeles   A complete directory of all of the members of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in 1932 with its ministerial staff and advertisements of the period
1940 General Council book Unknown contains information on how to become a minister
75th Anniversary of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles Unknown published in 1942
The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order 1658 Author Unknown Published in 1658
The Main Points  (click on contents to get to index) Charles Reynolds Brown A Study in Christian Belief.  Published by The Pilgrim Press.  Copyright 1911  This is an interesting book on theology written for the layman.  It sets forth some interesting concepts on interpreting some of the mechanics of religious thought.  Well thought out and well written.
In Memory of Seeley Wintersmith Mudd Published by Clyde Brown The complete memorial service of Seeley Wintersmith Mudd, Mining Engineer, Philanthropist and member of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.
The Question of Continuance The Rev. Dr. Harry R. Butman First Congregational Church of Los Angeles Sermon for Easter, 2004 (Dr. Butman's 100th birthday sermon)
Light on a Gothic Tower Royal Davis Published 1967 -An History of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles --a revision of the 75th Anniversary edition, which updated and extended some of our information and photographs.
Illustrated Manual of Protestant and Protestant Episcopal Churches of the City of Syracuse, New York Geddes Congregational Church of Syracuse, New York This wonderful book is a great resource for people researching their family histories in the Syracuse, New York area.  Published in 1895, it contains a listing of all of the Syracuse churches, their history, their programming and a complete list of their members.  (This work is up through the Methodist Episcopal section as of 4 April 2007 with photos) no--I still haven't finished it. The book is somewhere in a pile of stuff.
The Story of English Congregationalism Thomas Hooper, Minister, Streatham Congregational Church, London, England published in 1907, contains a history of early English Congregational background
Sermon on the Love of God Samuel Kendal A. M. A sermon delivered at the First Parish in Roxbury, November 16, 1794.  Samuel Kendal was the pastor of the Congregational Church of Weston.  Published by Samuel Hall, No. 53, Cornhill, Boston.
A Popular History of the Free Churches   C. Silvester Horne   M. A. Published in 1903 as a Fifth Edition by James Clarke & Co., 13 and 14 Fleet Street, London.  An history of the Free church movement - includes numerous illustrations.
Footsteps of our Forefathers James G. Miall Published in 1852 by Gould and Lincoln of Boston.  "Describing localities, and portraying personages and events conspicuous in the struggles for religious liberty"  Covers much of the Cromwell period, with information on Richard Baxter, the Savoy Conference, and discusses some of the forms of torture our forefathers endured.  There is an interesting little catalogue in the back of the book that might interest the reader.  (NOTE:  The text is up through chapter 8 as is a small portion of the catalogue.  Photographs remain to be inserted on most chapters.)
The Women Who Came In The Mayflower Annie Russell Marble published in 1920.  A memorial to the women who came over in the Mayflower
SEVEN PARABLES OF JESUS Dr. Carl. S. Patton The Lenten Sermon Series from 1926.  Dr. Patton was the minister who moved First Congregational of Los Angeles to its present building.  (see Royal Davis book, Chapter 16.  To navigate, start with the Biography and click on next. 
PILGRIM DEEDS AND DUTIES NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES OF THE UNITED STATES Designed to prote the study of the fundamental convictions around which Congregationalism centers. It speaks of the origins of Congregationalism in England, its move to Holland and finally to the United States. Date of publication 1916. Prepared for their Tercentenary Celebration. (added 3/2009)
History of Congregationalism George Punchard Published 1841 - a detailed description of the Congregational concept from A. D. 250 through 1616 

View On Congregationalism;  Its Principles And Doctrines; The Testimony Of Ecclesiastical History In Its Favor, Its Practice, And Its Advantages

George Punchard Published in 1856.  This is a treatise on the beliefs and practices of the Congregational Church and is quite detailed in its historical and Biblical context.   (completed up to Chapter III, which is still under construction as of 6/5/2004.  Book cannot be completed at present as the pages were so fragile, they fell apart.  Once a new copy of the book is obtained, it will be completed.  I have posted it as far as possible as it may be of interest to re researcher.)
Historical Biography of the United States J Rippey & Co Containing all the historical noted events and interesting incidents connected with the settlement of the United States since its first discovery up to the present time (Published in 1885 by Joseph Rippey.)

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First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, an Interpretation of the Building William H. Schuchardt Pictures & description of Church - This was one of our earlier advertising fliers.


History of England T. B. Macaulay Covers the period before the Restoration through the period of King James - a well organized website.  Highly recommended reading.  Please your back button to return to this site.