Good Will Mission Sunday School was started by a Young Men's Association of Plymouth Congregational Church.  Forty-six persons attended the first session at 3 P.M., October 22, 1871, in the rented upper room of the house No. 50 Oswego street.

May 29th, 1873, the growing school moved into the present Pilgrim Chapel, Oswego street, corner of Fabius.  August 8th 1886, it moved out of Pilgrim Chapel to its present location, Grace street corner of Ontario - a church of 43 members and a Sunday School of 84 members, leaving, however, the larger part of itself behind, to continue as the Pilgrim Chapel Sunday School.

The beginning of Good Will Congregational Church was in 1884, when Rev. D. F. Harris, from April to May 25, and Rev. C. H. Small from June 8 to August 31, preached and did pastoral work at Good Will Mission Chapel on Oswego street.  In August a Society for Christian Service was formed at the Chapel, which, October 14, 1884, voted to form the Good Will Ecclesiastical Society.  On the same night trustees were elected and a pastor called.  The Rev. C. C. Creegan, D. D., secretary of the N. Y. Home Missionary Society, offered, for his society, substantial aid.

The first trustees were:  Rev. E. A. Lawrence, D. D.;  W. A. Duncan, Ph. D; G. R. Hovey, W. S. Reed, G. A. Mosher, E. G. Hall.  H. J. Frost was elected clerk and W. S. Reed treasurer.

October 25, 1884, Rev. J. Cowles Andrus, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Highlands, N. Y., accepted a call to become pastor, and began preaching November 12, 1884.

April 14, 1885 Good Will congregational church - of 28 members - was organized by Council, and Rev. Mr. Andrus was installed pastor.  The first deacons were:  C. M. Grannis and H. J. Frost.  Clerk, C. W. Cable.  W. A. Duncan, Ph. D. (1875- ), was superintendent of the Oswego Street Sunday School, G. A. Mosher, assistant superintendent (1871-1886).  Mr. Mosher became in 1886 superintendent of the new Good Will Sunday School on Grace street, corner of Ontario; E. G. Hall, assistant superintendent; C. W. Cable, secretary; C. A. Louergan, treasurer; F. A. Chadwick, chorister; Ada Burpee, pianist; Mina Burpee, assistant pianist; Walter Smith, librarian; Adella S. Baker, W. S. Reed, members of the Executive Committee.

January 1, 1885, a committee to purchase a new lot for the church was appointed.  March 6, 1885, the large lot on Grace street, corner of Ontario, was purchased; the plans for a house of worship, by E. G. Hall, architect, a member of the church, were accepted.  September 24, 1886, the present Good Will Chapel was dedicated, and January 15, 1891, the main building was dedicated.

The value of the Good will church property is $30,000.  The church building is of brick; in architecture, interior appointments and decorations, it is one of the most modern and pleasing edifices in the city.  The seats in the main auditorium are opera chairs, arranged, on a sloping floor, in a semi-circle.  The frescoing and stained windows are by J. & R. Lamb of New York.  The equipment of the Sunday School has from the first been in accord with modern ideas.  The seating capacity of the church (900) includes the lower floor of the chapel which can be added at will to the main room.

May 7, 1893, Rev. Mr. Andrus, the efficient first pastor, resigned, to accept the pastorate of a Congregational Church at West Superior Wisconsin.  An excellent portrait of Mr. Andrus hangs in the chapel.

Rev. H. N. Kinney, pastor of the First Congregational church, Winsted, Conn. was on July 7, 1893, called to succeed Mr. Andrus as pastor and on July 21 accepted the call.

Four hundred and fifty-one persons have united with Good Will Church in its ten years' existence.  The present membership is about 350.  The total enrollment of the Sunday School is 435.


Pastor Henry N. Kinney
Deacons C. M. Grannis, J. S. Kemp, W. H. Roberts, H. W. Bradley, J. C. Morrison, G. Bartig
Clerk and Treasurer Charles Sumner Baxter
Trustees C. M. Grannis, president; J. S. Kemp, S. De Waters, John L. Bauer, W. S. Reed, R. N. Cross
Treasurer of the Ecclesiastical Society Wm. M. Burpee
Clerk of the Trustees George H. Clapsaddle
Music Committee Earl Thompson, W. E. Burpee, Grace Robbins
Director of Music Frederick A. Lyman
Ushers C. G. Hanchett
Sexton Nelson Kemp


Sabbath Worship and Preaching:  1045 A. M. and 7:30 P.M.
Sunday School 12 M
Y.P.S.C.E. Prayer meeting:  8 P.M. Wednesday Evening
Junior Christian Endeavor Society Prayer Meeting:  Saturday 8:30 A.M.
Ordinances The Lord's Supper, Baptism and reception of members the first Sabbaths of January, March, May, July, September, November, and on Easter Sunday;  Preparatory lecture, the previous Wednesday evenings


Superintendent Clarence Perry
1st Assistant Superintendent Giles B. Everson
2nd Assistant Superintendent Louise W. Roberts
Treasurer F. J. Schnauber
Secretary Grace. E. Burpee
Librarian Jennie Dunham
Assistant Librarian C. E. Skelton
Organist Gertrude M. Bauer
Members of executive committee Mrs. L. S. Dodge, S. T. Friedrich
Superintendent of Primary Department Mrs. C. F. Cooper
Superintendent of Home Department Eleanor Rector
President Mrs. M. F. Clapsaddle
First Vice-President Mrs. L. A. Eddy
Second Vice-President Mrs. A. R. Thompson
Secretary Mrs. W. B. Fuller
Treasurer Mrs. Milo Barnes
Secretary and Treasurer home Missions Mrs. C. F. Cooper
Secretary and Treasurer Foreign Missions Mrs. H. W. Bradley
Chairmen of Committees Mrs. L. S. Dodge, reception; Mrs. J. L. Bauer, entertainment; Mrs. M. C. Smith, auditing; Mrs. J. E. Barton, membership; Mrs. A. R. Vaughn, decorating; Mrs. J. E. Lee, work; Mrs. H. McGowan, supper; Mrs. G. D. Kirtland, relief; Mrs. C. R. Thompson, cottage meetings; Mrs. L. A. Eddy, boys and girls
KOUMI CLUB (Young Ladies)
President Jennie Dunham
Vice-President Libbie Markell
Secretary Jessie Markham
Treasurer Beulah Bearss
Chairman of the Literary Department Matie Lonergon
Secretary Gertrude M. Bauer
President J. C. Morrison
Manager A. B. Merrihew
Secretary Libbie Markell
Treasurer W. H. Bradley, Jr.
Director F. A. Lyman
Librarian E. H. Tarnow
Chairman Mrs. Kendrick Flint
Secretary Mrs. G. B. Everson
Y. P. S. C. E.
President C. E. Skelton
Vice-President Mabel parker
Recording and Corresponding Secretary Grace E. Burpee
Treasurer Martin Peterson
Superintendent Rev. H. N. Kinney
President Verna M. Bodden
Vice-President Rolland Reed
Secretaries Ednah Apps, Mabel Bearss, Grace Skelton
Treasurer Harry Barnes, Bertha Apps
Organists Eva Barnes, Martha Sibson
President Dea. Joseph S. Kemp
Secretary Mary D. Baker
Treasurer Martin Peterson


President C. G. Hanchett
Vice President C. F. Cooper
Secretary W. S. Reed
Treasurer G. H. Clapsaddle
Corresponding Secretary W. H. Roberts


Secretary Mrs. John V. Lewis