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About your webmaster: My name is Katie. I am a personal researcher and not a commercial website. I have been doing genealogy research for over 30 years. I graduated from Simpson College with a Bachelor of Music Education degree back in the 60's. I am also a certificated paralegal. I worked for the Los Angeles Superior Court, working in civil law for over 17 years, and am now retired. I sang professionally with the Mitzelfeld Chorale, and the Norman Luboff Chorale, and also did numerous small choral assignments over the year, but my greatest love was singing with the Cathedral Choir of the First Congregational Church for over 40 years, during which I also sang with the Los Angeles Bach Festival.

I am a lifetime member of Clan Douglas of North America, and am currently a member of MENSA.

This beautiful lady is unidentified and may or may not be Laura Allen Love.  There was no identification on the picture

The tintype was introduced in 1856, and enjoyed widespread popularity until about 1900. The tintype gets its name from the fact that the image is produced on a thin metal plate. Like the Daguerreotype and Ambrotype, the emulsion was directly exposed in the camera, without any need for a negative, so the images are often unique.  My site is named the Tin Type Shop because of the two lovely old tintypes I found in a family album.  They were black and unrecognizable when I first found them.  Now you can see the lovely ladies they represented.

This is identified Laura Allen Love because her name appears on the back of the original

Daguerreotype was utilized between 1839 and 1860 and is the medium used for many of the older pictures on my site.  The Daguerreotype plate was difficult and time consuming to make. A sheet of copper was plated with a thin coat of silver.  This was then polished until the surface was mirror like.  The photograph surface was very fragile.  Daguerreotypes were typically encased.  The picture usually had a brass 'mat' placed directly on the plate, and then glass was placed over this, without touching the photographic plate.  Since the photograph is silver on copper, it will not attract a magnet.  Also, if the plate is carefully removed from the case, you can see the copper on the back

Ambrotype was created in 1854 and reached the height of its popularity between 1855 through 1860.  The Ambrotype photograph was made by coating a piece of glass with silver solution and exposing this to the image.  The image is on the BACK of the glass and is sandwiched with another glass behind it.  The back glass is coated with a black substance. Care must be taken to not scratch the back, dark surface, as you will scratch away the photograph.  Because the photograph is glass and very fragile, all Ambrotype pictures were mounted in a frame, usually brass, and then placed in protective case.

"Memories by the Campfire"

21 January 2012

by Kathryn Pegelow

(a series of small stories and bits of poetry written over the years.  This continues to be a work in progress and is purely included as a means of sharing my thoughts.  )

FAMILY     - REVISING SOON......I hope soon to be uploading the most current version of the lineage which will include the Douglas(s) surname in Tennessee from 1850 through 1940 census, adding in the sidelines in more detail for Allen, Cravens, Cochran(e), and much more.  My current genealogy program creates an html version of the tree.  I don’t yet know how it works, but we shall soon see.  Now go back to the word Family that is underlined and in blue letters.....clicking on this word takes you to the genealogy section  Revised 25 Aug 2015 - I have been working on the Douglas migration in the US Census almost exclusively now. . I have added a compiled report showing the names that are in my current Douglas database. I already know there are still errors and missing people. This is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Acrobat to view it. What you will see is the person's name, the date of birth, date of death and date of marriage where information is available. I am currently adding the Tennessee delayed birth records to this database and tracing the families back to connect them up and have almost completed a big section of it. It should be posted soon as part of the updated ahnentafels. I also am about halfway through the 1870 census. I am beginning Indiana. I just recently made a trip to Tennessee and visited the gravesite of my paternal grandmother for the first time, and went to one of the family reunions up in Jellico, where I met several of my father's family members for the first time as well. I wish I had been able to meet them sooner. We had a great time. The ultimate ahnentafel with all the connecting families may have to be totally over on as my little computer program may not be able to handle its size. Keep checking on for revisions to the database. If you wish to assist us in working on the database, send your e-mail address to my private e-mail address and I will include you in the list. Be aware that you will need to be a member to work on the database.

Please note:  Due to the high volume of requests, which take time away from my regular work, while there is no charge for viewing these pages, there is a charge for assisting you with your research.  See Family Welcome page for more details. I am currently beginning work on extracting from the 1870 census and adding it to our information.  

We have received an enormous amount of assistance from fellow researchers, which help is much appreciated by all.  What we are attempting to do is to coordinate all of the massive bits of information floating about and consolidating them into one big website.  There will be errors, but as we find corrections, we are attempting to make them.  If you find something that requires correction, please provide your documentation otherwise I cannot change it.  There is a great deal of misinformation on our family lines, including the census records.  Some misspells were created because people were illiterate, or the information was given by someone other than the individual involved.  When that occurred, the recorder simply spelled it the best they could.  

I have begun consolidating family lines that others are submitting on and connecting the entire group together as much as possible

Please visit -

  1. the Craven/Cravens/Cravin line.
  2. The Dillard Family has been cleared through the 1850 census and will be posted soon. It will take time to download due to the size, but should be well worth the effort. It currently contains over 200 interconnected families and continues to grow.
  3. Douglas and Douglass have been cleared through 1870. Currently, I have completed Douglas(s) in Tennessee through 1920 but have not uploaded it to Ancestry yet.  For Tennessee, I am currently working on 1930.  After i complete 1940, i will move over to Kentucky as the next top state where my family lived and then to North Carolina.  As I complete each individual state, it will be ready for the release of the 1950 census that is due out in two years.  I am currently working on cleaning this census up. There is a newly updated ahnentafel dating back to the 1400. It is available through the Douglas index and you need Adobe Acrobat to read it. My current Douglas database contains over 35,000 individuals including spouses and children.
  4. Eastwood and Blagg were previously completed through 1850, 1860 and 1870. These have been available for some timeWhat you see on this website is what is in my database. The individuals lists are in PDF format and may require that you have Adobe reader to access these reports. Adobe Reader is available as a free download directly from the Adobe website. Most of the indexes are up and running. Future Ahnentafels will also be published in PDF format because I am using the a different program for MAC, called Roots Magic.  I have not had a chance to work with the reporting formats yet.   I will try to keep both formats up and running for those who cannot figure out how to download the free PDF reader, but the old information will not be updated.

Most of my information is posted on  I also have another posting through my RootsMagic program.  

A note to those who send letters requesting additional information, I charge for research. This is how I support the expenses of keeping my website up and running. I am not a commercial research website. All of the research you see published has been hand-typed and represents several years of researching and hours of manual data entry. It costs money to do this research. Additionally, if I take time to do research for others, it takes away from the project at hand. 

CHURCH  -Revised  23 Apr 2020 - This section will no longer be updated.  For current information on the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, please visit their official website.  They are fully on-line.

MEMORIAL SECTION: This is a listing of people who have been connected with First Church over the years and passed away. It contains a brief summary of their lives, where information is available, and photos where I could find them. I  may include new names from time to time, but the list is far from complete.  The pages as already posted will continue to be available but no new additions or alterations will be done. There have been some new additions as of the above date.

Clicking the above link takes you to information regarding First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and the history of its sect.  You will also find information regarding the history of the Los Angeles Bach Festival and the Great Organs of First church, which collectively create the largest church draw knob pipe organ in the world.

A portion of the Stained Glass Window Collection, both in black and white and many in color, is now up and running as is a section written by Jim Rhone in 1956 which gives a history of Cedar Lake Camp and how its development was envisioned by the original purchasers.  Cedar Lake Camp has been a filming location for many years.  Some of these films are now available for purchase through The Country Store (See Link below). Funds raised on items that are church related go to the church. 

HISTORY  Revised 23 Apr 2020

This takes you to a history of state and county formations.  We will be adding places to visit, by state in the near future.  If you know of a place to stay or to visit in your state, please let us know.  (See address below)

This section is due for a major overhaul.  .  I am adding links to sites that should be helpful to the researcher to the individual pages.  i.e.  If you go to the Georgia page, you will find links to research facilities on that subject at the bottom of the page.  You will need your back arrow to return to this site as you are being directed to another web site.  If anyone wants to undertake this project, please contact the webmaster.  If you are working with "Front Page", you can e-mail me an html copy to upload.  If not, I can copy and past a written report.  Please do not copy someone else's work verbatim.  Proper citations should be used giving credit where credit is due.

I am currently working on extracting the Douglas/Douglass families from the US census and attempting to coordinate information from others. At present, I am working on the State of Tenessee for the Douglas(s) line.  I have completed this effort through 1920 and am about finished with 1930.   I will then take Tennessee Douglas(s) through the 1940 census in anticipation of the 1950 census, which will be released in about 2022.  The next state I will be working through will be Kentucky and then through North Carolina as these are the primary states where we were located.   This work takes several months to complete and will be uploaded when finished. Due to the intensity of this project, I will not be able to do personal research for others nor will I be responding to queries at this time.

I hope to be adding a links section to special historical sites at some point in the future. Although the index is in place, I have not yet created the lists.

All of my research results are currently being housed on  If it is not there, then I do not have it yet.  Also be aware that I do not follow allied lines (those not specifically Douglas) except to add in husband’s or wive’s names as discovered.

Revised 20 Dec 2019 - I have not added any new products to my Zazzle site in some time, but most of it is still available to purchase.

Please visit our newest additions to the Tin Type Shop. Your purchases help to keep this site up and running. Our stores are updated regularly. We will be adding more affiliate stores as we find products that compliment our research materials.

THE COUNTRY STORE. Our store is going to be reduced to just the Zazzle site. Just click on "The Country Store" and it will take you there. Its getting too much for me to keep up with multiple stores .The proceeds from these collections will be used to help fund further research. They accept major credit cards and Paypal and you can custom some of the designs with your own photos. Thanks to those of you who have already shopped. I hope you liked our products.

Our sincere thanks to our latest new customers.  Please visit THE COUNTRY STORE.   Please note that in clicking the links to these sections you will be leaving the Tin Type Shop website. Please use your back arrow to return to this site. I collect old photographs to make my products. If you have old photos (preferably pre 1900's), and want to get rid of them, let me know.

For those of you new to the site, when you see a word that is underlined and highlighted, this is a link to another page.  If you double click on the word, it is like turning a page in a book.  If the back link does not work, just use your back arrow and it will return you to the previous page.  Check the bottom of the page as well as there may be important links to help you to other informative sites.  Again, you can return to this site by using your back arrow.  The encryption has been turned off.    If you need copies for your records, please contact me at If you are requesting information on the Pegelow line, please contact Gary at as he maintains his own database separate from mineEach aspect of my site is divided into three main sections. The primary section of this  will be the Family pages, which comprise our lineage and the individuals who came before.  I welcome any and all documentation to these families and would love to see your Ahnentafels to see where you fit into the puzzle.  Where possible, photos have been included of individuals.  We have been placing these Ahnentafels into a big database and are slowly comparing them to the census records for verification.   I am extracting all individuals in those years with similar surnames and trying to see how many of these families we can connect into one big family. 

I am currently working on a history of the Migration of the Douglas(s) families through the census records. This is a major work and will prevent me from actively assisting people in their research. I am pulling all of the people with the variant surname spellings and entering them into a database, after which I am trying to coordinate the information shown between the various researchers. I am aware that there are errors in the information, which is why I am doing this project. I am not doing active research on any lines at this time. I am only attempting to co-ordinate what is already out there. If you have a subscription to and wish to work on any of the family lines I have posted, please contact me through my e-mail address and indicate your area of interest along with an e-mail address where you can be reached so that you can be invited to join us in working on these projects. Allied lines are listed to show connection only. They are not being researched or followed. I no longer  will research for others.  Most of what I have is posted on  I may not get back to you if you send questions.  I am not a company.  This is a personal website and research project.  I am aware that there are still errors.  Corrections suggested by readers will not be corrected if the information does not match the census.  I am in my 70s so plan to concentrate solely on my own project from this point on.

My family name pages are divided into two separate surname sections. Douglas is my line. Pegelow is my husband's line. Please click on the word "Family" and then on the surname you wish to research to get the correct index. To go directly to my line, click on the underlined word [DOUGLAS SURNAME INDEX] or 

SPECIAL NOTE RE PEGELOW POST:  The old Pegelow Post remains on this website.   Gary has begun building a whole new site, which contains a lot more information on this line.  Please visit his new website as well as the old.  PEGELOW [New Site]  PEGELOW 2 [Old Site]

Please keep checking back. If you have data you would like to have added, please contact me. Any photos you wish to share should be in jpeg format and please reduce size before sending via e-mail. thanks.

[LIBRARY INDEX] The on-line library collection--In this collection you will find several books on Congregational History, on the History of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, general books on American History and other out-of-print books that may interest the reader.  These are hand-transcribed and not scanned, so please excuse the time delays in posting.  This method is kinder to the antiquity of the paper, which is often dry and brittle with age. A Manual of the Protestant and Protestant Episcopal Churches of Syracuse New York" is partially up.  This is an illustrated book and in many cases, includes a full listing of the members of the individual churches.  Photos include the church and the minister of the period.  It was published in 1895 by the Men's Aid Society of the Geddes Congregational church of Syracuse, New York and is an invaluable research source for those looking for lost family members in Syracuse during the period of the lost 1890 census.  More pages should be added to this book as time permits.
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